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Serpstat updates 7 min read January 13, 2022

Our Trip Around The World: Serpstat Collected Google Databases From All The Countries

Our Trip Around The World: Serpstat Collected Google Databases From All The Countries
Анастасия Сотула
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Probably, you've already understood how awesome our developers are ;) They work hard every day to make our tool more effective and add more and more useful updates, features, databases, and reports. Today I have an extraordinary message: we've made a trip around the world!

Our Google USA database is updated to 3.7B keywords in search and 160M in competitor analysis! Bing is now in Serpstat as well! We started with the USA search region and 10M keywords. Not bad, right? :)

We compared our data with those offered by SEMrush, so read the post to learn more!
We've created the Serpstat Website SEO Checker which allows you to find out the key metrics of any site in just a few clicks.
To examine a domain, you don't need to open Serpstat in a new tab - all necessary data is available with one click directly on the site!
Click on the icon and you'll get multiple SEO metrics about a domain or page: visibility, traffic, keywords, top competitors in the region, etc.
Read the post to learn about the benefits of the updated Serpstat checker.

Serpstat now has 230 Google databases available, which include search queries and SERPs from all countries* of the world.

Since the beginning of 2018, the number of our Google databases has become ten times bigger! Incredible achievements! No matter which country you promote your website for, we have everything you need for qualitative keyword research and competitive analysis. 230 Google databases, which are constantly updated, give you a significant start in the SEO race. By the way, this number is a record because the alternative tools have a maximum of 170 databases.

You can see our global updates on the maps:
*except for countries restricted in Google Ads and AdWords Express.

If you think that Serpstat has reached its limit, you are wrong. Now our plans include adding databases for Amazon, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo!

How was the number of our bases growing?

On the graph you can see how many databases we added during the year:
Number of databases
To see the total number of keywords for each database, go to the Statistics page.

How do we collect our bases?

Our team of analysts works on the project. They collect the necessary information about each word: the number of requests per month, CPC, and keyword difficulty which they count themselves: how difficult it will be to promote your project in the top ten pages of search results. It is a complicated and long process, we collected keywords from various sources. Now you can use all our advantages for your work!

Updated Google USA Database

Serpstat has the largest keywords database with American search data! You no longer need to compare data according to different tools, because Serpstat ensures maximum complete keyword analysis. Now Serpstat has more data than other similar services. To make sure that our database is really huge, look at the data in the graphs below.

I took 6 random queries and checked them using Serpstat database before and after the update. As you can see, the number of results has almost doubled:
To see how many keywords are available for domains (in the Competitor Analysis section), see the graphs below:

Other important updates

We expanded the most popular databases among our users:
We've also set up background database upgrading. Now our bases are increasing every day without our manual updates!

Now you have fewer obstacles and more opportunities to develop your business. Explore search results, competitors and keywords anywhere in the world!

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