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How To Automate The Work Of An Internet Marketer: All Tips And Tricks Of Serpstat API

How To Automate The Work Of An Internet Marketer: All Tips And Tricks Of Serpstat API
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
Our team is working to speed up the service and increase its efficiency. Our managers help users to learn the product and use it for their business. We have developed a bunch of useful features: the Serpstat browser extension, the add-on for Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio connector.

We also covered our Search Analytics and Backlink Analysis modules with API, so that specialists working with massive data volume could get all the necessary data in minutes. In this article, you will see all the features of our API and learn some lifehacks.
Serpstat API (application program interface) is a method of obtaining data that helps to quickly download large amounts of information without using the Serpstat interface. It also allows you to integrate Serpstat analytics into your internal tools.

The Serpstat API covers the modules Website Analysis, Backlink Analysis and Keyword Analysis and all the described methods allow you to get information on these modules.

Serpstat API is extremely popular among our clients, especially from the USA and Europe. Such companies as Flatfy, WebXpage, Accesstrade are already using Serpstat API to reach their goals.

Serpstat has very competitive API prices. We achieve such low costs because we not only made our product recently compared to competitors but also with new technologies so that we can make many features cheaper.

You can use the API as part of your plan with the following features:
To simplify our users' work with the API and provide the opportunity to work with it even for those who don't have programming skills, we developed the API Console and many scripts for collecting data in JSON format. I systematized all our articles for working with the API so that it would be easier for you to understand how to use it.


Let's start our digest with articles on how to use the Serpstat API to work with site optimization, collecting semantics, and data analysis.
The work of an SEO specialist requires a large pack of tools, as it involves the implementation of many diverse tasks: collecting keywords, setting up linking, analyzing a variety of SEO-indicators. In the article How To Collect A Semantic Core In 10 Minutes (And 5 More SEO Cases), you will learn about non-standard ways to use the API console to automate SEO tasks.
How To Collect A Semantic Core In 10 Minutes (And 5 More SEO Cases)
You regularly fill the site with fresh and useful content, but the traffic is growing slowly, and the positions stand still. What's wrong? Did you forget about the optimization of existing pages? By the ratio of the invested time and the result, it is the optimization of old URLs that works best, rather than adding new ones. But how to collect semantics for them? You will learn about this in the article How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages
Don't forget that we have the Serpstat Batch Analysis add-on for Google Spreadsheets, which allows you to perform batch analysis of data using the API in just a couple of clicks.
Serpstat Batch Analysis Add-on For Google Spreadsheets: Data Analysis In One Click
Now dive deeper. Do you want to know what top analysis is, how and why to find drop domains, how to identify small niches, and automate all these processes? Then read the article Mass Top Analysis: How To Find Drops, Niches And Best Tricks.
Mass Top Analysis: How To Find Drops, Niches And Best Tricks
Are you looking for a low-competitive niche that you can quickly enter and take a beneficial place in search results? Then you need the article 5 Alternative Methods Of Analysis And Search For New Niches For SEO. You will learn how to use non-standard methods of analysis to find low-competitive niches alone and with the help of your competitors, what a variety of tops is, how to find keywords that competitors missed, and how to determine trends without using Google Trends. And the coolest thing is how to automate all these processes!
5 Alternative Methods Of Analysis And Search For New Niches For SEO
Personal advice
Want to learn how to use Serpstat to speed up your SEO tasks? Leave a request, and our experts will advise you on the development of your project, share training materials, and offer test access to Serpstat!

Crowd Marketing and Linkbuilding

Now a little about link building and crowd marketing. Read below on how to upgrade your link profile and quickly find pages for posting natural links using the API.
A technical assignment is a fundamental stage of any strategy. A correct, and most importantly, detailed task makes up 90% of future success. Drawing up a technical task for a specialist can take a lot of time, which you could spend on solving priority tasks. But even such a routine thing can be automated, which will save the time of an SEO specialist and improve the quality of the technical assignment.
How To Make Up A Technical Assignment For A Crowd Marketer
Since SEOs often have unbelievable amounts of data to analyze, they spend a lot of time processing and analyzing the SEO reports. Here comes the need to implement the API technology, which can help you with this task.
Now you can perform Backlink Analysis with the help of Serpstat API: you can crawl referring pages, anchors, and landing pages not only in the Serpstat interface but also through the API and receive reports in JSON format.
Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available


Now let's talk about Crawling. Serpstat provides three options for this service:

1. SERP Crawling
2. PPC SERP Crawling
3. Volume Crawling.

Crawling is a Serpstat service that allows you to automate data collection and analysis.
You promote your site for hundreds of requests and want to optimize this process? Then SERP Crawling service will help you. It will allow you to create your own Serpstat directly on your site. The crawler checks the content of the search results, selects data according to the specified criteria and sends it to you in JSON format within an hour. At the same time, you can monitor data you need with hardly any restrictions.
How To Make A Niche Analysis With Our Crawling Tool
Before running an advertising campaign, you need to find out what queries your potential customers will see. Otherwise, you'll face the risk of wasting your budget and not getting any results. But what if you plan to advertise for thousands of requests, and your competitors are the largest advertisers on the market? The best solution, in this case, is the automation of data collection and analysis. In this article, I will cover the features of Serpstat SERP Crawling for the analysis of paid search results.
How To Get Ahead Of The Largest Advertisers In The Market: PPC SERP Crawling
You definitely need to know what queries are the most popular. Especially if your business runs in a competitive niche where all your competitors are powerful players. You need the most popular, trendy and fresh keywords, and in this case, the automation of collecting and analyzing keyword volume is the best practice. In this article, I will tell you about Serpstat Search Volume Crawling Service and its benefits.
Learn To Predict Demand And Sales With Serpstat Search Volume Crawling Service (SVCS)
Personal advice
Want to learn how to use Crawling service? Leave a request, and our experts will advise you on the development of your project, share training materials, and offer test access to Serpstat!

Content Marketing

Those who are interested in using API to work with content.
Competitor analysis can be very tiring, especially when it comes to creating a content plan. However, using the experience of competitors, you will complete this task many times faster. And how to do this, read the article below.
How To Hack Your Competitors' Content Plan: Step-By-Step Guide


The tool will also be useful to PPC specialists. The API Console is a comprehensive tool that will help at different stages of creating campaigns: from calculating an estimated budget to collecting semantics, negative keywords, etc.
To launch a successful advertising campaign and get around competitors in paid search, you need to keep in mind many factors: analyzу competitors, collect high-quality semantics, select negative keywords, forecast budget, and many, many more. The Serpstat API Console will help you do all this, and more, in minutes.
How To Launch A Successful Advertising Campaign: 10 Lifehacks of API Console


Again and again, the question is, should a good SEO specialist have programming skills? However, only one thing is clear - knowledge of programming helps increase the efficiency of your work and go beyond the standard capabilities of SEO-tools.
In addition to the API console, you have an opportunity to use the Serpstat JavaScript SDK. This interface allows direct access to the browser, as well as to the Node.js platform. This does not require the configuration of a web server, which makes the API application faster and easier than ever. To get started, just open our code in a browser.
Serpstat JavaScript SDK: Programming Right In Your Browser
Rank Tracker API works differently from the APIs of other modules. It works with ready-made user data, and you won't spend additional credits for using the methods.

There are 4 methods in Rank Tracker API:

  • Method #1: Regions and their states
  • Method #2: Competitors
  • Method #3: Search results history
  • Method #4: Pages and keywords
Each method will help you get data from projects. We wrote an article where you can learn about each API method and request examples. I'll put a link to the article below. ↓
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