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What are keyword stuffing and redundant phrases

Keyword stuffing means the frequency of keywords repeating within a text. There is one more SEO parameter — redundant phrases. It determines the percentage of the odd words that make no sense. For providing effective promotion, these parameters have to be within the norm.

What is keyword stuffing

Search engines seek to rank the best sites that contain useful and high-quality content. If the text is overloaded with repeating words and numbers, includes too many keywords — likely, it will be sanctioned. Google applies the Panda algorithm that has significantly decreased the traffic of many sites with low-quality content in 2019.

After the overloaded text is identified, the search engine may filter the whole site as well as particular pages. If it happened, you need to find and shift all the keyword-stuffed texts with more appropriate ones. While doing it, you should make the new texts interesting, relevant, useful, and readable.

Keyword stuffing means a square root of the total amount of a single keyword repeating. For example, if there are 16 repeatings, the stuffing score is 4. The text is considered as stuffed if its score is over 7.

How to improve the keyword stuffing

To provide good positions for your site, you need to take into account TOP-10 competitors' parameters and seek to get the same keyword stuffing score. There are two ways to increase the stuffing score:

  • shift some keywords with their synonyms or pronouns, change some phrases to decrease their density and get the optimal result;

  • increase the total amount of words. This will help to distribute the keys through the text and decrease their density.

It's worth taking into account that while improving the stuffing score, the text has to contain the proper amount of keys. Otherwise, the site won't be sanctioned but won't get to the SERPs top as well.

How to check the keyword stuffing in 2019

To check the text density and other SEO parameters, you'd better use reliable online tools such as Copywritely, SEO Review Tools. They provide accurate SEO checks and show all the parameters that have to be improved. Text Analytics by Serpstat helps to find out the optimal amount of keys through automatic competitors analysis.

Copywritely check

This tool perfectly suits for completing all the tasks regarded to the text SEO analysis. In addition, it helps to determine the uniqueness of the text and identifies various grammatical errors, redundant phrases, and readability rate:
Text stuffing check via Copywritely
In the picture, you can see that the text includes extremely a lot of redundant phrases and some unacceptable grammar errors. To make it better, you need to:

  • re-read the text and delete all the odd phrases and sentences;

  • correct some stylistic errors;

  • estimate the text quality and usability;

  • if there are too many errors, it's better to write another text than to correct the initial one.

As you can see, you may also use the mentioned tools to check the text for redundant phrases.


The content you publish on your site has to be high-quality and useful. Moreover, it has to be unique, readable, and show the normal rates by the keyword stuffing and redundant phrases parameters.
To check the text for density, you can use various online tools that analyze the text and give recommendations according to its improvement.
Not all the tools can determine the redundant phrases correctly, so you should also independently verify the text on this and other errors, make it more readable, and easy-to-understand.

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