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News 11 min read January 23, 2019

Professional Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis Is Now Easier With Serpstat API

Professional Keyword Research And Competitor Analysis Is Now Easier With Serpstat API

Anastasia Smolentseva
Customer Success Manager at Serpstat
Do you want to analyze your website or your competitor's one at lightning speed? Or make quality keyword research in a few clicks? Serpstat offers this possibility through the API. In this article, I'll talk about the Serpstat API and tasks that can be done. Why is API essential for you?
Serpstat API (application program interface) is a method of data extraction that allows exporting extensive statistical data without using Serpstat interface. This method also allows integrating Serpstat analytics into your custom interface tools.

NB! We updated the API document to improve your work with the tool. Now we have a new file which allows accessing the data without having to use the Serpstat website.

    Why you should try Serpstat API

    Every day, our Support & Customer Success department receives a lot of questions from users:

    • Who actually needs the API?
    • How can I provide SEO data faster for analysis?
    • How can Serpstat reports be downloaded?
    • How can I perform a comprehensive batch analysis of websites, domains, and URLs?
    • How to upload the necessary data without using Serpstat website?
    • How to get the necessary information on a group of domains?
    • How to find out the most traffic-generating pages?

    If you are not sure that Serpstat API is a suitable solution for you, let's take a closer look at this question. As experience shows, you can benefit from API if:
        You work for an SEO or online marketing agency that runs multiple projects simultaneously. In that case, you can appreciate the speed of data collection with this method. If your customer needs a report urgently, the API will save the situation very quickly
        You are responsible for the SEO in-house team. The automation of SEO measures allows you to perform extensive research and data analysis
        You are employed as a freelance SEO or online marketer. Consultants and freelancers, who seek automation and time saving, can enjoy the advantages of this method compared to standard mode. So you can get a quick overview of a new project before you go to work.

        Why do you need this particular document?

        There are several points to use this very document:

        • the scripts there are our own formula, and if they need any improvement, we are ready to implement them. It is this document that we'll maintain and develop further
        • there are no analogues of batch data export with the whole number of Serpstat API methods (with the exception of self-written user scripts)
        • analogues created by users are not our development and we cannot eliminate errors that occur there.

            Advantages of the API interface

            Serpstat API works on the basis of Google Sheets, which offers a number of benefits:
                Easy handling. Data transfer doesn't require the use of the Serpstat interface. That's why you don't need to know the tool well to get started. The API doesn't require deep expertise as all processes are carried out in Google Sheets. Anyone can do it without an expert.
                Fast and extensive analysis. The method can perform batch analysis of the data. In Serpstat interface, you can specify a single relevant keyword to analyze competitors or do keyword research. Integrating API and Google Sheets gives you almost unlimited benefits. Instead of researching a single keyword, URL, or domain, you're adding a whole list of search quires or pages. As a result, a report will provide you with a huge data block of keywords, search suggestions, domains, URLs, and more.
                Optimization of the measures. To work with API, you don't need to download any additional software or apps. Just copy the file and save it to Google Drive. Your settings are also saved in the table, which significantly optimizes the SEO routine.
                Limit saving. API saves not only time but also Serpstat limits, which you need for the analysis of the data. Unlike standard usage, the API limit system is based on a different foundation, which makes it profitable. Each plan (starting from Plan B) includes API limits as well as for website usage.

                What tasks API solves

                Serpstat API includes Site Analysis and Keyword Research and provides 17 reports.

                    URL Analysis

                    • URL competitors report. This report presents competitors' URLs in organic search for a specific page
                    • URL keywords report. This report shows keywords for which a particular page ranks in Google results
                    • URL missing keywords report. Here's a list of the missing keywords your competitors use, even though they're missing from your page.

                        Domain Analysis

                        • Advertising report. The report shows ads associated with a specific domain
                        • Competitors report. The list shows the top 20 competitors of your domain in organic search
                        • Domain history report. The report shows changes in visibility and keyword number for a domain
                        • Domain info report. This is where you will find general domain data (visibility, keywords, potential traffic, movement of metrics, and other added value)
                        • Domain Keywords report. The list includes keywords for which the domain ranks in top 100 results
                        • Domain URLs report. This method returns URLs of the domain and number of keywords
                        • Domain top pages. The report finds all pages of domains that are sorted by keyword and number of visitors.

                            Keyword Analysis

                            • Keyword info report. This report collects keyword data (number of results, value per click, level of competition, etc.)
                            • Keywords report. Here are the results of the full-text search for a keyword and important keywords data
                            • Related keywords report. This API method provides similar searches
                            • Suggestions report. The full-text search suggestions search for a specific keyword
                            • Keyword top report. The report shows Top 100 Google Organic Search for a specific keyword
                            • Competitors report. This report shows 20 organic Google search competitors for a given keyword
                            • Advertising report. This method identifies ads showed for a particular keyword in paid search.

                                How to work with the API

                                Setting the file

                                Copy the file. To begin working with the Serpstat API, make a copy of the file. It is available only in read mode, so make a copy to be able to use it.
                                Manage your language settings. There are currently 2 languages available: English and Russian.
                                Enter your token. How do you get an API token? To get a unique API key, open your user profile on the Serpstat website. Access to API is available for all plans starting from plan B.
                                If you don't have API access, contact our support team by filling a product demonstration form in, or use our live chat.

                                After receiving an API token, insert it into the API Token field in the Query Settings area. If everything is correct, the cell will change color from red to blue (or gray depending on formatting). Then start setting the API document.
                                    Select a database you need from the drop-down list. In this section, you can choose a database and a search engine. Full details on available databases can be found here.
                                    Include a list of domains, URLs, and keywords for analysis. On this sheet, you should enter data that will be analyzed in reports. Delete the sample text before inserting the data.

                                    NB! Don't add more than 100 domains, URLs, and keywords at once. This overloads the Google Sheets and can lead to invalid data.
                                    Choose the API method. In the Serpstat tab choose a method, with which you want to get a report. To save time, you can use several methods at the same time.
                                    NB! You should link it to your Google account and allow access to make the script work correctly.
                                        Sort results. Reports are delivered in the new spreadsheet. If necessary, you can sort data in the list by all characteristics.
                                        If you have any more questions, take a look at the API guide.

                                            Example of using API

                                            As an example, I'll show you how to use the possibilities of the URL competitors report. To find competitors of your site, you should follow these steps:
                                                Enter the data: keyword, domain or URL. In our case, I put a URL.
                                                Select the method from the list in the Serpstat menu.
                                                If necessary, change filter settings (number of results, minimum and maximum values, etc.)
                                                The report is displayed in a new sheet.

                                                Everybody knows that without API you cannot make quality and fast SEO analysis. As you can see, Serpstat API offers many benefits that allow you to perform all the necessary SEO analysis of URLs, domains, and relevant keywords at lightning speed.

                                                To automate these tasks with the API, save time, and make more sustainable use of limits you just need to:
                                                  Create a copy of the file.
                                                  Set it up: language, token, database and search engine.
                                                  Voila! Enjoy ;)

                                                  Learn how to get the most out of Serpstat

                                                  Want to get a personal demo, trial period or bunch of successful use cases?

                                                  Send a request and our expert will contact you ;)

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