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Serpstat updates 8 min read July 10, 2020

New Season Means - New Features: Serpstat June Updates

Новый сезон — новые возможности: июньские обновления Serpstat
New Season Means New Features: Serpstat June Updates 16261788418568
Yuliia Zadachenkova
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
This time we have a plenty of pleasant surprises from our team. Meet new reports in Search Analytics and Backlink Analysis tools. We're also glad to represent a new type of error in Site Audit. Excited? Then you'd better read the article as soon as possible and get started with Serpstat!

Rank Tracker

Like the previous time, Rank Tracker becomes our record holder. Let's see how we can delight you:
We improved the quick filters in the URLs report. Now you will not get to an empty report, where the filter shows 0. Near each quick filter, there is dynamics comparing data with the previous update.
quick filters
Now it is possible to see project statistics for general data in the Keywords report: Visibility, Position, Storm, Google Special Elements. You can also filter data by tags to see statistics for a specific group of keys or for a group of keys that get under the filter conditions. Charts show the changes over the last 7 updates.
We added the ability to see if there was a special element for a domain by a keyword in the tab History. Now you can also filter the Keywords report by special elements.
a special element for a domain
Now dynamics in quick filters is available, which shows the level of change compared to the previous update. Here you can see statistics on a group of keywords using the filter by tags.

Our team added a handy notification that will inform you about an inactive region or if positions tracking was disabled.

What more, we improved URL recognition. The presence of a slash at the end of the link or its absence will no longer be considered as another URL.
We upgraded the notification about expiring limits, this function is available on any of the Rank Tracker reports.
There's a new possibility to delete all keywords from a project or one page, but to carry out operations with phrases (tag removal/tagging, URL tag removal/tagging, phrase removal), on a variety of pages or keys found by the filter/search.
 a new possibility to delete all keywords
Frequently Asked Questions About Rank Tracker: Customer Support Digest #2

Search Analytics

And the first thing on our list is what many users have been asking for so long:
We have realized the need to set and save a list of competitors so that you can work with those who interest you. Now you do not need to change this list every time; this will significantly speed up your work.

a list of competitors
In URL Analysis → Competitors report, you can find out how many phrases from the top 10 results a competitor's page is ranked for.
top 10 results
Now, for some reports, the default keyword spelling filter is applied. Thus, we can show you the most useful information by hiding misspelled phrases from the report. You can always cancel the filtering and see all the information.
We promised you new reports and here is one of them: meet Missing keywords! This and other pages of Search Analytics have already been moved to React. Cool!
Using API, you can get a list of questions from the list of search suggestions (Search Suggestions report) or analyze words from search questions (the top_words report). This can be useful when writing terms of reference:for this, you need to understand what people are asking, and based on a list of questions or phrases, prepare key points.
april updates


Now there's so much to do!
We added two settings that allow you to scan or not to scan pages that are closed from indexing, as well as non-canonical pages.
As we promised, a new type of error in Audit appeared! We will help you find all the pictures that do not have alt tag, which is very important.

alt tag
In Custom overview report,you can now view reports for previous periods.
Custom overview report
Now the tab "All issues" can be accessed from any Serpstat page, and not just from Audit summary.

Backlink Analysis

Here you can meet another new report. Not tired of new products yet? :)
Our team made a new report: Links intersection. Using this report, you can compare multiple domains and identify sites that have common donors. This will help to find common competitors' donors to expand your link mass.
Links intersection

Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available

New Season Means New Features: Serpstat June Updates 16261788418570

Website SEO Checker &Integrations

We improved communication with the service, increasing user convenience by switching to detailed reports.

What we fixed

  • we fixed Batch Analysis report;
  • our team upgraded export for all module reports.
  • we've worked with the progress bar of high priority checks, and now it's green when the progress is 100% full.
  • the Keyword_info report now displays the correct difficulty metric.
  • we've improved the Checklist display for mobile devices.
That's it ;) Follow us on social media not to miss our new updates.

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