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Serpstat updates 7 min read April 3, 2020

Record-Breaking Month: Summing Up Our March Results

Record-Breaking Month: Summing Up Our March Results
Record-Breaking Month: Summing Up Our March Results 16261788398928
Yuliia Zadachenkova
Customer Support Specialist at Serpstat
While spring pleases us with sunny days, our Serpstat team is ready to share new updates with you. We want to surprise you with our long-awaited Backlinks index as well as other improvements of the tool. Read about all the service changes in our article!

Updates in the Rank Tracker tool

To speed up the initial setup of the project, our developers introduced a new feature Suggested keywords, where you can fetch 1000 unique keywords with the highest volume. To get other keywords, you need to go to the section Website analysis → Domain analysis → Positions.
march updates
Previously, the Volume on the Google database was tracked only at a country level. Now you can get volume at a level of a country, region and city. You can see this function in the settings of your project.
march updates
Site mirrors are used as sources of the same information. Aliases in the settings will be considered as a mirror of the project. Also, the selection of aliases was removed from the dropdowns.
march updates
In the Keywords report, you can find a keyword regardless of its case (upper/lower). We also added the ability to sort phrases not only by frequency, but also by position for 1 day.
We have changed the appearance and logic for keywords' filter . Now you can remove or reset the filter using the quick reset button.
If 1 region is selected in the Keywords section, it will no longer be displayed in a separate column of the report. And the icon for the SERP History can now be found in a separate column.
Now you can close the pop-up of the Keyword storm, Snippets and Position dynamics in the Keywords report by pressing the Escape button. We also added the position dynamics to the tooltip for the position dynamics chart.
march updates
Frequently Asked Questions About Rank Tracker: Customer Support Digest #2

New features in the Site Audit

Now during the audit, the user can keep track of the progress (log) of the audit under the progress bar. This will help the user understand at what stage the verification is.
march updates
We changed the User agent selected by default. Now it's Google bot, as it works more stable and faster.
Our development team has opened the audit API for public access. It provides such features:

  • Audit summary export;
  • getting a list of all checks for the requested audit by category without error details;
  • receiving elements of the requested verification;
  • viewing the Error History graph;
  • getting a list of pages imported or manually entered for scanning;
  • saving Audit settings;
  • getting statistics by category.
Serpstat completely closed the old version of the audit. Now all users can see the new updated version.

Changes in the Backlinks Analysis

Now our users can quickly collect data via backlinks. We have added a new API method for displaying anchors on the site.
We have released 6 API methods in public access and transferred them to our index. Coming soon:)
What Everyone Must Know About Backlink Quality, Link Penalties And Bad Links

What we fixed

Rank Tracker
  • the problem with a gap in the middle of the Storm position chart was fixed.
Site Audit
  • our developers fixed the problem with exporting the report in xlsx format;
  • live links will no longer be shown in the HTTP Server status code 4xx.
  • we fixed the bug with the SERP crawling: the number of keywords in the admin panel and in the project didn't match.
Search Analytics
  • now competitors for google.sk search domains are displayed in the report;
  • we fixed the problem with "Domain Analysis": a project was created by domain when trying to add a subdomain to the list of projects.
Backlink Analysis
  • we fixed the issue of duplicate URLs in the Top Pages report;
  • now the Competitors report in the Latest Reports is always generated correctly;
  • fixed the bug with incorrect work of the Batch Analysis feature;
  • we fixed an issue in which backlink data did not appear on the domain analysis dashboard and in the list of projects;
  • fixed errors like: this.gridElement.current.querySelector (...). ScrollTo is not a function and Object doesn't support property or method 'scrollTo';
  • we fixed the problem where an alert appeared after switching back to the dashboard.
  • fixed Can not extract Top Level Domain bug when creating a project in domain zone .by.
That's it ;) Follow us on social media not to miss our new updates.

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