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SEO 8 min read

How much does the everyday tool set for SEO specialist cost?

Guide for both, newbies and experts
Why do we need these tools?
Every digital marketer understands that doing everything manually in order to save money is insane. Such routine processes as keywords choosing, site audit, rank-tracking, analysing of competitor environment and creating reporting data need to be automated. The saved time often costs a lot more than you spend on tools.

Market is flooded with such tools. Every of them tries to be better than its competitor. That's why many SEO newbies get lost in this diversity and have problems with choosing the appropriate tool set.

Let's look at the list of tools required for common SEO for everyday work:

  • Ahrefs;
  • Screaming Frog or Netpeak Spider;
  • Key Collector;
  • Serpstat / Semrush.

Depending on your goals more tools may be required:

  • Similarweb;
  • Buzzsumo;
All these services have special features and differ in functionality. Each of them will be analysed in the context of these features.
Site audit
Screaming Frog vs Netpeak Spider
Screaming frog

Screaming frog has a great set of functions that wins over every SEO specialist. It finds different technical errors. A new 6.0 version was released on 21 July, here is a list of changes:

  • Configurable Columns & Ordering added
  • XML Sitemap & Sitemap Index Crawling added
  • rel="next" and rel="prev" elements now crawled
  • Updated SERP Snippet Emulator

Then 2 more non-essential updates took place in August where loads of bugs were fixed and some new features added. However, some new features are debatable. Rendered Crawling (JavaScript) is time-consuming operation and isn't used by common SEO specialists. As you can see below the price per licence is $149 per year.
Netpeak Spider

Netpeak Software released a new Netpeak Spider 2.1.1 update several weeks ago.

Using this soft you can:

  • identify key internal optimization errors and successfully carry out SEO-audite of the site;

  • adjust the flexible scanning rules and use different modes of operation: over the entire site, the URL list or the XML Sitemap;
  • see how the internal linking is set up to be able to improve it.
Netpeak Spider costs $14 per month or $117 per year and this is much cheaper than Screaming Frog ($200).
Serpstat vs Semrush vs Ahrefs
All-in-all services Ahrefs, Serpstat and Semrush contain modules to conduct a comprehensive technical analysis of the site.

Ahrefs allows you to collect the keywords, analyze backlinks and competitors. However, some operations are easier to be carried out in Serpstat or Semrush. For example, their keywords' bases are better and search engine analytics' functionality is wider, so Ahrefs is not ideal option for semantics' collecting.

It is geared for backlinks' analysis that's why it's slightly worse in depth of analysis than two other tools.

Many users are dissatisfied with the fact that Ahrefs shows the frequency and CPC starting with Professional plan that costs $179 / month. It's too expensive for many newbies. There is nothing to do without frequency, otherwise you risk turning the base of keywords to the dictionary.
Using Semrush and Serpstat you can:

  • add missing tags;
  • create titles, meta descriptions and other HTML tags that will be understandable to users and search engines;
  • fix corrupted images and add them to the «alt» attribute;
  • find duplicate content;
  • analyze server response codes.
Considering the price for the services and the depth of analysis, it is sufficient to use Serpstat and Semrush for the audit. However, for large sites or complex operations it is better to master the desktop software.
Traffic analysis

Similarweb is a great tool for determining the monthly traffic level and its sources. This service provides extensive list of data for free, enhanced capacity cost about $200 a month:
Note: one of the main drawbacks of this tool is the inability to get analytics on a small site.
Analysis of social activity

Buzzsumo allows you to:

  • track the number of shares in popular social networks;
  • identify current trends;
  • check the quality of the content and backlinks.

The monthly access costs $99:
Keywords collecting
All-in-all tools
Semrush vs Serpstat
Such tools are user-friendly because they contain all crucial functions every SEO expert needs.


The latest updates brought:

  • cooperation of Semrush and Seoquake;
  • a possibility to export analytics on social networks;
  • an opportunity to obtain data on users' behavior from Google Analytics.
Prices for this tool starts with $70 per month for a minimum set of functions and about $150 for the standard one.

Serpstat underwent a lot of changes. A global platform upgrade took place on 1 August and Serpstat turned to All-In-One SEO Platform.

Here is the list of blocks that were added:

  • Backlink analysis— backlinks growth, anchor and donor domains' analyst;
  • Rank Tracker— top 100 analysis, the history of position changes for certain keywords, competitor analysis as to the traffic ratio;
  • Site Audit— a full technical analysis, ranging from the determination of site /redirect pages' response codes and ending with the speed of pages' loading and meta tags.
These modules make it possible to carry out a full analysis of the site and its competitors. Prices start from $19. Plan A is a trial, limits make the plan suitable only for small sites. For bigger sites B, С, D plans are appropriate, the price starts from $69 per month.
Here you can see the stats both for Serpstat and Semrush (all data is open and you may find it on the tools' sites):
Serpstat provides bases for Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria and etc). Semrush has bases for many European countries (France, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland and etc).

Your choice depends on your needs.
Backlinks' analysis
Ahrefs is a recognized leader in this field. For deep backlinks' analysis Ahrefs is the best choice. However, other multifunctional services as Semrush and Serpstat also contain analytical blocks for the backlinks' studying.
Summing up
We analyzed the most useful tools for SEO, compared competitors and based on all above-mentioned data we made optimal tool sets both for newbies and experts.

For newbies:
*For rank tracking you cannot use Ahrefs at this price. As it was mentioned above, you may switch to alternative tools as Serpstat and Semrush.

For experts (additional to newbies' set):
How much?
It's about $2000—3500 ($170-$300 per month) for newbies.

Professionals will pony up additional $3000 — $5000 per year ($250-$420 per month) for Similarweb and Buzzsumo.

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