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How to Expand Business Worldwide With Bing

How to Expand Business Worldwide With Bing
Anna Kravets
Anna Kravets
Product Marketing Manager at Serpstat

1/3 of Bing users are from the US, so why not target both Google and Bing? Use the new Bing search database to analyze websites and 10M keywords in the USA.

It’s time to reevaluate and refine your SEO strategy — cover a wider audience to reach more potential customers with Bing SEO.

Who Are Bing Users?

As for December 2023, Bing gets 1.255B monthly visits.

Although Google gets the most market share, Bing is the second-most popular search engine globally.

Source: Similarweb
Search engine market share worldwide

1/3 Bing visits come from the US:

Source: Similarweb
Top countries that use Bing

Bing's user demographic is the following, according to Microsoft Search Network data.

Bing demographics

Bing has 686 million unique PC users that make 13.9 billion PC searches per month.

What Bing users search for the most are other products and services.

According to our database, the top 10 Bing searches in the US are:

Top 10 Bing searches

Knowing the Bing user demographics, it’s easier to understand if its audience is a target for your business. If it is, then you might miss out on a traffic share by neglecting the Bing SEO.

Start expanding business worldwide now

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SEO and PPC Research in Bing

Our newly released Bing search database for the US search region contains 10M keywords. It’s available in all Search Analytics reports (Domain analysis, URL analysis, Keyword research), except Market research, Search suggestions and questions.

The keyword database will be expanded, but for now, it’s a good chance to start SEO in Bing and expand your business with a new search engine.

Research domains and URLs to analyze the following:

  • Visibility
  • Organic traffic
  • Top performing pages
  • Keyword distribution by position
  • Missing keywords
  • Competitors in organic and paid search
  • Ads and landing pages

As there are 10M keywords for a start, some metrics can be unavailable for some domains.

Bing website research tool

Within a Bing keyword research, analyze the following:

  • Search volume
  • Competition in PPC, %
  • CPC
  • Top performing pages in SERP
  • Competitors in organic and paid search
  • Ads and landing pages examples
Bing keyword research tool

Why It's Beneficial to Focus on Both Google and Bing

What are Bing Ranking Factors?

Unlike Google, Bing is more open about its ranking factors. Therefore, ranking on Bing may be somewhat easier, depending on your industry and the competition level in it.

Bing ranking factors

Show up for even more customers

Tap into the Bing audience to expand your market share across another search engine. Perform a SERP, keyword and competitor analysis and start your Bing SEO strategy.

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Bing was created by Microsoft and was officially launched on June 3, 2009.

As of December 2023, Bing’s global market share is 3.19%.

Most of the traffic Bing gets from the USA (30.68%) and China (24.48%).

Bing offers an online advertisement service called Microsoft Ads (Bing Ads). For some keywords, the competition is lower than on Google, so you may advertise for a lower CPC.

Bing Keyword Research tool contains 10M keywords for the US search region. Simply enter a domain name, a URL address, or a keyword into the search bar, choose a search engine, and click “Search”. You can analyze domains, URLs, and keywords by Visibility, Traffic, Search volume, CPC, and Competition % with the tool.

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