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SEO 8 min read
Digest #8

How to Find Better Converting Keywords and Other Top Digital Marketing Articles

As tradition requires, I'm sharing the top digital marketing articles of the past two weeks. Learn more about marketing; up-to-date digital marketing tools; and starting SEO from scratch. The articles mentioned here will come in handy both for niche experts and newbies.
About marketing:
1. Six steps to a stronger online brand

When it comes to maintaining a brand, any good marketer will tell you that reputation management is key. But it's not just about monitoring what others say about your business; it's also making sure you know how to prevent reputation crisis by building a stronger brand.

For better or worst, opinions about your brand are out there. Not only the positive ones that show you what you are doing right, but the negative ones that both give you an opportunity to improve, and to contact the unsatisfied customer and make things right. That builds brand loyalty, showing your potential customers that you are the brand they can trust.

2. Unleash breakthrough profits by unifying your sales and marketing

In most businesses, there's a huge disconnect between sales and marketing. It's a sad trend because the two teams—content marketing and sales—are actually more powerful together. Sharing marketing perspective with sales can unlock breakthrough profits for your company. Your sales team, on the other hand, can provide the most powerful insights into your audience. Here are three ways your content marketing and sales teams can boost each other's growth.

3. How to find better converting keywords

Keyword research is an integral part of digital marketing. It helps in analyzing demand, creating advertising strategy, brainstorming, content creation and more.
But did you know that it can also help improving your conversion rate? Yes, if you know how to find those better-converting keywords!

Find out how to find keywords that tend to convert better and implement them in your digital marketing strategy.

4. How to create your blog visual marketing strategy

If you are not into visual content marketing yet, you are way behind! Visual marketing is booming and evolving year by year with new platforms, tools and tactics popping up monthly! Any method of visual marketing can create a visual buzz, and so improve your campaign and results. But you might not be certain of how to get started.

These tips should help you to both begin and strengthen your visual marketing strategy, so you can reap the benefits.
About useful digital marketing tools:
5. Comparing keyword research APIs: Spyfu vs SEMRush vs Serpstat and more

Many tools provide access to their APIs, aiming to facilitate routine work for specialists. APIs give us the flexibility no tool can provide by letting us grab the data we need and sort / filter it the way our SEO tasks require.

Here you'll find the comparison of best-known SEO tools' APIs and how much it will cost to make a call for 1, 000, 000 units.

6. Turn your content into a cash cow with these 6 lead generation tools

Creating content is one of the most powerful ways to generate leads and build your email list. There are already dozens of articles listing different content ideas that work well for encouraging readers to opt-in to your email list, but this article is a little different.

It offers some tools that can help make sure your content generates more leads. Learn what they are.

7. Serpstat review – the best website analysis tool

If you are looking for a great site analysis tool but do not want to pay a fortune for it then Serpstat might be just what you are looking for. Serpstat is packed with all the features that you would ever want to analyse both competitor and your own websites. If you have ever considered using Ahrefs then this might be an alternative worth exploring.

8. Serpstat review: Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz and SEMrush should take heed!

This tool is continuing to grow and get better. For the low prices that you can get in on now then why not actually do what I did: Stop complaining about the prices of current SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, and SEMRush…and jump on with a tool that is only going to grow and get better.

9. Serpstat review: is Serpstat better than SEMrush and Ahrefs?

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, there are many tools which are used by thousands of bloggers in the blogosphere. In SEO, everyone is using tools for mainly two purposes:

  • Keyword Research

  • Backlink Analysis

Serpstat is a really excellent tool to give a try. I was also a big fan of SEMrush and Ahrefs, but after giving a try to Serpstat, I am using Serpstat for a different kind of analysis.
About basic SEO learning:
10. My first SEO: how to cover the basics

There's no precise algorithm for SEO promotion. Each specialist follows his own strategy. However, those newbies who don't have experience in SEO can get acquainted with my website promotion plan. I believe many SEO agencies use a similar one. Some sections are described very briefly, but you should study the plan thoroughly.

11. The guide to 9 best free online SEO courses

21st Century is awesome. All possible knowledge is available just from your home, no matter what you studied in college, you can learn any skill to get the job of your dreams and lead a lifestyle you always wanted. So, how things are going on with learning SEO skills? Learn what the best free sources of SEO education are.

12. Introduction to Serpstat academy

Whenever you come across something new, there are numerous questions that pop up in your mind that what it is, how does it work, what is its application, how to use it, when to use it and what would that help you with. Choosing a tutor or a teacher, a guide or a guru wisely would affect your understanding of that particular thing and would help help you in imbibing that skill effectively and efficiently. Serpstat with its history and experience is the one that should be the preferred choice for learning and absorbing SEO skills.
Even more insightful posts in our previous digest issues:

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