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Marketing 9 min read

10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try

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Евгения Сидорчук
Margaret Kashuba
Chief Marketing Officer of OWOX BI
This year is teaching us that adaptability is the most essential feature of successful businesses. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people have changed the way they consume, and many industries are seeing their profits dry up as they weren't ready for such a severe shift in their customers' habits and lifestyles. Also, social distancing demands changes to company workflows, and these changes involve applying new tools and processes. To stay profitable, we recommend trying 10 marketing analytics tools. They'll help you deal with the outcomes of any type of market stress, make better marketing decisions, and handle your routine tasks with zero human error.
Content analytics tools
Every modern website is built around keywords and product descriptions, and your content analytics tools are largely responsible for the overall quality of your website. These tools are a source for growth insights and ensure your content meets your customers' needs and expectations. Try the following tools to make your website content efficient and customer-centric.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423410
Updated site audit by Serpstat. Source: Serpstat blog
Serpstat is one of the most profound all-in-one SEO platforms that helps marketers deal with everyday content challenges. Serpstat knows everything about search engine algorithms and the nature of website traffic, so you can be sure of the insights it provides. Website audits and stats by Serpstat are clear and understandable to both beginners and professionals.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423411
Clicky heatmap. Source: Ezeetrafic — Clicky overview
One of the most attractive features of Clicky is its heatmap builder. It helps you analyze how people interact with your pages and your calls to action by showing intense red, yellow, and orange heatmaps over the objects people interact with most. Thus, you can reveal what your customers consider interesting and what they ignore.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423411
The main dashboard in Buzzsumo. Source: Medium — Why You Should Use BuzzSumo
Ever spent two hours looking for an idea for an article or wondering what the most shareable type of content is for a particular keyword? Buzzsumo is a great tool for solving these simple but sometimes time-consuming tasks. Even the free version gives you enough information about the top five articles for a given keyword that were shared across all social media platforms and had lots of views and comments.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423411
The main dashboard in Parse.ly. Source: Parse.ly blog — Big board overview
If your blog exists not only because all corporate websites have blogs, then it deserves an analytics boost from Parse.ly. This tool is totally concentrated on blog posts and their efficiency. A nice bonus is that you can use Parse.ly to test your headlines. And it has some really meaningful metrics like minutes spent reading posts and other pieces of content.

Parse.ly helps you track conversions, has useful content recommendation features, allows you to export raw data, and offers much more.
89 Free Tools For Internet Marketers
Social media analytics tools
Your latest blog post is a journalistic masterpiece, so it deserves to be read worldwide! You've shared it on social media and asked for a repost from your most efficient influencer, so now it's time to launch your analytics to gain hard proof of your post's success.

Let's check out some specialized tools (beyond Facebook Analytics and Instagram Insights) to make your SMM analytics easier in 2020.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423411
Twitter Ad list in the Brandwatch interface. Source: Brandwatch cases — Metia
Brandwatch is one of the top tools for social listening and tracking brand awareness via social media. You can also use it to track what's been said about your products or services, collect unsolicited opinions and reviews, and learn rumors about your workers and influencers. This all-mighty ear won't miss any mention and will give you profound statistics on brand awareness.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423411
Talkwalker's main dashboard. Source: G2 Crowd review
To prove that social media works for your brand, use Talkwalker. It's an artificial intelligence-powered tool that generates insights based on your social media data. And thanks to real-time social listening, you'll get immediate stats on the success of your campaigns. Moreover, Talkwalker will help you analyze the sentiments and emotions of content consumers so you can estimate your brand's connection with your audience.
Sprout Social
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423412
Sprout Social interface. Source: Sprout Social blog
The main feature of Sprout Social is cross-channel social media analytics. You can use this tool to get insights across all social media channels or within one separate channel. Sprout Social is easy to use for any marketer or analyst within a growing business, and it speaks the same language as other website analytics tools.
Best Tools To Improve Your Productivity
Social media analytics tools
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423412
OWOX BI Smart Data tab with reports. Source: OWOX BI Smart Data overview
This all-in-one tool for importing cost data, attribution modeling, reporting, and forecasting helps marketers go beyond the typical set of Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360 features while getting the same level of SLA commitments and analytics. OWOX BI is developed to meet the demands of analysts and digital marketers, solving non-trivial tasks of data multistreaming and providing marketing analytics with anomaly alarms, predictions, and insights. And with the help of a report constructor, marketers can use OWOX BI to build any report.
Matomo (formerly Piwik)
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423412
Matomo interface. Source: Matomo Tour
This analytics tool guarantees that 100% of the data it collects belongs to you. If you have strong security obligations and limitations, you can use the open-source version of Matomo and install it on your local machines. Matomo also guarantees total GDPR compliance and no data sampling, contrary to the basic version of Google Analytics. This is a really impressive tool with a large community of developers and constant improvements.
10 Marketing Analytics Tools Every Marketer Should Try 16261788423412
Sisense dashboard. Source: Sisense Quest
The Sisense company specializes in business intelligence systems. This tool doesn't offer simple solutions, but it definitely gives a powerful level up for every company where it's installed. Custom BI systems by Sisense are built based on the type of company — from retail to healthcare — and its business needs. This approach makes marketing analytics a simple branch of the whole business intelligence system.
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Summing up
Even if you think some of these tools can't be compared or shouldn't be lined up in one list, you should try each of them (at least the demo versions) to collect exclusive growth insights. Only analytics can help you reduce costs and retain customers. From startups to enterprises, businesses at every level of maturity have room for improvement and can benefit from tools like heatmaps, basic analytics apps, and comprehensive BI systems.

No matter what happens in 2020, keep your pace thanks to the timely implementation of analytics tools.

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