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Serpstat updates 9 min read April 6, 2021

What We Brought In New Year: Serpstat Updates

serpstat updates
What We Brought In New Year: Serpstat Updates 16261788067564
Yuliia Zadachenkova
Product Marketer Serpstat
We all want this year to be better, and for this, we have prepared improvements in our service that will delight you and contribute to productive work in 2021.

Four modules are already ready to show off their improvements, so we strongly recommend that you take a little time and familiarize yourself with them!

Backlink analysis

This time, Backlink analysis took the lead, and deservedly so, I want to start with new reports:
Linking to malicious sites can negatively impact your site. In addition to the Malicious sites report, we have released malicious domains-acceptors from the site to fully cover all possible links to malicious sites with this report. Such a report is available for the API too!
malicious domains
Another new report is "External domains", allowing you to analyze the site's link mass better. The same report was released for the API!
One more new report — "Redirected domains", this indicator will allow you to see sites that are fully redirected to the analyzed one. While in development, so wait!
The reports have become well-ordered — the metrics are clickable, and your navigation through the service will speed up significantly. Now, when you want to see details for a specific value, click on that value, and you will get to the corresponding report:
A new graph was added to the dashboard — SDR distribution. This will allow you to quickly estimate the overall quality and link juice of the analyzed site.
SDR distribution
This update is commendable — the API now has filters and sorting that users have been asking for! This will allow you to save credits, export compact reports with the most necessary data. For detailed information, read this article :-)
In the "Backlinks" report now you can analyze links "one per domain".
backlinks report
Now in the "Backlink analysis" reports, the date of the last check is displayed as "N minutes/hours/days ago" or as a date if more than 7 days. It will be more convenient for you to analyze the time of the last update.
backlinks update
In all reports of Backlink analysis, export to Google Sheet was added.
The work of the crawler has become faster due to the optimization of its work logic.
Would you like to learn how to analyze backlinks using Serpstat?

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What We Brought In New Year: Serpstat Updates 16261788067569

Search analytics

We are proudly giving second place to the Search analytics module, and here is a bunch of module updates:
By popular request, the team has optimized the filters:
  • the URL filter is available again in the "Tree view" report;
  • in the Keyword research reports, added a filter by KW difficulty.
After configuring the necessary filters, you can save them and no longer waste time, but apply ready-made ones for reports in the future.
search analytics
Did you use the Competitors report by keyword for PPC? This report is now available for API v4 !
In case you have run out of export credits, you will be immediately notified with a pop-up warning and will not be waiting for the report to export.
To quickly navigate the service, we made the metrics of the domain clickable, which are displayed in the "Summary report" in the "Competitors in organic search" and "Competitors in ads" tables.
The team has worked on the visual convenience of displaying credits:
  • now they are highlighted in yellow when there are 10% of the total number of credits left;
  • added a notification saying that users are lack credits on adding phrases to the project.
We have released a new Batch keyword analysis report that will be available very soon! Some information about the report:
  • credits will be charged according to the number of selected search bases (adding 100 phrases and 5 bases is equal to 5 credits);
  • when transferring phrases from "Search analytics" to "Batch analysis", the selected base can be changed;
  • data in projects will go in the sequence:
-there is data;
-n / a (no data);
-the collection process is in progress.


Let's move on to a tool that makes your site look better.
    You can speed up the audit — you need to disable image scanning in the project settings, which will significantly speed up the process.
    The team has improved the detecting of some errors, and now their checking has become even better:
    • "Incorrect certificate name"
    • "self-signed SSL certificate"
    • "old version of the protocol TLS"


    Finally, let's take a look at some of the other improvements that will make Serpstat work better:
    Improved password autocomplete in Chrome and made the password entry process faster.
    If you have your own team, you can view the dashboard of another participant's projects, even if there are no projects.
    We optimized loading of the logo for the White label.
    The Custom reports now has the ability to add a block with positions from Rank tracker.

    What we fixed

    Rank tracker
    • fixed a bug with "no data" in the project;
    • we worked on the correct charging of credits;
    • fixed display of dynamics for transferred projects;
    • improved work of quick filters for the "Competitors" report.
    Search analytics
    • the team fixed lack of data when entering a keyword in upper case in the Batch keyword analysis (For example: "Buy an apartment");
    • fixed incorrect display of data in the exported report.
    • improved restriction of scanning by folder depth.
    • eliminated the difficulty with removing members of the Multi-user team;
    • registration without entering a phone number is now without problems;
    • improved translations and their switching for all the reports;
    • fixed export of HTTPS files.
    If you have questions about any modules, feel free to ask in the comments under this article or contact our Customer Success team.

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