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Elena K.
November was very fruitful for us: we've totally redesigned our site and added some new pages and features. It's time to share our results with you

Redesign and Other November Updates

Editor at Serpstat
Why did we decide to change the design?
While there were few tools, programmers used a ready design template. The more tools appear, the harder it was to implement them. This redesign allows us to:

1. Speed up the implementation of the new features. We can implement updates much faster because now we have our own templates of elements and styles.

2. To compete with big players. We can attract more customers and maintain low prices.

3. Fit the design trends. The site has its own design system, which means that we don't need to redesign our website every 2 years totally. We can gradually make changes seamless to our users.

We hope that you'll get used to our new design soon and like it not less than the previous one. Besides redesign, we have another 5 updates so let's pass to them:


Serpstat discounts

We created a special page Serpstat discounts for those who want to save their money. By using any of these 5 ways, you can get a discount or even free access to Serpstat.
  • Long-term subscription discounts. I think that everyone knows who it works: size of discount depends on the period you choose. Subscribe to 3, 6, 12, 36 months to get a discount from 5 to 40%.

  • Affiliate program. You can earn up to 30% commission from every payment made via your referral link.

  • Bonuses for writing a review about Serpstat on your blog. If you run a blog about digital marketing, you can post a review on our tool there to get some bonuses. You can use them to buy a subscription to Serpstat or extend your current one.

  • Giveaways. We constantly offer some discounts or free access to our subscribers. Not to miss such giveaway follow us on social media and subscribe to our weekly newsletters (you can do this on the main page of our blog)

  • Educational programs. We are open for cooperation with digital marketing courses. Contact us to get free access to Serpstat both for lecturers and students. For more info visit this page.


SERP Crawling

If you want to track the site's rankings for 100 000 keywords, use our special feature. Fill all required info (number of keywords; frequency of checking; search engine; number of regions) to the pricing calculator to find out the sum of your project and send a request.
This feature is mostly suited for SEO agencies and large projects. Those who need only Serpstat's audit feature and thus don't want to buy the full plan might also find this feature useful.

Things you should know about this feature:

  • Special API algorithm that is not included in Serpstat's regular API is used here;
  • The data is stored for 24 hours since the results are ready;
  • You can track your search engine (Google/ Yandex) rankings in 12,000 cities to get the most accurate data;
  • The report you receive is in JSON;
  • You can get search engine results for 100 000 keywords in less than 1 hour.


Affiliate Program

Share your referral link with your friends or post it on your blog and get a commission from every payment. You can withdraw your bonus money to your PayPal / Webmoney account or extend your subscription to Serpstat. Moreover, while buying a subscription, you receive more than you earned: your money is multiplied by 1.5
Remember that you cannot:

  • Buy a Serpstat subscription via your own referral link;

  • Run a PPC campaign for queries that include keywords "Serpstat" or "Prodvigator" to advertise your referral link;

  • Spam your referral link on forums, communities, social media websites and in newsletters;

  • Advertise Serpstat's discounts as your own.

  • Mislead users by providing false information about the service.

Moreover, you can follow the dynamics of registrations and payments made via your referral link. All this data is presented in the chart:

Advanced filters and customized tables
To improve the usability of our tool we added:

1. advanced filters;
Now you can select the borders of scanning for such filters as CPC, number of results, competition level, number of words in a keyword and other using universal parameters:

  • between
  • more/ less than
  • more than or equal to/ less than or equal to
  • is equal/ is not equal
Moreover, new filter 'and + or' allows to include or exclude new filters.

2. customized tables.

Now you can form the table as you want by moving the columns left/ right:

Subscription to a certain type of email notifications
Now you can choose only those types of email notifications that you want to receive. You can do this in your profile settings.

There are 3 types of email notifications we send to our users:

  • Emails from Serpstat Customer Success - important notices about tool's updates.

  • Newsletters with Serpstat's analytics data - regular notifications of site audit and rank tracking results will help you monitor your project.

  • Weekly marketing mail list - once a week I share the latest Serpstat news and the most useful blog articles with you.

If you want to stop receiving one or another email notification, remove a tick near the unwanted one.
We're currently working on fixing the bugs and implementing new features. If you've noticed some bugs, feel free to write about them in comments. Soon we're going to redesign our blog page and newsletter as well. Our goal is to make our tool not only useful but also user-friendly and beautiful. That's all for November news, wait for more updates and new cool features next month.

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