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How to Sell Your SEO Services

Elena K.
Editor at Serpstat
Every SEO specialist faced the problem of having no clients at least once. There are lots of different ways of how to find people desperately seeking out your services. But in this article, I want to cover the easiest one where you don't need any portfolio or references.

Find potential clients

Firstly, let's think of who are your potential clients for SEO services. We all know that the CTR entirely depends on SERP position. On the graph below you can see how SERP position correlates with the CTR.
According to Advanced Web Ranking, 21st position gets only 0,6% of the clicks. It means that all domains that are on 3rd+ page are your potential clients.

Choose the field you know your way around and create a list of most frequently searched queries within this field. Let's take sport nutrition supplements as an example. Here is a strategy you should follow:

1. Create a list of at least 10 keywords that people use to find the required goods or services. To do this type the most obvious keywords within the niche to the Serpstat search bar, go to "Seo Research" and click on "Keyword selection."
2. Then go to Keyword Research, click on "SEO Research" and then "Top Pages." Enter the keywords from your list one by and create a list of domains.

3. Sort the domains by their search volume (include only websites that are on 21st+ position).
Keep in mind that besides commercial there are lots of informational websites. We recommend focusing on commercial websites as they can see real profit in good SEO.

Run a website audit

By checking the website of your potential client, you reveal if there are any problems and how critical they are.

  1. Go to Website Audit module and click on "create new project", then you need to enter the domain and project's name.

  2. After the project is created click on "Start Audit".
Once the audit is over (usually takes a few minutes but it depends on the website's size), you'll get the detailed report where you'll see the list of errors divided both according to their priority level and their type.

3. Estimate the quality of the website.

To help you do this, we created SDO (Serpstat domain optimization score) ㅡ parameter that shows how well the domain is optimized based on correlation of the total number of errors and how critical they are to the number of possible errors.

Prepare an offer

If you see that the website has lots of critical errors, start preparing an offer. Remember that your task is to gain trust firstly, and only then to sell your services. So that include the following things to your offer:

  1. The audit report. The trick is, you don't offer the audit report, you give it to your potential client without asking. Tell about the critical errors that are found on the website and their possible consequences. Explain what errors you'll fix and what this changes will result in.

  2. Bright graphs. You need it to make the offer even more memorable and demonstrable. We have a special feature where you can find the overall information about the domain in the form of graph. Go to "Infographics" section and click on "Save the image."

  3. The growth forecast. Be honest here, don't promise to improve rankings and bring the domain from 25th page to the 1st one in a month. Tell what errors you'll fix and what the effects of this would be. Tell that you'll optimize the crawl budget and explain what it's for.

Such offer won't go unnoticed because it at least differs from common offers that website owners receive every day. You provide data on the particular website and reinforce it with the audit report. In such a way you will prepare the ground for the commercial offer and increase the chances to get a new client. Good luck!

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