Expand your niche's network of publishers and advertisers, optimize the platform pages, and get predictably growing traffic to the partner portal. Explore Serpstat features for your monetization platform!

Serpstat for affiliate marketing platforms

Use the power of Serpstat for your platform for partnership

Do you need a constant flow of partners to your platform and content that attracts a potential audience? Face challenges for your team using Serpstat:

Find topics on demand for your readers

Discovering ideas for content is a time-consuming process. Check breaking news, track trending queries, find viral content ideas and evergreen topics to attract new partners and keep the existing audience.

Search for platform partners

Analyze needed niches and find top blogs, media, thematic websites, advertisers, and brands to expand your network of partners. Then, parse their domains and complete resources for your listing plan.

Platform content generation

Make it easy for your team to create a large amount of high-quality content. Collect the competitors' semantics, crawl search results pages, group keywords automatically. Focus only on content that is worthy of your resources.

Scale your affiliate network

Find ideas from competitors and create new sections, special projects, and categories depending on the interests of your target audience. Use the pros of Serpstat to scale your impact.

Key features for partnership platforms

Content plan and strategy development

Find the most successful competitors in your niche for analyzing.
Collect the best publishers and advertisers to develop your affiliate network.
Organize and group your competitors' semantics and create your pages based on the results..
Analyze the pages that attract the most traffic and external links, and collect trending topics for your audience.

Partner program pages generating

Create the content on the hottest topics related to your affiliate marketing strategy by analyzing trending queries.
Collect semantics to create relevant content that will drive steady traffic to your site.
Attract a new audience: find keywords that reflect your niche's needs and use them in your content.
Automate keywords and backlinks research, competitors analysis with timesaving API.

Use API benefits without reference to pricing plans

Select the data you need by multiple options of filtering and sorting.
Integrate analytics into your internal tools' dashboards.
Determine the effectiveness of your project and whether it is worth the resources you invested.

Rank tracker for organic and paid search results

Track keywords, distributing traffic based on regions and types of searches.
Observe the credibility of competitors' SEO campaigns in the top 100 of SERP.
White Label reports

Partner management businesses increasingly use Advanced and Enterprise pricing plans

Find out which tools are included and compare features:
If you want to get advanced features, contact our manager and choose a pricing plan for your needs.

Other instruments and opportunities for partnership platforms

Database, consisting of search queries from all parts of the world

240 databases of keywords and domains, constantly increasing and updating. Use this possibility to find suitable publishers and advertisers in any region.
Key phrases
6,7 billion
2 billion
Phrases in search results
Databases Google

Boosting backlink index and progressive backlink analysis

"Live" database of relevant backlinks to analyze customers' and competitors' backlink profiles and search for new link-building strategies.
1 trillion links from 386 million domains, only fresh data

Multi-user mode: a reasonable option for your in-house teamwork

White Label reports
Distribute credits to each employee who needs specific instruments for working tasks.
Restrict access to projects, depending on the tasks of your coworkers.
Make to-do lists for team members, observe performance, and get automated progress reports.

Additional benefits for affiliate marketing platforms

Try services for crawling Google SERPs and search volume for distinct queries. Detect trendy keywords, check the search volume for thousands of keywords on a schedule, and collect complete data on an array of keywords in the needed region.
Analyze Google SERPs for the required keywords in any region and required language, desktop or mobile, organic or paid results pages. Then, order all resources on the subject to expand the structure of the affiliate network. More details
Check the keywords' search volume and find the most popular and trending queries for your business. Evaluate demand by keyword, sales projection, and determine the competition level in a new niche. More details

Scale your affiliate platform, attract new advertisers and content creators using Serpstat tools. Please, request a free demonstration with our specialist to find out all the possibilities we have prepared for you!

Attract new publishers and advertisers

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Introducing Serpstat

Find out about the main features of the service in a convenient way for you!

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