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Accelerated Collection Of Semantics For Your Site: "Clean" Serpstat Databases

Boosted collection of semantics
Accelerated Collection Of Semantics For Your Site: "Clean" Serpstat Databases  16261788180162
Yuliia Zadachenkova
Product Marketer Serpstat
Have you ever faced the situation when collecting semantics, saw many misspelled keywords in the report, or even the entire first page of "junk" keywords, were forced to apply a filter and clear the exported report from them? Such keys can often boast of a high frequency, but Google already knows how to replace them. Therefore, they are of no use.

You will not be doing double work ever again, as our team cleared the databases from such keywords. Read more about the cleared bases!

What was the cleaning process, and why was it needed?

We can all forget to switch the layout and enter the search phrase with errors. These are the phrases that are "junk". You should not be guided by them when collecting semantics, but pay attention to correctly written keywords.

You may know that Google Ads combines the frequency of high-frequent phrases with their misspelled synonyms. For example, the frequency of the phrases "facevook" and "facebook" will be equally high. Therefore, adding the phrase "facevook" to your site is useless.

Google sticks these phrases together because when a user enters the keyword "facevook" into a search engine, he still gets results on "facebook." Thus, under the misspelled phrase, Google means the correct high-frequent keyword and shows its frequency for all "junk" synonyms, but the actual frequency of such "junk" phrases is shallow.

Here is a visual situation when searching for "facevook":
A high-frequency phrase can have a whole group of similar "implicit synonyms" stuck to it, and all of them will have the same frequency indicators:

We have learned to distinguish high-frequency phrases from phrases with incorrect spelling. We have developed an algorithm with the help of which we clean the databases of keywords from "implicit synonyms." As a result of the cleaning, only those phrases that users wanted to enter into the Google search bar, but for some reason made a mistake while entering, remained in the reports.

Here are some screenshots of the "Keywords selection" reports in the "Keywords research" module to compare the results before and after cleaning:
Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool
At the moment, we have carried out the first database cleaning:

  • Google AU (Australia)
  • Google CA (Canada)
  • Google DE (Germany)
  • Google ES (Spain)
  • Google IT (Italy)
  • Google SE (Sweden)
  • Google UK (UK)
  • Google US (USA)
  • Google RU (Russia)
  • Google UA (Ukraine)
  • Google KZ (Kazakhstan)

And our team continues working with the rest of the databases and will clear each of the "junk" requests. The cleared bases will immediately go to the list above.

What results did the cleaning bring?

Improved the algorithm for counting traffic by domains. It has become closer to real indicators and no longer takes into account "junk" requests;
Better selection of phrases in reports;
Increased the download speed of reports;
Faster filter work.
Would you like to learn how to extend the semantic core using Serpstat?

Order a free personal demo of the service, and our specialists will tell you everything!
Accelerated Collection Of Semantics For Your Site: "Clean" Serpstat Databases  16261788180164
Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool

Let's sum up

  • We tried to answer an important question: "Do I need to add misspelled keywords?". No more "junk" queries won't mislead you!

  • Some of our databases have already been rid of unnecessary queries, and work is still in progress.

  • You already have the opportunity to work with ready-made databases in Search analytics and compare the difference without wasting time manually eliminating such keys.
If you have questions about any about our 5 modules, feel free to ask them in the comments under this article or contact our Customer Success team.

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