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Analytics 14 min read February 9, 2023

Be Understood: Data Visualization For Marketers

Be Understood: Data Visualization For Marketers
Ian Lurie
Ian Lurie
Digital Marketer, Speaker & Educator,
 and Consultant at

You must have heard the expression — “a picture is worth a thousand words”. According to studies, almost 90% of people perceive information better visually than in text format. Therefore, it is a visualization that helps users evaluate the meaning of the information or data they are looking for. From this, it should be concluded that data visualization has become the key to advanced analytics.

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What Is Data Visualization? 

To better understand data visualization, we need to know that it is a form of information that helps users analyze data and decide based on it. But, in common, we can’t say that data visualization applies only to the Internet sphere. A simple example is the drawings of ancient people in caves that tell a story about hunting and their life. 

High tech allows us to achieve the best visual solutions, but the goal remains to tell a story. Graphical visualization will enable you to visualize complex problems and separate important information from irrelevant ones. In digital marketing, the visual presentation of data shows the performance of a company or product based on key metrics. It's a tool to tell a story and help people to see, analyze and decide if they can achieve their goals. 

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Ian Lurie

Types of Data Visualization

You already understood that data visualization is a graphical representation of any information. But if you go deeper, it is worth considering in more detail the types of information visualization:

5 Benefits of Data Visualization

Only you are involved in your massive data; you need to interpret it correctly because customers will have about 10 minutes to look at it. Visualization will help you reduce mental tasks that take up many columns and rows in tables.

Before determining how to create data visualization, you need to find out for what purpose you need it. Any visualization should serve a specific target and be aimed at obtaining a precise analysis. To understand what you require and whether this way of presenting information will be helpful for you, find out the benefits that can be received. 

How to Engage Your Audience Using Data Visualization

Displaying data allows you to convey information more clearly to viewers (clients). Visual elements create a clearer picture of the offer. But first of all, you need to find your audience and motivate them to see your story.

Provide Instant Clarity

You must determine the visualization's main purpose and identify your primary audience. By analyzing this, you will be able to communicate with people in a language they understand and provide a more effortless data transfer. It is important to keep your viewers clear. Otherwise, they will lose their essence and interest.

Set Instant Context

The context should be straightforward. Add a title, graph, table, chart, and so on. You may need to add more visual effects and not just be limited to appropriate backgrounds and colors. Important points can be highlighted with annotations. The context helps the viewer better understand the information's essence, so it must be perfectly thought out.

Use colors to make better contrasts and choose natural colorings. Some primary tints can give viewers headaches. Keep in mind that not all people see all colors as they are. You need to think also about color-blind people.

Enable Drill-Down

Visualization drill-downs are needed to create hierarchies where users can click on a chart element and explore the data in a specific part of the object. Authors can customize these hierarchies and add some dimensions in the right place. Such hierarchies are powerful; users look at data instantly and get valuable information faster.

Get Rid of the Clutter

You have already chosen the type of data visualization you need, but does it involve the audience in the secrets of your information? Is your data in the right place? Does the design evoke curiosity and intrigue? The value of your visualization is enhanced by simplicity and clarity and not by a bland and chaotic set of graphs, charts, maps, and diagrams.

Visualization is a structuring of the data you have collected, studied, researched, and searched for the main aspects. Your aim is to present this information to the audience in a clear and concise manner, so that they don't have to spend time understanding the processes that you have already gone through.

Best Services and Tools for Data Visualization

Many data visualization services and tools can help you visualize any kind of data. These instruments have many functions with templates, and you can customize them to suit your needs. Such software helps many marketers because it saves time they spend collecting, analyzing, and building visualizations. Such services and tools are convenient and important, especially for those who are not statisticians or math person but need to visualize a huge amount of data.

Google Looker Studio

You can analyze and structure data in various partner sources: Cloud SQL, Facebook Ads, Search Console, Serpstat, and others. Such software has many templates in which you correct data for visualization without programming skills.

Serpstat’s connector for Google Looker Studio is a simple way to get a visualized dashboard of SEO metrics. There are two methods available:

1.Domain history
Google Looker StudioLooker Studio - Serpstat connector

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This is one of the many data visualization tools utilized by marketing professionals and designers. With this tool, they can create visually engaging content featuring lines, scatters, columns, and pie charts. The creation process is user-friendly and doesn't require coding skills.


Flourish is a data visualization tool that allows users to create diagrams, maps, and interactive stories. A user-friendly interface makes it suitable for beginners to understand and utilize its functions quickly. A library of templates is also available to assist with visualizing various types of data.


Tableau is a data visualization software that enables users to connect to multiple data sources, perform data analysis and create interactive visualizations in the form of dashboards and reports. It has a user-friendly interface allowing easy data exploration through a drag-and-drop system. The software includes advanced features such as calculated fields, reference lines, and forecasting for more in-depth analysis. Tableau can be used for various purposes, including extensive data set breakdown, communicating insights, and presenting data-driven stories to the public.


Data visualization is crucial for marketers in today's data-driven world. Using such tools, marketers can effectively communicate complex data sets, insights, and stories in a visually appealing and easy-to-understand manner. This enables marketers to reach their target audience, effectively communicate their message and drive business results. Whether through interactive dashboards, dynamic reports, or data-driven presentations, data visualization provides marketers with a powerful tool to understand and make data-driven decisions.

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