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How To Make Your Marketing Campaign Effective

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Marketing campaigns are planned and controlled efforts to achieve a certain goal of a company. Usually, such campaigns aim to reach customers in various ways. So, a company may raise awareness of a new product/service, promote it, get people's feedback, and make further steps to improve products or services and to reach a wider audience.
Campaigns are needed because they make companies memorable. One of the best examples ever is 'Just Do It' by Nike. The slogan appeared in 1988, and since that time it has been inspiring thousands of people. The effectiveness of this slogan constitutes a large part of Nike's huge successes.
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It comes with fonts, animated banners, icons, illustrations, and logos for eye-catching visual content. You can insert them into the templates that are already included in the bundle. With the templates, you can easily create landing pages, newsletters, flyers, and brochures.
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What are the marketing mediums for campaigns?

The marketing mediums for campaigns are all the ways that help you reach your current customers, potential clients, and business partners. In fact, marketing campaigns are more than just advertisements. Marketing mediums include both offline and online sources.

Among offline sources there are:
direct mail;
print media (e.g. newspapers, flyers, brochures, etc.);
presentations and trade shows;
outdoor advertising (e.g. banners.)
As for online campaigns, it has to be said that they are becoming more and more important. Online sources for campaign include:
your site;
online interactive ads and banners on different sites;
search engines;
social media.

Why are social media so important?

People spend a lot of time online, and the amount of time spent on social networks is becoming more and more considerable. Truly, the global increase in social media usage since January 2018 is 9%. Besides, social media platforms are among the top free places to promote your website. So, your effective marketing campaign should pay attention to these media.

What can you do to make your marketing campaign efficient?

Customize your landing page

A landing page is a page that your visitors, who should become your customers, see. So, this page should be well-organized, eye-catching, and informative. According to Landing Page Statistics, companies that create 30 or more landing pages get 7 times more leads than those that use fewer than 10. With landing page templates, you can make your landing page more attractive without spending much time. You can also add other elements to your page if you need.
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Think about Call-to-Action buttons

Call-to-action is an essential part of your online marketing campaign. People can see calls-to-action directly on your landing page, online banners, pop-up windows, etc. It should contain the only action that you want people to perform. It can be Purchase, Download, Try, etc. With ready-made call-to-action templates, you can create customized inspiring designs for different cases.
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Design banners

You can use banners both in your online and offline campaign, as they are a part of advertising. They usually correspond to the style of your company and contain the most important information about products or offers. It's possible to choose from a bundle of banners and adjust them to your needs.
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Apply animated banners

Moving objects draw attention better than images, that's why animated banners are sure to catch your visitor's eye. You cannot use animated banners for an offline campaign, but they will be successful for your online campaign. They can be applied to various kinds of projects to promote sales, special offers, etc. Another advantage of animated banners is the fact that you can present several messages on one banner, as they will be moving. Sure, you can choose the style and the size of banners according to your needs.
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Include pop-up windows

You can use a pop-up window on your website for different purposes and at different times. Firstly, it can appear when a customer opens the webpage. Secondly, it can appear after a certain period of time that a person has spent on your website. Thirdly, it can appear when the visitor wants to leave your page. You can choose yourself what type of information your pop-up window will include. The pop-up window may inform about:

  • ongoing sales and discounts;
  • special prices and offers;
  • the launch of your project;
  • upcoming events or holidays;
  • hot news & latest publications.

With a pop-up window, you may also like to present:

  • advice on using the site or service;
  • contact information;
  • links to social media;
  • social sharing links;
  • an offer for subscription;
  • a sign-up form.

Take care about social media design

If you wish to create eye-catching posts in different social networks quickly, the best way is to use social media pre-made templates. They are helpful for creating various kinds of social media posts. Some of them are:
Grids. Your Instagram post may look like a puzzle that consists of several pieces. All you have to do is to edit a PSD file, adjusting the colors to suit your style, and to upload your photos. The good news is that the template is reusable, so you can change your images in a while, and have a new attractive post.
Animated Stories. You can add engaging animated stories to your Instagram or Facebook account. You can upload videos and edit text in the templates to add dynamics to your pages.
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Banners. If you're trying to draw people's attention in social networks, banners are especially helpful. Choose the most appropriate template, insert your image, edit the text, and your banner is ready for posting.

Emphasize your message with graphic resources

To make your marketing campaign messages more personal and attractive, it's reasonable to use various graphics. It doesn't matter whether you wish to create items for advertising online or offline. Graphic elements can be used everywhere, and you're only limited by your creativity.

These elements are:

  • icons;
  • logos;
  • buttons;
  • vectors;
  • textures;
  • ornaments;
  • and many more.

You can find graphics by a type or by topic. You can apply them for:

  • brochures;
  • flyers;
  • cards (both online and printed);
  • calendars, etc.

Experiment with typography and photos

If you have a charming photo, but you wish to add some mood to it, you can experiment with photo overlays that work as filters. You'll see that the same image can look completely different with different overlays.

Typography used for your marketing campaign is also of enormous importance. The same phrase will have a different look depending on the font you use. So, if you wish to emphasize your style and grab people's attention, choose appropriate fonts.
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Use widgets

To arrange elements on your page, making it look more appealing, and to save the precious space, you can use various widgets. They include:

  • image carousels;
  • accordions;
  • counters;
  • testimonials;
  • image boxes and icon boxes,
  • and many more.

If you deal with online sales, there are also WooCommerce elements. They can help you demonstrate short description of products, product prices and ratings, additional information and so on.

Visualize content with charts and infographics

Marketing campaigns often include various presentations, for instance, for existing and new business partners. If you have to present some data in a clear way, it's sensible to use charts and infographics. Choose from a variety of formats, adjust colors, and enchant people.

You can always learn more about tools to boost your B2B business.

Thus, an effective marketing campaign involves different sources.

You need to think carefully about your goals and choose appropriate assets to reach them.

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