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6x Keyword Research Speed & 10x Visibility: A Multilingual SEO Strategy That Rocks

6x Boosted Keyword Research Speed & 10x Visibility: A Multilingual SEO Strategy That Rocks
Bohdan Dovhaliuk
Bohdan Dovhaliuk
Blog Editor at Serpstat

Discover the remarkable transformation of Community Playthings, a pioneer in educational furniture, as they navigated the complex world of multilingual SEO. Faced with the challenge of engaging diverse linguistic audiences in the UK and Germany, they turned to Serpstat.

This case study unfolds the company's journey from grappling with language barriers to deeply understanding their clients' needs, revolutionizing their digital presence.

About the Client

Community Playthings, known for its high-quality educational furniture and play equipment, has long supported childhood development. Their unique challenge lies in operating across varied linguistic landscapes in the UK and Germany, requiring a deep understanding of each market-specific language needs.

Community Playthings Products.

Project Goal

Aiming to double their online visibility in the UK and German markets within a year, Community Playthings faced the daunting task of connecting with a linguistically diverse audience.

What Problems the Company Faced Before Using Serpstat

The company struggled with SEO tools limited to single-country use, unsuitable for their multilingual needs. Their keyword research processes were time-consuming and inadequate, failing to capture the nuanced language of their diverse clientele, risking miscommunication and market disconnection.

The primary problem Community Playthings faced was the need for a comprehensive and effective SEO tool that could cater to their operations in both the UK and Germany. Their existing tools were limited to single-country use and ineffective in a multilingual context. It was a significant challenge as their SEO team needed to understand and use the language of their diverse user base, which varied notably from the standard industry language. 

How the Company Used Serpstat to Reach the Goals

Adopting Serpstat's multifaceted tools, the company embarked on a transformative trip. They used our product to speak effectively to niche B2B audiences in Germany and the UK. Integrating organic keywords, related keywords, and clustering features enabled deep dives into their audience's terminological (requests) preferences. Despite initial challenges in integrating these tools, especially for the copywriting team, the result was a more streamlined and effective SEO process.

Multilingual SEO Implementation

We can divide the implementation of Community Playthings multilingual SEO strategy with Serpstat into three key stages, each vital in addressing the unique challenges of engaging diverse linguistic markets in the UK and Germany.

Serpstat provided a solution with robust, multilingual SEO capabilities and extensive keyword research tools. These features enabled Community Playthings to enhance its SEO strategy and improve engagement with its international audience.

SEO measures for one product type completed.

Stage 1: Employing Targeted Keyword Selection Strategies Specific to Each Linguistic Market

In Stage 1, the focus is on identifying and selecting keywords tailored to distinct linguistic audiences. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of Serpstat, this stage involves accessing extensive keyword databases and employing advanced filtering options to ensure a culturally and linguistically apt selection for each market.

Initial stage objectives:

Role of Serpstat:

Keywords Batch Analysis for Community Playthings industry.

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Stage 2: Optimizing Web Content to Better Align with Regional Language Nuances

In Stage 2, the focus shifts to integrating targeted keywords into website content, transcending mere insertion to resonate with national and regional linguistic and cultural nuances deeply. This phase involves content adaptation, from rewriting critical articles to adjusting meta tags and descriptions, ensuring each aspect of the web content aligns with the unique tone, style, and cultural context of various markets, including the UK and Germany.

Next steps with targeted keywords:

Integration approach:

Content adaptation:

Optimization scope:

Stage 3: Regularly Analyzing SEO Performance to Refine Strategies Further

Stage 3 emphasizes the importance of continuous analysis and adaptation in SEO. This phase showcases how Community Playthings employed tools like Serpstat for ongoing tracking and refinement of SEO strategies, leading to enhanced website visibility and more effective engagement with diverse audiences in UK and German markets.

Overview of SEO as an ongoing process:

Implementation of regular monitoring:

Role of SEO monitoring and audit tools in strategy:

Process of Continuous Refinement:



Community Playthings' journey with Serpstat marked a significant leap in efficiency and precision in SEO strategy, particularly in the challenging realm of multilingual SEO. Where it once took several days to identify the right keywords, with Serpstat, this process now takes just a couple of hours, representing a four to six-fold increase in speed.

One key aspect of this remarkable improvement was the structured process that Serpstat enabled. Instead of navigating through the user interface, integrating Serpstat API allowed for a more streamlined and efficient workflow. Integrating Serpstat’s extensive and cost-effective API into a firmly structured process led to a significant performance increase and allowed for multilingual keyword research at scale.

As a business operating in the B2B space, Community Playthings faced the unique challenge of distinguishing between B2B and B2C keywords. Serpstat proved instrumental in this aspect. By using Serpstat tools, our client could accurately identify and target keywords more suited to B2B searches, avoiding highly competitive, broad-meaning keywords less relevant to their offerings.

Example of a single URL from a German website by Community Playthings.

The example of a single URL from their German website illustrates this point. That’s a product page. It’s a product that is mainly searched for by B2C. Initially, the chosen keywords had a very low Click-Through Rate (CTR), attributed to the broad range of meanings these high-volume keywords encompassed. 

By shifting focus away from these general, high-search-volume keywords (which often catered more to a B2C audience) and concentrating on more industry keywords, they were able to see an improvement in the quality of web traffic and engagement.

Interestingly, Community Playthings disregarded the "average position" metric. Instead, they focused on the effectiveness of specific keywords and their impact on reaching the right audience.

This strategic approach, powered by Serpstat tools, optimized their SEO process and brought about a deeper understanding of their audience, setting a new benchmark in multilingual SEO for B2B businesses.


The journey of Community Playthings with Serpstat is a beacon for businesses facing similar linguistic challenges in digital marketing. It underscores the importance of tailored keyword research and the adaptability of SEO tools in multilingual contexts. This case study stands as a blueprint and inspiration for companies aiming to refine their SEO strategies and forge stronger connections with their audience.

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Infographic on the multilingual SEO case study.


Multilingual SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, refers to the practice of optimizing website content for multiple languages to improve its visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) across different linguistic and geographic markets.

The benefits of multilingual SEO are significant, especially for businesses looking to expand their reach and engage with international audiences. Here are some key advantages:

  • Increased Traffic from Diverse Audiences: By optimizing your website for different languages, you can attract visitors from various countries and regions. This expands your audience base significantly.
  • Improved User Experience: Providing content in a user's native language improves their experience on your site. It shows that you value and understand their cultural and linguistic preferences, which can increase engagement and trust.
  • Enhanced Global Reach: Multilingual SEO allows you to target specific geographic markets effectively. It's an essential strategy for businesses looking to establish a global presence.

Serpstat provides comprehensive data and analytics that help businesses understand and implement effective multilingual SEO strategies. It offers insights into keyword popularity, competition, and search trends in different languages and regions.

Key features include advanced keyword clustering in multiple languages, competitor analysis in different regional markets, and localized search trend analysis. These tools are essential for understanding and targeting various international audiences effectively.

Absolutely. Serpstat’s keyword research tools allow users to find and analyze the most relevant and effective keywords for different languages, which is crucial for successful multilingual SEO.

Companies can leverage Serpstat comprehensive analytics to understand diverse market behaviors, adapt content to different cultural contexts, and optimize their websites for various search engines in other countries.

Yes, Serpstat competitor analysis feature allows businesses to monitor their competitors’ SEO strategies in different language markets, providing valuable insights for refining their own approaches.

Definitely. Serpstat is suitable for businesses of all sizes, aiming to target multiple regions offering scalable solutions for multilingual and local SEO needs.

Serpstat is designed with user-friendliness, offering intuitive tools and resources that help beginners navigate the complexities of multilingual SEO.

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