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Keywords report returns all paid keywords related to the researched query, along with ads displayed for them.


Keyword - a query for which an ad is displayed.

Advert - an ad that comes up for the keyword

Position - position of an ad in paid search results

Volume - keyword monthly search volume

CPC - keyword cost per click

Competition - level of competition on the keyword in paid search

Filtering and Sorting

              The data can be sorted by:

  • search volume according to Google Adwords;
  • domain position for a keyword;
  • CPC;
  • competition level in paid search;
  • number of words in a keyword;
  • presence of place names;
  • presence or absence of specific words in a keyword.

Data Export

 The report can be exported in one of the seven supported formats: CSV Open Office, CSV Microsoft Excel, XLS Microsoft Excel, XLSX Microsoft Excel, Google Docs, PDF, or TXT. PDF export option supports branded reporting (starting from Plan C, users can upload their own logo to be added to the exported report).  

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