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Content Marketing 11 min read April 18, 2023

The Team & Process for Scaling Technical Blogs

The Team & Process for Scaling Technical Blogs
Branko Kral
Branko Kral
SEO expert, content director, and founder of
Chosen Data

The rise of tech blogs isn’t surprising at all — people want not only to find out how certain things are done and try them in practice, but they also have a burning desire to modify standard approaches with more technology-driven ones. However, good content has to be properly styled and promoted to reach larger audiences. So writing a tech blog isn’t only about how good you are in the occupied niche. It is also about how well you manage it and make it work in the eyes of Google.

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Let’s return to the main topic of today’s SEO-inspired journey! 

How Can Technical Blogs Build Authority and Trust?

Scaling your technical blog with multimedia content and modifying your team starts with understanding why you must overcome this hassle. The answer is pretty simple, the final goal is to keep long-term sustainable performance results and, as I’m also convinced, get quality traffic to feed the revenue operations. This is necessary to organize a healthier and more productive teamwork style, letting the marketing team focus on their promotion tasks with a solid content and SEO background.

Overall, the concept of trust and authority for technical blogs combines different performance patterns — from the team’s competence and commitment to information and quality consistency and relevance. It means that your website’s structure has to be well-thought-out and maintain the promised performance line. For instance, if the post’s title doesn’t match its content and is created by a non-knowledgeable writer, this mission will be failed. Here are some essential aspects to take care of to build your technical blog’s authority:

Goals and Results

Keeping your content at an ever-improving level is usually the core of what you need for blog scaling. That’s how you get natural first-touch conversions and ensure the natural way for website visitors to have more long-term engagement with the domain, including mid-touch conversions and last-touch conversions.

Aside from leveraging your conversions, the intelligent use of available marketing channels, including social, email, and sales, should strive to “answer the question that solves a pain point” for end users to make blog scaling organic and smoothly efficient. Your consistent performance in content creation and planning and your chosen SEO strategy will get a snowball effect. In turn, you will get a stunning foundation for building your site’s authority and trust among the competitors in SERPs.

Topic Clusters and Pillars

While search engines become smarter and more equipped to recognize user intent behind their search queries, it is not always the same with chosen SEO strategies. Establishing a topic cluster will be a good change in your approach to stay on the same side with modern trends and get the most out of the ever-changing user behavior. Simply put, this term solves the trouble — you switch the focus from keywords to topics.

Regarding topic clusters, we mean a strategic internal linking structure where the central theme unites related discussions, reviews, and other types of content. The so-called pillar page lets you link to and from the topic cluster. To better understand, imagine this format as a genealogy tree of the site. When it comes to SEO itself, this approach is a sort of diversification of content, which helps specialists implement SEO strategies simpler yet wiser. For example, particular clusters will focus on long-tail keywords, making searching for them more manageable.

In order to find such topics for interlinking, you can use the Tree view report in Serpstat, filtering the pages of your website by the keywords you are ranking for:

Tree view

The latter is still important in gaining credibility and popularity for your site. With the help of topic clusters, it is a breeze to modify your website structure and its hierarchy. It is a tangible way to simplify finding and indexing your pages for search engines. Discovering related content more smoothly when it is structurally connected on the site in topic clusters is also advantageous for improving your platform’s visibility.

According to traditional methodology, capturing the search traffic is closely associated with your content plan — you must keep creating and uploading post after post to gain momentum. In the long run, your website hierarchy becomes more disorganized, which makes it more complicated for Google to index and rank your pages. On the other hand, you can choose the cluster model and set a pillar on the website, which unites similar topics under the same roof.

Let’s get into some cluster ideas. The cluster has variety in the subtopics, as well as the search intent. So it’ll be a product page, blog articles with a variety of search intent (what is, how to, use case, case study, podcast-webinar, and articles), a downloadable resource for leads generation or backlinks, and a guest blog post with a much higher ratio for low-authority sites.

Cluster ideas

As practice shows, the number of internal links and your position in SERPs are interconnected — the more, the better. With the topic cluster model, you organically introduce more functional interlinking to the platform. The central pillar and related cluster pages have a mutual connection, utilizing the same primary keyword. Therefore, succeeding for one-page leads to a significant boost for the entire topic cluster itself.

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Key Roles in the Team

The success of the technical blog project depends on your content plan, how relevant your keywords are, and so on. At the same time, a lot depends on how well the responsibilities are distributed among different team members. To make things work for you, don’t hesitate to utilize this staffing model for your needs:

Org chart

Your task is to create a collaborative work environment where each representative contributes to setting goals and reaching the desired revenue through a well-established technical blog.

Process: Checklists, Specs, and Templates

Production checklists will be essential tools to measure your team’s activities and analyze their efficiency from short-term and long-term perspectives. Besides, it is way easier to control your site's content and the right and timely execution of your plan on the technological blog website when SEO specialists, writers, and so on know the zones of their full responsibility.

When it relates to a technical article for a blog, the following steps from our Chosen Data team’s experience can be used as a brief example and sample simultaneously:

It is a little different for a guest blog posting, where it’s heavier on arranging the partnership and easier on optimization because if you are writing for somebody else’s website, you don’t need to optimize the piece.


Developing high-quality content and building expertise will help you become a credible and authoritative technical blog in the pool. You can ensure your goals are achievable by taking care of the performance process. Set SEO and content creation standards to rock it.

The opinion of the guest post authors may not coincide with the opinion of the Serpstat editorial staff and specialists.

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