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How To Make Up A Technical Assignment For A Crowd Marketer

How To Make Up A Technical Assignment For A Crowd Marketer
Stacy Mine
Stacy Mine
Editor at Serpstat
A technical assignment is a fundamental stage of any strategy. A correct, and most importantly, detailed task makes up 90% of future success. Drawing up a technical task for a specialist can take a lot of time, which you could spend on solving priority tasks. But even such a routine thing can be automated, which will save the time of an SEO specialist and improve the quality of the technical assignment.

Crowd marketing, its goals and benefits

Crowd marketing is a form of guerrilla marketing. Representatives of the company pretend to be buyers or users of services and post their reviews and recommendations on specialized sites. These include reviews sites, forums, and so on. Thus, the company gets hype around its products, which leads to new customers.

Benefits of crowd marketing

Link promotion. In addition to the flow of new customers, crowd marketing contributes to an increase in link mass. Despite annual claims that links don't work, they still continue to influence your position in search results.
High ranking on Google. If your site is on the first page of the SERP, then this leads to an increase in site traffic.
Safe promotion. Every year Google filters become more and more severe: Google tries to minimize the influence of purchased links. Links within crowd marketing are perceived as natural.
Flow of new customers. When you post links to sites with your target audience, you automatically increase interest in the product and, as a result, sales.
Neutralization of negative comments. If your product/service got negative reviews, then crowd marketing will help to significantly improve the situation. Positive feedback will attract attention and, accordingly, people will no longer doubt the quality of your services.
Promoting your brand. By using crowd marketing, you will grow more and more link mass. And this means that many people will get to know your product and become your customers.
Creating a positive reputation for the company. If you have just recently begun work, then most likely, you have no feedback on your products. By leaving comments, you can encourage other users to share their opinion.
Finding a niche. Before you start implementing a crowd marketing strategy, analyze the niches. Perhaps some of them are occupied by competitors. Try to find places where you can strengthen your position. But if you are not afraid of competition, then you can try to share some sites with competitors.

How to choose quality sites for linking

The choice of sites is one of the most critical stages in the implementation of a crowd marketing strategy since you can waste the budget and spend a lot of time choosing the site incorrectly. What criteria you should consider:

Criteria for choosing a site

Topic. The topic of forums and the discussions should be appropriate for your product or service. If you have found a high-quality general site, then you can also use it. Check the latest discussions, are they relevant to your business? Don't take into account discussions where there is more chatting than actual tips on the topic.
Site trust. When choosing a site, be sure to check site indicators such as trust and spam.

Trust reflects the stability of the site's position in search engines. Links placed on high-trust sites will promote you faster. Spam shows how many links there are on the forum and how relevant they are to the subject of the site. Spammed sites are of little help in promotion.

You can verify these metrics using Serpstat Backlink Analysis module. You can analyze your backlink profile, monitor new and lost backlinks, measure link's authority, and research competitors backlinks to find out which sites and pages are linking to them and use these insights in your next link building campaign.
Traffic and development dynamics. These are essential indicators that many forget. Ideally, you should place links on sites whose traffic is continuously growing. It is also important to consider activity and engagement - it makes no sense to leave comments in branches that no one visits. Recent discussions should be dated today or at least during the month.
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Types of sites for crowd marketing

Before starting work, study the rules settled at each specific site. The publication of spam and content that doesn't meet the requirements will lead to a ban and, accordingly, wasted effort.
  • Sites with reviews
    An excellent opportunity to tell people about the company and its products is to publish a detailed post on one of the review sites. Such aggregator sites collect people's opinions about everything on one site. These are, for example, TripAdvisor, Metacritic, Slant (for different niches).
  • Social media
    One of the best ways is to find a thematic community on popular social networks, for example, on Facebook. To find the community that suits you, you need to enter keywords in the search bar or use special services that select pages according to the specified parameters.
  • Forums
    An attractive choice, because it is here that people communicate on a specific topic. For crowd marketing, you need to use "live" forums, where new topics continuously appear. It is necessary to answer the questions. If you haven't found a discussion relevant to the subject of the business, create your own topic.
  • Blogs and media
    These include various thematic sites, blogs, and online media. You need to find articles on your topic and leave comments with a link to them.

  • Q&A sites
    These resources allow people to find answers to their questions quickly. Provoke interesting discussions, tying them to real-life situations. Create several profiles on the website at once and use them to their fullest. The most popular sites are Quora and Reddit.
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How to choose a site for placing link

The best way to find quality sites is to learn from competitors. If they succeed in crowd marketing, then it is worth analyzing on which sites they place links. So, our goal is to find and analyze competitors and study their link profile building strategies.

I way:

We can use the Backlink Analysis tool in the Serpstat interface. To select donors that suit us by topic and quality, we look for competitors' backlinks using the Referring Domains and Active backlinks reports of the Backlink Analysis module.
II way:

You can automate the analysis of competitors' backlink profile with the help of API: you can crawl referring pages, anchors, and landing pages not only in the Serpstat interface but also through the API and receive reports in JSON format. The backlink documentation is based on Postman — a program for running APIs.

How do you start working with API?

Install Postman and follow the instruction to set up the work of the service. There are several backlink analysis methods that correspond to the reports in the Serpstat interface.

  1. SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getSummaryData allows you to find data that is available in the Overview report.

  2. SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getLostBacklinks allows you to analyze new and lost backlinks for a URL or domain

  3. SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getRefDomains provides data for referring domains for a URL or domain

  4. SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getTopPages displays pages of your domain that have a maximum number of referring domains

  5. SerpstatBacklinksProcedure.getOutlinks crawls outbound links from your site.

To analyze your competitors' strategy, you can follow these steps:
Upload the list of competitors to Serpstat.
Receive the backlinks of several competitors at once.
Search for forums, Q&A sites and so on.
Check the strategy and use it wisely :)
Quick And Easy Backlink Analysis With Serpstat API Is Now Available
III way:

To select sites, you can use the Keyword Analysis module. In the interface, we choose donor sites based on the analysis of keywords:
Enter the keyword.
In the Competitors report, we get a list of sites that are ranked by this keyword.
Filter and sort competitors as we need.
Export the report and work on the technical assignment.
IV way:

You can save time and use the API: we automate the collection of sites based on keyword analysis using the Batch analysis add-on. Serpstat Batch Analysis for Google Spreadsheets was created to simplify and automate the work with analytical information. You can get information about domains or pages, grouped in separate tabs of Google spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

How do you start working with API?
Go to the Chrome marketplace and press the Install button. Follow the instruction.
Go to the Add-ons section and select Serpstat Batch Analysis. There are two buttons in the menu: Create report and Settings.
Select a report. Choose the API method (Keyword top report, Competitors report.) After that, filters will open (if they are provided for this method). Set up the filters and click Create Report.
Download thematic keywords.
Serpstat API gives Google TOP 10-100 sites: look for forums, Q&A sites.
As a result, we get a list of thematic forum threads that are ranked by the necessary keywords.
We post links to the required resources - voila!
Serpstat Batch Analysis Add-on For Google Spreadsheets: Data Analysis In One Click

How to make an anchor list

Link anchors are a powerful tool that can increase site's position in search results or, conversely, bring under sanctions for its misuse.

There are several types of anchors:
  • Non-anchor links are external links in which URL is left instead of keywords. The advantage of non-anchor links is their naturalness. Ordinary users leave such links on sites and forums. That is, they either simply copy the link of the blog, service, online store, or write something like "see here for more details.
  • Brand anchors are anchors that contain brand inquiries. That is the site address, company name, service. In some cases, this is the name of the person.
  • Commercial anchors are keywords by which you plan to rank pages in search engines. As a rule, they contain the words buy, order, price, etc.
Anchor list is a list of all anchors that link to a specific page. Search engines analyze your site, get a detailed portrait, and then decide which links to consider.

If you are working on a long-term project, then you need to focus on a secure link profile. The ideal formula is 80% non-anchor links, 20% anchor links if you have a high-quality anchor list.

To form the anchor list, we use the following methods:

I way:

We collect relevant keywords in the Serpstat interface. To do this, we can use Search analytics:

Keyword Selection - a report that displays keywords with the search term.
Related Keywords - a report that shows semantically similar keywords.
II way:

Automate keyword collection with the Batch analysis add-on.

How do you start working with API?

Go to the Chrome marketplace and press the Install button. Follow the instruction.
Go to the Add-ons section and select Serpstat Batch Analysis. There are two buttons in the menu: Create report and Settings.
Upload keywords list and select a report. Keyword reports and Related keywords report will be handy there.
Select a report. Choose the API method (Keyword top report, Competitors report.) After that, filters will open (if they are provided for this method). Set up the filters and click Create Report.

How to make up a technical assignment for a crowd marketer

We have compiled a list of sites and anchors, now we need to create a technical task for a crowd marketer.

Before creating a technical task, you need to decide what exactly you need to adjust:
  • You don't have any problems with the profile, but you want to make it look more natural.
  • A large number of commercial anchors. It is necessary to focus on non-anchor links (100%)
  • Many links from specific sources.
  • Many similar links (for example, dofollow). In this case, it is worth connecting the use of nofollow, redirect, text links, and image links.
How does the technical task for such a project look like?

In this case, use the classic technical task, focusing on the desired solution to the problem.

An example of such a template:


To sum the things up, let's remember what you should do to organize an effective work of a crowd marketer:
Make a portrait of the target audience.
Analyze competitors, monitor thematic platforms, and find suitable discussions.
Make up a high-quality anchor list.
Based on the information received, draw up a high-quality technical task for a crowd marketer.
Enjoy the traffic!

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