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SEO 17 min read March 14, 2020

Best SEO Blogs and Forums: Get To Know The All-Stars

Iskra Evtimova
Iskra Evtimova
Founder of an SEO and Digital Marketing company

A lot has happened this year in the SEO community: Google launched a couple of core updates, E-A-T has caused serious problems for some, and others mark surprisingly high scores across various ranking charts.
As 2019 is coming to an end, it's time to turn back and see who were the people (and blogs) that helped the community stay on track in the ever-changing SEO environment. Which were the most visited blogs and forums, and which provided us with daily news and updates? Who do you trust the most when it comes to decrypting the tweets from Google's staff and who guided you towards the success of your campaigns?

Best SEO blogs

Let's start by introducing the all-stars. You all know these blogs and uncountable have scrolled through them countless times this year. These are the crème de la crème of the SEO industry, the people who inspire you to be better, to learn and evolve. The following blogs all have monthly visits in millions according to the Similar Web tool.

Moz remains the go-to site when it comes to SEO. If you are a newbie in the SEO field, you will find their beginner guide irreplaceable, and if you are a specialist - you probably are already reading their blog regularly. Moz frequently has guests from other popular SEO companies, and their article library is filled with exciting and practical information. If you don't have time to read, listen to their Whiteboard Friday series, as the video collection is continually growing. The blog posts are highly informative and correctly structured without being overwhelming.
Neil Patel is one of the most popular SEO bloggers on the internet. With his easy-to-understand style and elaborate explanations, Neil manages to catch the essence of the question without overcomplicating it. If you have a problem, you can be sure the answer is hiding somewhere in his blog. Something that makes his content unique is the great variety of formats he uses: from simple presentations and infographics to videos and podcasts. This allows the audience to choose their preferred learning method and achieve maximum results.
Here you can find information not only about every type of SEO but also on different digital marketing strategies, new trends, and expert tips and statistics. HubSpot's marketing blog is correctly structured and has some of the most well-written content on the web. The informal and sometimes playful tone of the articles helps readers better understand the subject and learn faster. The blog is especially helpful to SEO beginners as the technical information is presented simply and comprehensively, without unnecessary terminology and complicated graphics.
This blog will provide you with information concerning all types of search engines, not only Google. You can learn about the latest updates, useful plugins, SEO tips, and generally everything you need to know about search engines. This means the blog is generating a lot of content - about 130 articles per month or around 4 posts a day. If you want to stay up to date with the latest news from the SEO world, you need to check the SEL's blog daily.
Search Engine Journal's blog provides detailed information not only on the topic of SEO. You can also find entertaining and educational articles on different digital marketing strategies, PPC campaigns, social media, and many more. SEJ's posts are usually short but straight to the point, providing you with maximum useful information. If you don't have time to visit the site, you can always rely on their well-structured newsletter to bring you the most recent news from the SEO industry.
The creators of the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress also have one of the prominent blogs on the web. Here you can find detailed information about the technical aspects of SEO together with valuable tips on optimizing your WP platform. Yoast will help you improve your sites' performance and give you some additional suggestions on keywords and SEO strategy.
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What better way to stay informed about the latest changes in the Google algorithm than to follow their blog? Here you can get information straight from the source and avoid all speculations. The regular posts cover both the most recent changes and emphasize on what SEO specialist should be focusing their efforts on if they want their sites to rank high.
Created by SEO specialist Brian Dean, Backlinko is one of the most brilliantly composed blogs on the web. The articles are usually more than 2500 words with complex explanations and guides. This way, you can find all of the information on the topic in one place. Although Brian posts only one or two times a month, you would want to follow his work carefully as it is of the highest quality. You can certainly learn a lot of new techniques and immerse yourself further in the SEO depths.
Serpstat SEO tool is agreeably one of the best on the market and is rightfully competing with the ones provided by Moz and Ahrefs. Also, their blog offers detailed insights from all aspects of the world of digital marketing. The writers do a remarkable job in breaking down the hows and whys of SEO, so even if you are a beginner, you will find their articles useful and educational.
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Incredible but a fact: this is another blog created by Neil Patel, and as such, you can expect it to be informative and engaging. The blog covers all sorts of topics from how to rank on Google to the most effective ways of creating quality content. The posts are not as lengthy as we are used to seeing from Neil but are detailed and straight to the point.
This is essentially a news site covering everything that is currently happening in the SEO world. You can expect at least 3-4 short posts a day containing reports about upcoming Google updates, plugins and everything you need to know. SER is one of the most reliable sources of information.
If you haven't guessed it by the title, this blog is focused primarily on advising creative copywriting. You will find valuable expert tips and guides that will help you transform your web content, obtain better positions, and gain domain authority. Copy Blogger is the go-to site for all those who want to learn content marketing.
10 Things You'll Love About Our Newsletter Or Why You Should Subscribe
This is one of the oldest SEO blogs, launched in distant 1996. It is a healthy mixture of news articles and helpful how-to guides. Many authors publish their works here almost every day, meaning you can always find new uploads on various SEO and Digital Marketing topics. It is a blog worth checking out.
In Robbie's blog, you can find tons of SEO related publications as well as free checklists and different templates. You can find in-depth guides that exceed 12K words and contain everything from A to Z on the topic. He writes in a casual manner that allows the audience to understand the matter and be able to implement his advice.
This is a blog that, without a doubt, needs more exposure. It is nicely written and provides its audience with an unusual and fresh look at the SEO world. You won't find many posts, and they are all created by the same author - Shaun Anderson. Prepare for reading, as all articles are above 5000 words and will give you complete and detailed information about any given topic.
If you are searching for engaging and original ideas that will inspire you to try new things and explore innovative strategies, Orbit Media blog is the one to check out. Their authors have a unique writing style that distinguishes them from the rest. The articles are long, filled with lots of examples and graphics.
Created by Henneke Duistermaat in 2012, this blog provides you with a new perspective on content marketing. You will find easy-to-understand concepts and ideas. The blog itself has a unique design as Henneke creates the illustrations herself. I highly recommend you subscribe to her newsletter if you are searching to pursue a career in content marketing.
Behind this successful SEO company stands Marie, a former veterinarian who has become one of the most notable names in the SEO community. If you want to find more about the latest changes in Google's algorithms or guidelines, this is the place for you. Marie's team invests a lot of time in creating their studies, which they clearly present. You can also subscribe to their newsletter or watch their YouTube channel.
The Buzzsteam team not only offers one of the most popular outreach software on the market, but their blog can also provide you with valuable tips on different link building and outreach techniques. If your campaign is lacking in this department, you can unquestionably benefit from their publications. They post content once or twice a month, but you can expect well-constructed articles with lots of practical advice.
You can't lead a successful SEO campaign if you don't have a capable content marketing team. This is what CMI is trying to teach its audience. By offering various guides and professional tips, the blog trains young copywriters how to do their job effortlessly. You can't work as a content marketer, and not follow CMI's publications.
Here is an engaging blog produced by one of the SEO pioneers that is worth your time checking it out. Each week you can find new posts containing information about the current SEO trends, and various other digital marketing topics. If you don't want to read articles over and over again on the same subject, Distilled can unmistakably provide you with a refreshing selection of publications.
This blog is a bit different from the ones listed above, as it has an almost scientific vibe in it. Founded by Bill Slawski in 2005, it is focused on revealing the secrets of Google. You can find a detailed examination of various whitepapers and patents. I strongly recommend Bill's blog if you want to understand a little bit about the complex nature of search engines.

Regardless if you are a newbie or consider yourself a specialist, you have to follow at least one or two of the listed blogs. The SEO world is constantly evolving, and you need to stay on top of the competition at all times. And what is the best way to do it than to get into the heads of some of the greatest SEO specialists?

Best SEO Forums

In the end, let's look up some of the most prominent SEO forums. These are all spaces where you can ask your questions and receive professional advice, discuss a vital marketing topic or just share your ideas with other digital marketers. And most importantly, they are all free to use.
Top 15 SEO And Internet Marketing Forums To Learn And Promote
It is essential to start with the place where you can receive insights directly from Google employees. You can be 100% sure the information you get from here is correct. The database is quite big, so be sure to check first if somebody hasn't already had the same problem as you. If not, you are free to post a new topic. Don't worry if your English is not that good, as the forum offers a wide variety of other language options.
This place has been around since 1997 and has established as one of the biggest and best marketing forums out there. It has an extensive selection of different categories and is not solely focused on SEO and Digital Marketing. It offers almost limitless learning possibilities, as there is even a paid option allowing you access to specialized courses and numerous tools.
One of the biggest SEO and digital marketing forums on the web with more than 2 000 000 active discussions, Digital Point is the right choice to ask your questions and post a topic. All you need to have is a Facebook profile as it is required for registering. The forum is easy to navigate, offers quite a comprehensive database and a lot of opportunities for networking and getting in touch with many SEO specialists.
SEO Chat is a free platform where you can ask questions, engage in discussions and give your opinion on everything related to SEO. It is often visited by people who have just started to dive into the are and is considered to be one of the most trusted resources. Although the forum is free, to keep your account, you need to be active on its pages. As a bonus, you can use the free tools provided by the forum like the SEO Chat Keyword Tool.
How To Create And Host A Twitter Chat: A Step-By-Step Guide [Asking Experts]
Here you can find a large variety of sections from web development to business forums. The community is quite active with more than 19000 threads, you can surely find the information you are looking for. Similar to the other sites on the list, you need to be registered to post your query.
Of course, when we are talking about forums and chat rooms, we must mention the growing Reddit community. In the subreddit r/SEO, you can find all sorts of information and valuable pieces of advice. You will get to know a lot of people working in the field of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing. If you have a query, here is the place to ask, surely somebody has had the same problem as you at one point.
Last but not least I have to mention once again Moz. Their Q&A Forum has more than 500K visits a month and is a preferred learning place for both newbies and specialists. You can use the forum for free, however, to post questions you need to be registered and a part of the Moz community. Other than that, you can expect to receive answers, tips and valuable insights from some of the best SEO specialists worldwide.
What do you think about our selection? Did I miss someone?
Comment below and tell us which is your favorite SEO blog or forum.

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