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Marketing 9 min read August 28, 2017

How to Use Quora to Attract More Clients

Кейс: как безопасно перейти на HTTPS — Serpstat Blog

Igor Gorbenko
Digital Marketing Expert at Serpstat
Quora is the biggest q/a site with high profile people onboard. Figures suggest it has 270K visits per month. We were excited to research what this massive community-driven platform has to offer for growing awareness for our SaaS. The results surpassed our expectations. And we would like to share our 3 months experiment and give you detailed guide how you can use it to:

  • increase awareness for your business
  • generate more leads and significantly improve traffic
  • acquire more clients
  • build trust with your audience
First off, as a growth hacking tool for SEO/PPC specialists and marketers, our first goal was in generating more conversion in registrations. Our primary strategy was in strong content marketing which meant entering relevant topics and answering relevant questions. But before we proceed let's kick off with some motivation figures:
As a part of our content marketing experiment Quora resulted in almost 3 times higher registration rates than our initial set goal. So let's dive in.
Back in 2011 Quora had 250K topics.
There's no exact number as of today, but bet on somewhere between "enough" and "too much." Whatever your business is, welcome aboard.
Mind that as a part of your content marketing campaign Quora also demand you be useful to the community. You can't simply go there promoting your business — this is no Twitter — but provide solutions to someone's particular problems.

Introduce yourself

Start with setting your profile. Remember that you're the official representative of your business, therefore, should look presentable. There's no need to set up fake accounts. Being real on Quora yields more profit and raise trust to your business.
You can make all necessary edits in your profile.
Concisely write who you are and what is your business. Put a clickable link to it.
You can see these 3 top viewed writers in SEO topic (one am I, among 2 others) have short "about me" lines. I suggest you do the same.

Write an enticing company info in your additional "about" section. You can elaborate about your business a bit more than you would with your main bio and put links here.

Click on "Edit" button in "Knows About" section and enter your business-oriented topics. Representing our tool for SEO/PPC specialists, marketers and copywriters, it was only logical for me to enter topics like "SEO," "SEO Tools," "Marketing," "PPC,"etc. When you're done, edit bios for each topic. Say, "CEO at" when you're participating in Content Marketing and "Sports enthusiast" in topics related to sports. It has to be true, mind, as no one would believe you unless you show real evidence and level of expertise.

Look at my bios here. Oh, and don't forget to add links to your business in bios where necessary.

Enter your "About" page and complete your profile: add your location, employment history, education, connect your other social network profiles.

Present your company

Much like Wikipedia, Quora topics can be moderated and created by anyone. When you're done with your profile settings, create your company's page. Type your brand name in "Knows About" bar. If there's no match, you'll be proposed to create the topic.

When you do so, click on the topic to add description and your company's logo. There's also an option to request users to give reviews about your company.
Company page feed consists only of questions tagged with eponymous topics.
For example, questions that have "Serpstat" tag will be shown in company's feed.
Next thing is to add your company's About page. Make it short and compelling, this is no AngelList, and of course, add the link.

Be active. Read answers in your topics, upvote good ones, follow people. People whom you upvoted and followed get instant notification and can follow you back.

Keep a wary eye on competitors. On the upper-left side of the screen there're your Feeds, click on Edit button and add your competitors typing their brand names. Note that users can request your answers directly which will be shown in your notifications and in "Answer Requests" tab. And your "Drafts" will contain your unsubmitted answers so you won't have to write again if something happens (one of those cases when you start writing and, hey!, it's launch time).

Note: blue dots indicate that new question(s) is added to the topic.

Strive to give the best answer

Enter popular questions even if they already have many answers or were posted long ago. People often use Quora to generate ideas and they are more than eager to read popular questions' threads. Quora algorithm is unclear and you can stumble upon such question just roaming in topics.
Tip: when you see relevant questions with a big number of answers, write your own answer to it even if it shows "Last asked:long time ago". Check question's stats in down-right side of the screen:
See how number of views correlate with the number of followers of the question
Don't just chase after newly posed question to be the first to answer. Not all questions are good or even save to give answer to. If a question needs editing and looks spammy you just leave it be. Quora policy on spam is strict and concerns answers to such questions as well.

numbers of views for such questions are low, so you don't have to worry about missed opportunities. Stay safe.

Writing tips: size matters

Aim for long answers. We all trust something that looks trustworthy. Short answers make people think that you know nothing.
Most viewed, upvoted and commented answers have one general trait - they are detailed and well-structured. Something like this:

Promote your business organically. Say, you're answering one of those constant questions people have in SEO topic "How do I boost traffic to my". My answer would start with solid SEO advice plus a guide how would one use our tool to achieve great results. You're bio clearly states who you are and as long as you give practical counsels people won't be angry with you self-advertising.

Do Numbers

We've come to the last and most important part. Measurements.
First, you can check your stats clicking on your profile pic. It shows your performance: number of views, upvotes and shares you received. Always check your most successful answers to give better ones. Here you can check your performance for the past 7 days, month, 3 months, or for all time.
Track your progress. Start some type of document where you will regularly fill your KPIs. Your Key performance indicators on Quora:

1) Number of views;
2) Profile Rank for topic;
3) Number of Upvotes.

Use this info to correlate your progress with your activity.
Become the most viewed writer. Number of views forms your profile ranking - the more views your answers receive in some topics, the higher your profile will be on these topics.

Being the most viewed writer in topics of your interest has one major advantage.

When someone poses a question he'll be suggested to ask most viewed writers from this topic directly. Direct question shown to you first. Thus you'll be the first to answer and gather more views.


  • Make your profile as enticing as your CV;
  • Be responsible. Your company name depends on you;
  • Promote your business organically;
  • Make your answers pertinent and well-structured;
  • Take your space. Make long answers, use images and gifs;
  • Inspect your most viewed answers;
  • Track your progress.
Now go there and make your journey fun and profitable. And don't forget to read our blog to see more useful tips:)

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