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Top 15 SEO And Internet Marketing Forums To Learn And Promote

Top 15 SEO And Internet Marketing Forums To Learn And Promote

Ivan Filimonov
Digital Marketing Expert at Serpstat
Did you know that penguins are just panda chickens? And while penguins and pandas won't be the last beasts responsible for dramatic changes in SEO, you have to be prepared to stay on top of the search. An easy and fast way is to visit popular IM forums and see what's buzzing.
Forums are a great place to follow news and updates, learn from the experience of others, get answers to your SEO related issues, and share your own experience. It doesn't matter whether you are an experienced SEO expert or a newbie, an SEO issue can confound you at any time.

Apart from the experience exchange, there are other potential benefits of hanging out on forums. Internet marketing forums are also an excellent place for promotion. A well-thought-out and written post can bring you website traffic and help to raise the awareness of your business.

You can use the discussions to ask for feedback on your website and its SEO capability. In this post, I gathered top 15 forums that worked best for me.

Most popular and famous forums

Black Hat World – simply one of the best SEO forums out there with live community and strict policies to protect you from spammers and scammers. With that said, always be cautious as you are NEVER 100% scam-protected, so always check who're you talking to and check their profiles.
Warrior Forum – acclaimed home of internet marketers that stores tons of useful posts and insightful details on how to promote virtually all existing types of projects. Creating a Special Offer (WSO) is where this forum really shines as it's a great way to launch your course, service, product, or offer to a highly focused market of marketers, SEO specialists, entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.
SEO Chat – another titan in our list, this vast community encompasses great articles along with some tools to help you with your SEO consistency. Of course, it's forum is filled with meaningful threads were you can ask your question and receive answers from the field specialists.
Wicker Fire – IM forum with impressive active members list. Beware, mods and Admins are trigger happy when it comes to people breaking the simplest rules. Otherwise a lovely place to learn something new or find deals, or just to hang around.
Digital Point – deep level of member's engagement and the ability to link to Analytics or Ads. Judge for yourself.
WebHostingTalk – another great example of how internet helps to build great places that help to further build internet. With a 1.5M monthly users, WebHostingTalk is a place where you can do almost anything IM-related and more.

Honorable mention

Profiting from smaller marketing forums with less than stellar levels of engagement may not sound much. There are however quite a few reasons to treat them seriously.

Firstly, for certain types of actions like for example, crowd or guerilla marketing, smaller and less rigorously moderated places like these are much more beneficial. Secondly, chances are you can spot a nice deal for less price and still get great results. Lastly, you can get more traction for your brand if you treat each of these communities with respect show your value. No good deed shalt pass in vain. (Potentially :))
SEO Mastering – this forum is somewhat easy on the rules on posting links without having strong carma beforehand so it might appeal if you want to test results ASAP. 87K monthly users as a bonus.
eWebDiscussion – I never had any issues with posting some useful tutorials of how to use our tools (not being shy to link either) and received measurable results and many thanks. Worth a go.
Ozzu – pretty big IM community with around 170k monthly users. Webmaster forum does allow to participate in certain threads with limited ability to post a link but that's nothing of unnatural. The forum spots a lot of topics starting from SEO and Hardware all the way to Design and Web Development.
Webicy – small but consistent Internet marketing community based in India. The place offers insightful articles and great many SEO deals. It's also easy to post a link on.
WebMasterForum – Offers help and resources in web development, website design, web hosting, marketing, HTML, XML, Perl, Java, JavaScript, XHTML CSS, PHP, MySQL, SEO, social media and more.
WebMasterServe – Friendly Community Forums for Webmasters, SEO Professionals, SEM Experts, Programmers, Graphic Designers and self proclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus.
ForumAbondance – French IM forum. If you enter the French market, take this forum into account.
Last but not least in this list is Reddit's r/SEO - undoubtedly one of the most active and frequented places for SEOs and marketeer. It's also a place where you can ask your newbie questions and it will be totally ok:)
Best SEO Blogs and Forums: Get To Know The All-Stars
What IM forums are you now on? Share your favorite ones.
If you know any forums that are missed out from this list, don't hesitate to share them!

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