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This is the right place to land if you’d like to discover more about Serpstat’s features and how they can help you in improving your overall SEO and PPC performance. Let’s dive right in!

How to find prospects for cold emaling?

Put together a list of primary keywords related to the targeted niche products / services. Get the Top By Keyword reports for each of them (you might want to do this via the API to automate the process). Remove the top 30 domains for the search terms from the exported files. Batch analyze the remaining 70 domains for the number keywords and visibility score. Make an audit of low-performing sites (100 to 1 000 pages would suffice) and attach the audit PDF file to the SEO services email offer.

How to prepare a cold pitch email?

You might want to make PDF exports of the Overview reports for two domains: your prospect’s domain and their successful competitor, followed by the Common / Missing keywords stats from SEO Research / Competitors. Add some of the prospect’s primary keywrods to the Rank Tracker and export the Rank Tracker / Competitors report which presents traffic share for the tracked keywords.
And don’t forget about a sample Site Audit report with found errors.

How to measure your market footprint?

Set up a Rank Tracker project for your domain. Browse to Rank Tracker / Competitors section and get fresh data on your market footprint.

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