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SEO 17 min read December 2, 2022

The Best Ways to Grow Your Online Presence: Expert Tips for Magnificent Results

The Best Ways to Grow Your Online Presence: Expert Tips for Magnificent Results
The Best Ways to Grow Your Online Presence: Expert Tips for Magnificent Results
Each and every business has to manage the online presence of its brand to succeed in the market. No matter what type of organization you run, it is a must-have step to reach your audience — offline, service-based, and internet-based companies will find several benefits in establishing their online presence. The epidemic has expedited the expansion of eCommerce, but the online presence definition isn’t limited to this parameter only. The truth is that more and more consumers seek and learn about any type of company on the internet:

  • Before making a purchase, 81% of retail customers investigate products online, according to a GE Capital Retail Bank study.
  • The Harward Business review revealed similar results — 73% of retail shoppers utilize several channels for purchasing products or services.

Multiple studies distinguish how your effort can be monetized, but one thing is for sure — the importance of online presence shouldn’t be underestimated.

What is an online presence, then? How can you grow your brand and stick to its most influential requirements? Stay tuned to answer these questions and improve your business development strategy. Onwards!
The following experts from our Twitter chat provided comments for today's article:
  • Gail Gardner
    Small Business Marketing Strategist, GrowMap
  • Joseph S. Kahn
    President of Hum JAM
  • Olena Prokhoda
    Social Media and Community
    Specialist at Serpstat
  • Praveenkumar Yadav
    Performance Marketing &
    SEO Analyst at Easebuzz
  • Avast Zumac
    Entrepreneur, helps B2B companies shorten a sales cycle
  • Boyd Norwood
    VP Marketing at
  • Lyndon NA
    Internet business consultant, (SEM (SEO/PPC)
    CM & SMM, with UX, CRO & ORM)

What Is an Online Presence?

A brand's online existence doesn't equal managing its online presence. It is a deeper layer that displays the entire canvas of the company:

  • Business: particular actions you consider and apply to prepare content for your site and execute certain operations with your audience.
  • Internet: your rating on SERPs and social media algorithms.
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda

Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat

The presence of your brand online is a combination of several different components, including content, websites, search engine results, and other digital media.

  • Audience: what people think about your service and whether they are willing to recommend your solutions to others. Simply put, it is about how appealing your company image seems and whether end users are ready to engage with your deals as loyal customers.

To grow any brand's online presence, interested parties must consider several parameters and ensure their harmonious coexisting — the business reputation, visibility, and credibility.
Avast Zumac
Avast Zumac

Entrepreneur, helps B2B companies shorten a sales cycle

All of your digital assets, including website, blog, social media profiles / channels / posts, videos, PDFs, brand mentions on other sites, etc. You want your assets to show up when people search for industry terms on social engines and other social sites.

Benefits of a Strong Online Presence

Building an online presence is required not only to contact your audience more efficiently — it is an always-functioning algorithm to reveal your performance in your line of business and related niches.

There are plenty of options to increase brand recognition and boost its reputation — the more exceptional experiences you implement, the more profits you will earn from a short-term and long-term perspective.
Lyndon NA
Lyndon NA

Internet business consultant (SEM), CM & SMM, with UX, CRO & ORM)

There are lots of benefits:

  1. Increased awareness.
  2. Grow your reach.
  3. Ease of access for prospects/consumers/clients.
  4. Greater trust.
  5. Information availability.
  6. Opportunity to persuade/convince/convert.
  7. Chance to be the first point of contact (rather than 3rd party complaint etc.)
Overall, novice users are welcome to consider the following advantages as the main reasons to think about how to build an online presence, manage, and maintain it in the long run:

  • You prepare your business to discover prospective customers this way. You adjust your site to be user-centric, SEO-optimized, marketing-rich, and so on to become a valuable entity to show to Google searchers when they make a browse hunt.
  • Working on your company’s online business means investing time and money to establish its legitimate view.
  • You increase your business value and expand its capabilities — it is a straightforward way to keep 24/7 marketing and improve your conversions.

How to Become an Authority in Your Niche

Powerful Ways to Boost Your Online Presence

The goal that unites any company desiring to build an online presence is to serve its audience.

However, the chosen path can and should be personalized. It seems to be a good place to quote our expert Avast Zumac: “It all begins with a strategy. What do you aspire to achieve at a given cycle, and at what rate, then position all your efforts, research, testing, and measuring around that."

An online presence can be defined by anyone, but strategizing is something that only a few are adept at.

To start with an efficient strategy for improving your online business presence, it is a must to understand what development stage you are currently at and define where you would like to reach in the planned amount of time.
Gail Gardner
Gail Gardner

Small Business Marketing Strategist, GrowMap

Search for your #brand name online. What do you see? When your potential customers, clients, or patients do that, what can they find out about you? Is there anything negative showing there? Do this regularly to ensure what searchers see is how you want your brand represented. It is critical to populate what is on the first page of the SERPs yourself so that negative brand mentions can’t dominate the first page!

What’s more, it won’t be enough to strengthen your mindset once and rely on the achieved results forever and ever after. To work smarter without wasting resources, your strategy has to be flexible, adaptable, and versatile.

Being active isn’t enough. Check what activities will present superior results, no matter what scale of business you run or what niche is occupied. Keep scrolling down the page!
Boyd Norwood
Boyd Norwood

VP Marketing at

It is an ongoing effort. You have to schedule several hours weekly to engage on social sites and create and share videos and site posts/pages, press releases, PDFs, etc. Your brand presence will continually grow as you do marketing activities.

Step 1: Create a High-Quality Website

In 2021, a PRNewswire study says that one in four small businesses didn’t create a website for their services. Such a mistake will cost you a lot and decrease the chance of locating your brand by potential customers.

If you worry about learning the programming code to understand how to create an online presence, modern technologies can instantly simplify the challenge. There are numerous free and pre-paid website-building tools, including WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Kentico, and others. Such content management systems will let novice users track the efficiency of their sites and update it whenever needed.

Search for more unique instruments to improve your online presence without a steep learning curve — Twitter, Reddit, and other forums where SEO experts and marketing professionals share their advice on the problem are excellent sources of information.

One of such places where you can find valuable tips from SEO and Marketing professionals is #serpstat_chat — join it every Thursday to discuss the questions of practical SEO, trends, and updates with SEO experts.
Joseph S. Kahn
Joseph S. Kahn

President of Hum JAM

The first way to grow your online presence is to use Schema and get a Knowledge Panel. That can also be done with Google Business. After that, the sky is the limit with entities you can connect to!

Step 2: Optimize Your Keyword List for SEO

To ensure you will earn Google’s trust, you must build an online presence following its rules and expectations. Check the Google SEO starter guide for crucial bullet points to memorize and remember.

One of the decent ways to improve online presence is to adapt the site to present people-first, reliable, and helpful content with search engine requirements in mind. This is where you have to do comprehensive keyword research.

Finding the right keywords for site visitors and search engines would be much easier if you use Serpstat Keyword Research tools. Here is how it works:
Using these tools, you can quickly discover new keywords to write and rank for within a few minutes. You enter your parent keyword, and Serpstat generates a list of related or similar keywords, along with their keyword difficulty, volume, Cost Per Click (CPC) value, and PPC competition. For example: 

  • The "Related Keywords" report shows all search queries that are semantically related to the searched keyword. This is where you can check and use new variations of the queries. 
  • The "Search Suggestions" report shows the queries offered to users under the search bar.
  • The "Search Questions" report is where you can see all question forms of search suggestions. These questions include a selected keyword that users are looking for an answer to.
Along with keywords, take care of the following to grow business online productively:

  • Prepare automatic error detection and rapid troubleshooting solutions for your website.
  • Work on internal linking.
  • Guarantee content syndication, activation, and trustworthiness.
  • Audit your SEO performance from time to time to analyze your SEO optimization strategy and its suitability for your current business state. Track your activities, prepare reports to analyze your path, and plan future improvement stages.
Want to know how to use Serpstat tools to do keyword research and website audit?
You can sign up and get a free 7-day trial! Click the button below to know all the details.

Step 3: Be Active on Third-Party Sites

One of the simplest ways to increase customer awareness about your digital services is to reach out to the audience in different ways — on forums, community sites, chats, Q&A platforms, social media, and so on. 

However, the quality of such activities should be second to none. If you leave a comment inviting users to visit your platform, the efficiency will be low:

  • first of all, your comments will not survive moderation. They don’t possess any value for the third-party site. Any message that is left purely for commercial purposes will be deleted;
  • people don’t trust such texts and skip them. There is no reason to interact with them unless you provide a genuine benefit to potential customers.
Lyndon NA
Lyndon NA

Internet business consultant (SEM), CM & SMM, with UX, CRO & ORM)

Being seen and being active is only part of the equation. It's not just the right place(s), but the right timing [to] provide value (info, entertain, etc.) with consistency. And for it to be valuable, it has to suit the user.

You can also utilize other approaches, such as leveraging networks, cross-association, participating in groups/chats, PR stunts, making public donations, publicly supporting causes, etc. It boils down to time, effort, and being seen/findable.

Step 4: Stay Sociable and Responsible

Developing a consistent brand depends on how well you can understand your audience. That’s why collecting customers’ opinions, and reviews on your service is essential — it is a lasting and always-efficient approach to back up your online presence business.

From this perspective, customer service quality has a significant impact on referrals. Customers who consider a business’s approach excellent are 38% more inclined to give it their best recommendation, Qualtrics XM Institute believes.
Avast Zumac
Avast Zumac

Entrepreneur, helps B2B companies shorten a sales cycle

You need to position yourself as an expert in your field and keep in mind to start knowing your craft rather than winging it. Start with Twitter spaces or Twitter Chats. You'll be amazed at how valuable your feedback is.

Step 5: Build a Quality Backlink Profile

Backlink Profile is a parameter that is quite relatable to the site visibility on the net.

Simply put, you create connections between your platform and authoritative and reputable domains to show Google and other search engine tools that your service is worth citing. It is a way to prove that your domain is a knowledge space with professional tips and information on the topic.

How to Measure the Growth of Your Online Presence?

As you should strategize your approach to improving your online presence among competitors on the internet, the same goes for monitoring, analyzing, and estimating your progress in building your brand image.

Social Media and Community Specialist, Olena Prokhoda, recommends the following: "Analyze your traffic dynamic and sources. Look out for your SERP Visibility. Check your social media reach. Monitor the number of your brand mentions. Look for branded search volume in your Google Analytics. Watch the quantity & quality of reviews."
Apart from multifunctional services like Serpstat to understand your digital performance, it is quite important to know how and when to apply such online presence calculators — you can’t measure something immeasurable.

The more you understand your performance goals and future business destination, the easier it will be to define what aspects of your digital work to analyze and estimate. To ensure a decent level of informativeness, beginners must prepare a list of obligatory parameters.
PraveenKumar Yadav
PraveenKumar Yadav

Performance Marketing and SEO Analyst at Easebuzz

Total percentage of people who click a link and then make a signup. Total percentage of people who view certain pages on your website. How engaging your social media posts are. How much increase in engagement with a specific demographic?

Wrap Up

Taking regular care of your performance on the internet, the way both search engines and customers see your services is what truly helps skyrocket business online

Even if some of the chosen steps lack efficiency, the ongoing aspect of this transformation will help you find a highly personalized answer to the question of how to build and maintain a genuine and organic presence online.
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