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GPT-3 Content Creation Tools

GPT-3 content creation tools

Technical Support Manager at Serpstat
Selection of new tools for automating content creation from Serpstat, which work on artificial intelligence algorithms. We'll tell you briefly and clearly about each of them and how to use them!
Considering the number of competitors on the market, each year content creation is more time-consuming and requires continuous updating to maintain positions in trends and achieve future marketing strategies.

And there is a question: then where to get ideas for content and how to optimize its creation saving resources? The answer is to use the new possibilities of artificial intelligence.

Today, GPT-3 is considered the best language model for natural text processing and generation. The text generated by artificial intelligence sometimes exceeds the quality of text written by humans.

The tools are useful to anyone involved in content creation in one way or another, and are easy to use both for beginners and experts with experience. Let's move on to a brief overview of each of them!

Title and Description meta tags generation

Title generation and Description generation tools automate manual work and save time by generating a relevant meta tag for the page of your site.
Useful for: SEO specialists, site owners, editors, webmasters.
SEO specialists and webmasters will ease the work by saving resources on proofreading texts, especially when it comes to multi-page sites, just copy the contents of the page and get a finished result in a few seconds;
For copywriters, the automatic creation of meta tags will greatly simplify the work and shut down the need to select keywords for the meta tags.


The tool rephrases the text keeping the uniqueness and meaning of the original source, which will help avoid duplication of content and prevent plagiarism.
Useful for: copywriters, editors, SEO, UX-, SMM-specialists, email-, content-, video-marketers.
Transform your competitor's text without losing content to improve your site's position in SERP;
Update old blog articles by paraphrasing the text;
Use the tool as a source of content creation ideas;
Maintain content uniqueness by paraphrasing text;
Diversify newsletter texts for your customers.

Grammar and spelling checker

Automate daily text-related tasks using the tool. Save time on proofreading text and quickly check it for errors using the Grammar and spelling tool.
Useful for: copywriters, editors, SEO-specialists, SMM-managers, UX/UI-designers and anyone who interacts with text.
Check the text of the product description page before publishing it to maintain its rankings in SERP;
Keep the trust of subscribers by checking the text of posts on social networks;
Check grammar before sending emails or weekly newsletters.
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Article generation

Based on the added title, the tool generates a logically ordered article text with a highlighted introduction, subheading, and conclusion. Work on content creation without too much effort by editing, if necessary, already prepared text instead of writing a new one.
Useful for: SEO specialists, copywriters, editors, and website owners.
Generate quality texts using only the title;
Optimize old articles on the site with new suggested sections;
Use variations of written text to describe product cards;
Easily create technical specifications for copywriters and editors;
Use a source of ideas for writing content.

Article builder

The tool allows you to quickly generate articles with only search queries indicated. With the article builder, you can first generate several variations of topics for given search queries, then create an article plan.

Based on the article plan, the tool automatically generates text, adding keywords in the required block of text if necessary.
Useful for: SEO specialists, content marketers and webmasters.
With the help of the article builder, it is much easier to generate articles for the blog on the site or publications for third-party sites.
The capabilities of the tool make it easier to create unique content, optimize it for the necessary queries and link the text to the necessary articles.

Plagiarism checker

The tool allows you to check how unique your text is and shows the fragments that need to be changed or added to make the text unique. You can paraphrase the text or quickly edit it manually to increase your chances of getting to the top of SERP.

Text uniqueness is one of the important indicators on which a page's position in search results depends. Non-unique content can lead to the fact that the site will fall under the sanctions of Google. Therefore, checking the content for uniqueness is an important step while working with it.
Useful for: copywriters, journalists, bloggers, marketers, editors and SEO specialists.
Check the text for plagiarism and correct it before publication in order to not harm the site;
Track down competitor sites that steal your texts or misappropriate your research;
Evaluate the work of a content marketer or other specialist who fills your site with content.

FAQ Generation

The tool allows you to quickly generate a block of frequently asked questions for your main search query. You will quickly get several variants of relevant questions and generate answers to them in a minute.
Useful for: Webmasters who promote their own affiliate sites, SEO specialists, marketers.
A high-quality FAQ block allows you to expand the semantics in the text, increase traffic to the page, and thanks to the Schema.org markup, the page can get an extended snippet;
You can also use the generated questions to find new blog ideas or record videos for your YouTube channel.

Keywords extraction

After writing your text, generate a ready-made list of search queries that users can use to find your site and check their relevance to your topic using the tool.

Advanced settings are available for extracting and generating a list of keywords, namely: number of words in a keyword, language, number of keywords, word affinity level, optional removal of prepositions, and conjunctions from the text.
Useful for: SEO-specialists, editors, site owners.
Get a list of keywords by which users will find your page and keep track of your results;
Check the level of relevance of the written text according to the given topic;
Expand your semantics by analyzing your competitors' text.

Bag of words

Based on the added text, the tool creates a list of keywords that occur most often in the text and indicates the frequency of their use. With the help of the data obtained, it is possible to identify the level of spamming of some keywords and vice versa – to see what keywords are missing in the text. Two modes are available to analyze the text – by text added to the tool or by link.
Bag of words at Serpstat
Useful for: SEO specialists, editors, copywriters, webmasters.
Check the level of spam in the text. Before publishing or in order to optimize old pages, check your website page by link to make the text more understandable for users;
Determining the main theme of your competitor's text. Check what keywords are found on your competitor's pages and improve your own content;
Create useful tags through suggested words to improve site navigation.
Adding synonyms to the texts to attract a larger audience and to cover a variety of queries of the SERP.
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Keyword patterns

The tool creates ready templates with keywords by analyzing the added text. The finished result is presented in a table divided into three columns: keywords templates with gaps, the number of patterns found in the text, and a list of suggested additional keywords which can be substituted in the template in place of gaps.

Running the check with the tool with all the keywords of your site, you will get a ready list of categories and filters – an alternative version of clusters for the distribution of products or services. Also, the result will help form Title, Description, and H1 tags.
Useful for: SEO specialists, editors, website owners, webmasters.
Analysis of the structure of the site. From the generated list of patterns, you will understand which topics are best disclosed on the site and which ones you should still work on. The number of created patterns will give you an understanding of what categories of services should be added and what pages are still missing from the site, as well as create a ready list of categories and filters.
Ready-made product card description theses. Use them for individual site pages, or get ready-made text patterns with a list of variables to automatically generate site notifications, calls to action, and product description previews to avoid duplicate content.
Expand semantic core with a relevant list of keywords.

Ad generation

Contextual advertising is dynamic and quite personalized. Ads are shown to users whose area of interest coincides or overlaps with the theme of the advertised site or service. This increases the chance that the target audience will respond to and interact with the ads.

The tool generates ads based on specified keywords. In the result, you can see not only the generated ad, but also examples of similar ads from the Serpstat database.
Useful for: SEO-specialists, site owners, marketers.
Generate ads with just one main keyword and at least one similar;
Accelerate the process of preparing an advertising campaign;
Catch up with your competitors in contextual advertising with the right advertising.
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