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Marketing 23 min read January 20, 2023

50 Free Places To Promote Your Website

50 Free Places To Promote Your Website
Amire Cheen
Amire Cheen
Executive Manager at Compare Broadband

So, you built up a business and created a website. You want to spread the word about your services and goods. You’d like to see increased traffic on your site and plenty of visitors to the page. But how do you do this?

There are plenty of resources out there that aim to teach you how to promote your website and bring everyone flocking.

However, chances are, the best method to promote your website looks a little different depending on your website and the type of sector you operate in. Plus, when you’re just starting out, it’s not like you have a massive budget to spend on marketing.

So, what can you do? Well, it turns out there are plenty of places to promote your website for free! Yes - you can attract visitors to your site and get the word out without spending a penny! So, what are some of these sites? What are some of the best places to promote your website for free? Let’s take a look:

1. Angi

Previously known as Angie’s List, the Angi website hosts verified local US business user reviews. Angi’s main selling point is to advise users on where they can access trustworthy services. Angi is one of the best places to bring attention to your business and website. This promotional website is especially useful for sectors such as landscaping, repairs, plumbing, home cleaning and others, though Angi is suitable for all businesses.

2. TripAdvisor

Maybe it’s not the first site you’d think of when promoting your business. That said, why wouldn't you choose TripAdvisor if you’re looking for an inexpensive way to draw attention to your restaurant, inn, hostel or hotel?

TripAdvisor is a free promotional website aimed at businesses of tourism, travel and other similar services. Most tourists have a glance at TripAdvisor before they’ve even left their home country. It’s a great way to reach the people who are already interested in your tourism business.

3. Yelp

Another great free advertising site for any type of business is Yelp. Originally aimed at restaurants and eateries, Yelp has grown in popularity among most industries. Like TripAdvisor, people use Yelp to write reviews. That said, Yelp is a double-edged sword.

That’s because people generally only write reviews when they have something negative to say. However, you can always combat this by encouraging customers to leave a review on your profile after a successful transaction. Put up a sign linking to your Yelp profile in your store that customers can use as they wait.

4. Yell

Not to be confused with Yelp, Yell is the website version of the UK's Yellow Pages - a large business phone book. Again, Yell is free and allows you to showcase your website and business in a free listing. Yell even has a range of free digital marketing tools for businesses looking to make it in the UK. But for bigger businesses, Yell offers tools like pay-per-click campaigns, social media advertising, SEO, and much more. Stand out in the UK with Yell!

5. Merchant Circle

The Merchant Circle helps merchants meet prospective customers. With multiple plan options, two million merchants use Merchant Circle to find customers every year. If you’ve just set up a new eCommerce business and you need new business partners and customers, Merchant Circle is great for this.

Merchant Circle will give your business access to search engine marketing tools, social media opportunities, automated marketing tools, and more.

6. Manta

Manta is a free small business directory for America. It has specific industry categorisation for businesses, making navigation simple. Manta also offers many online advertising tools: SEO, social media, Google Ads, and more.

7. The Better Business Bureau

A relic of the early days of the internet, the B.B.B. have always been the cool place for the best businesses and brands to be seen. Only available for those located in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the Better Business Bureau is comparable to Yell. This site works on good practices - the more you get good feedback, the better your chances of creating a successful business. There has been some controversy around their rating system in the past, but the Better Business Bureau has moved on to become one of the most trusted business review platforms.

8. Apple Maps

You’ve heard how Google Maps helps customers explore and review their local area. Well, now, here comes Apple Maps! Preinstalled on every top-quality Apple device, customers can’t not use Apple Maps, and neither can you. List your business in Apple Maps and Google and get twice the free online advertising! All you need is an Apple ID.

9. Bing Places for Business

Sure, it’s a much less well-known site. But that doesn’t mean Bing Places is irrelevant! Microsft’s small search engine, Bing, still carries out a fairly significant amount of web searches. So, why not sign up? It won’t cost you, after all.
Moreover, Bing Places might be an easier place to excel. Since fewer people use Bing, your business has a better chance of standing out in search results. In any situation, you will bring new traffic to your website.

10. Google Business

Of course, we couldn’t have a list of the best places to promote your business without talking about Google Business Profile! One of the biggest places to promote a business, using Google Business is imperative. Fill out your company’s information and start promoting your website.
If you put your business up here, you even get the chance to have a free Google-rich result. This makes it easier for people to visit your website and contact you.

11. Trustpilot

One of the most influential places to promote your website, Trustpilot is an excellent place to allow customer reviews. If you hit a stable good star rating on Trustpilot, you can promote this on your site or store with stickers.

12. Wikipedia

Though seen in the past as a mere untrustworthy essay source, Wikipedia has remained one of the best places to create a business page. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, but as long as you fill your business article with factual information that you can back up, you’ll soon have a high-ranking, impartial place for people to go to check out your company.

13. Tupalo

The Yellow Pages of the United States and Europe, the Vienna-based Tupalo lets customers from Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, Finland, France, and the USA view businesses. Tupalo’s free plan gives you a link to your online profile and minimalistic website widgets. You can then upgrade if you find the site useful.

14. is one of the top dogs worldwide for a free business listing. Get your logo, videos, photos and other marketing media ready and upload them to the site for free promotion. You can also use your keywords.

15. Hotfrog

Another standard free online advertising site, Hotfrog, offers a useful blog full of helpful resources and brilliant advice among the standard promotional tools.


Looking for a site where businesses and customers can find each other? Look no further! Users head to to find specific information about a business. What’s more, Local’s collaboration with Yext Answers Search Platform means you can claim a business listing on loads of other websites, too.

17. E.Z. Local

E.Z. Local provides plenty of SEO tools to help your business get the visibility it needs. Search engine top placements, social media management - the tools are amazing. Plus, you can even upgrade to other price plans as your business grows.

18. eLocal

eLocal is another free United States business directory. It’s simple and easy to list your company on eLocal - in just five minutes, you’ll have a traffic-generating listing that millions of people in the US can access.

19. SaasGenius

This online directory is made especially for SaaS apps, software, and solutions. There are a few directory rules, but once your profile is up and running, this free directory is an amazing boon to SaaS companies worldwide.

20. Gartner Digital Markets

Gartner Digital Markets is perfect for showcasing apps and software. Not only can GDM help increase traffic for you, but it could also be a lead-generation source. Simply request a free basic listing, and your software will be opened up to a new world.

21. NextDoor

Wait - you can promote your business for free on that site where everyone complains about dog poo? Yes! There are over fifty million business recommendations from NextDoor neighbours already, so it’s a popular site. Plus, NextDoor makes sure to verify every person who signs up for their site. So, every business and every neighbour is a real person with no anonymity to hide behind. From dog walkers and hairdressers to real estate agents, everyone can excel on NextDoor.

22. Sitejabber

Sitejabber aims to help customers get in touch with secure, trustworthy online businesses and avoid scammers. On Sitejabber, customers can write reviews, and a business can respond to them. This platform also gives free business listings and loads of lead and traffic-driving features and tools.

23. G2

G2 is one of the biggest tech marketplaces in the world. Known in the past as G2crowd, millions of customers check in to G2 regularly to check out new software and review software they’ve bought. If you’re on G2, promoting what you do and helping people find your website is brilliant. They offer a free plan that you can upgrade if you find the site useful.

24. LinkedIn

It’s not a real business if you don’t have a LinkedIn! As one of the most famous business sites, this social media site for professionals is the perfect platform to find new job opportunities and advertise your own opportunities alike. As a social media site, you can use LinkedIn to collaborate with clients and share trustworthy articles. However, LinkedIn also offers a range of features for promoting your website, the services you offer, and your business profiles.

25. YouTube

What? How is YouTube a good promotional site? Well, it’s the perfect place to upload even amateur advertisements for free! Plus, if you have the sector for it, YouTube thrives on tutorial videos or videos on how to use your products. If that’s not right for you, team member interviews, workplace tours, new product teasers, or even videos of the team messing around are all viable options. The more unique, the more interesting!

26. Facebook

Another perhaps unexpected promotional choice, today’s Facebook is awash with promotional tools. Obviously, you can create a page, fill in all your details, and keep followers abreast of new products or events by creating a post every so often. You can even now use hashtags! Facebook also has paid advertising tools, but tell your customers about your Facebook page or group, and they’ll be happy to get involved.

27. Instagram

Another social media site that has a slew of promotional tools, Instagram is a valuable option for generating a buzz around your company. Fun for customers and companies, be real and casual, and Instagram’s features will guide you.

28. Twitter

When anything happens, Twitter is the first to know about it. Especially suited to tech businesses, you can keep in touch with a loyal following of customers, influencers, and collaborators with equal ease. There are many ways to use Twitter.

29. Reddit

“The front page of the internet”, as they call themselves, Reddit is a one-of-a-kind platform. A mix between a forum and a news site, Redditors don’t mince their words. Share an update, and if they’ve got feedback to give you, they’ll give it! Just be prepared to converse with the users. 

30. Pinterest

First made for home improvement and fashion mood boards, Pinterest is now one of the most popular social networks. As long as you post high-quality images with good descriptions, Pinterest marketing is a piece of cake.

31. TikTok

How could we talk about social media platforms without mentioning TikTok? The platform of anyone who’s “down with the kids” marketing on TikTok isn’t just having your team participate in the latest dance craze - though that never goes amiss! You can also showcase how you do your job and even sell directly on TikTok.

32. DailyMotion

Does your company like to host live streams and post videos? If so, Daily Motion is right up your alley. With a Free Starter Offer option, try posting engaging company videos and see how you do!

33. AngelList

First, a startup and investor matching platform, AngelList, has morphed into a fully-fledged tech company database. If you’re in the business, you really should create an AngelList profile - especially if you are on the hunt for talent or angel funding.

34. XING

Another regional platform, XING, is basically the German version of LinkedIn. Based in Hamburg, XING lets you start off with a free membership. It’s a great way to connect with new talent and prospective new investors in the industry.

35. Vimeo

Historically the first platform to support HD video uploads, businesses today still share product demonstrations, presentations and more on Vimeo. Of course, you’ll need a good NBN broadband plan for streaming and videos.

36. We Heart It

Another image-based social network, We Heart t, is brilliant for visual-based brands. Like Pinterest, people flock to We Heart It for inspiration. So, be sure to inspire your users. 

37. Ad Post

Where else would you post an ad? It’s free to post an ad internationally here. However, the link in your ad won’t be clickable - anyone interested will have to copy and paste it manually. Still, Ad Post gives great reach!

38. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is just for individuals selling their stuff, right? No! You can also post your company’s ad here for free! Of course, there’s a better chance of success if you pay for a sponsored ad. However, you may still gain sufficient interest.

39. Geebo

A somewhat retro classified site, Geebo, is a safe advertising site. Geebo will screen your ad, so it will take a little time to go online. But once it does, you’ll have a highly visible ad with a backlink to your site.

40. Loncanto

Only available in sixty countries, Locanto allows you to use HTML on your website, pictures and any other links. You have sixty days to find someone with your ad, during which you can use Locanto’s internal search engine, share on social media, and look at your ad’s analytics.

41. Digg

Hopefully, users won’t have to dig to find your ad on this site. Digg is a news aggregation platform that features articles from established news sites. Users then vote a piece to the top. It’s tough to conquer Digg, but you may stand a chance if you have a great content marketing strategy.

42. Quora

Like a smarter Reddit, Quora users have discussions on a wide range of subjects. Find the topics relevant to your sector and get started. Merely dumping a link in a conversation isn’t good practice, but if you approach Quora a little like Reddit, you can excel at this platform.

43. Mix

The site that absorbed StumbleUpon is now the first choice for entertainment content. Head to Mix to promote your site for free and get inspiration from others’ content.

44. Medium

Medium showcases high-quality content that people love to share. If you have excellent writing to show off, Medium is the place to do this. You can show off a branded landing page and links to your company’s blog and shop.


If you want to promote your website and see new business growth prospects, is the place. Get started with the free plan and move on to the paid ones if suits your needs.

46. Buzzfeed Community

Getting published on Buzzfeed Community is the bee’s knees for any content creator. Look at Buzzfeed trends and get to grips with what this platform likes before you start writing trendy content.

47. Flipboard

Another news aggregator, Flipboard’s smooth processes mean you’ll soon see traffic from this platform. Just wait until you’re verified, and things will work. You might remember it from the early Android days - their niche was that you could uniquely “flip” through each article and only read the news that is relevant to your interests. Always one to combat doomscrolling, this is a great way to get your business's news to the right people.

48. Your own blog

Yes, what about promoting your business on your company’s blog? Showcase what you do, talk about events you have coming up, and share these blog posts on your other platforms! 


Did you know you can also use LinkedIn as a blogging site? Plenty of people do it these days. After all, if you already have a following on there, there’s no need to try developing another over on some blogging site. This audience is already full of professionals who do want to read professional business content. Whether they’re productively procrastinating or looking for leads, LinkedIn is where people see business content. You’ve got text formatting tools there, the ability to add images - everything you need to create a good blog post.


Of course, we couldn’t leave out WordPress. is indeed free but pretty bare-bones. You need to not only build your blog site by yourself but also host it on your own too. You can pay a little for a WordPress host if this seems daunting. That said, this hands-off approach from WordPress means you aren’t locked into anything. You have full control over where you want the ads - or indeed, whether you want ads - and how your site will look and how it works. It’s just that the setup will take some time.
Then there’s the more formal This site is mainly aimed at personal blogs. It’s even simpler to set up and free, too, though you will have to pay if you prefer a more professional custom domain name. However, it’s pretty much impossible to make money from a blog. You are also very limited in how you can customise your WordPress site. That’s why most businesses opt for the much more professional


What about Weebly? This website builder is great for blogging and selling your products, and showing off your portfolio too! Weebly has a Wix-like text editor with drag-and-drop elements. Just drag the button you want to your page and customise it there. Simple! Other elements like slideshows, photo galleries and everything else are put into place the same way.
You can access Weebly’s media boxes, sidebars - even advertising spaces! Weebly even offers built-in analytics, and you can use a customised domain, but you’ll need to pay a little for this. For free, though, you can have a Weebly subdomain, five custom pages, and ad space.

Ready to get hands-on? Ghost is a WordPress-like platform, with plenty of features, even on the free plan. You may have more work to do than for WordPress, including server work. But once you’ve set up your ghost site, making a post is a breeze. With a simple, minimalist text editor, you get a live preview of what your post will look like on the right side of the screen. The settings are in a sidebar near the editor screen. Ghost’s front end has a lovely Medium-like aesthetic.

49. Thumbtack

Thumbtack is a site for the DIY and repair sector and serves US freelancers in general. Sign up for free as a pro and start advertising whatever services you offer! Like some other sites we’ve mentioned, Thumbtack allows users to rate the service providers who have worked for them. The Thumbtack site has undergone some changes since it was first founded in 2008 - backing from Sequoia Capital, Javelin Venture Partners, Tiger Global Management and others has meant that Thumbtack has been able to expand what they do. 

50.Insider Pages

Made to help people find local businesses based on neighbour and friend recommendations, Insider Pages aims to help small businesses excel. They operate in America and put people in touch with everyone from massage therapists to pizza parlours. An old enough site operating since 2004, Insider Pages has created a healthy competitive environment for all. They help consumers find businesses they can know and trust and that are nearby. Their specialised ad products and open APIs mean that Insider Pages can offer unparalleled reach and content-based advertising for free.

There are 50 great websites where you can promote your site and drive traffic to your pages. Some are aimed at specific business sectors, others are only intended for certain regions, and others can only be used in certain ways. Still, these websites are a great way to get the word about your business out there, and without spending a cent! Check out some of these promotional websites today and get the ball rolling on your company’s publicity and good reputation.

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