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Serpstat updates 19 min read March 22, 2022

Inside the Ukrainian IT businesses during Russian invasion

Inside the Ukrainian IT businesses during Russian invasion
Анастасія Сотула
Customer Support & Education Specialist at Serpstat
Since the beginning of the war, our lives have changed. We had to adapt to new conditions. Right now our soldiers are struggling for our sovereignty, our diplomats are doing their best to regulate Russian aggression, and our cyber defense keeps the information frontline clear, we work and volunteer despite air raid sirens here, in Ukraine, to support our clients who also support us.

We want to tell you more about our life during wartime, the people behind our platform, and our coworkers in the group of companies we belong to.

Serpstat team in military mode

Team focusing on financial support of the Armed Forces, volunteer initiatives, information resistance to the enemy on the digital area and maintaining the company's viability in wartime, supporting Ukraine's economy, and preserving employment.

We also support our colleagues in danger now, situated in different parts of Ukraine. They truly know the facts about the situation there. Every new meeting for us is a chance to get more info about regions in which our parents, friends and relatives are located.

Over the past three weeks, a lot of our customers offered to help us. We've received an incredible number of support messages, comments, and mentions. Both your kind words and donations mean a lot to us. Our team is very grateful for the support of our users.
Serpstat is a platform for digital specialists, used by 400,000 users worldwide, based in Odesa as a part of the Netpeak group. As before and now, we are trying to improve our work performance to inspire Ukrainians to develop, make their city/country a better place, and create valuable projects and initiatives.
Global brands and many Ukrainian companies left the Russian market, despite the economic consequences. Serpstat also did not stand aside. We simply could no longer help develop business in the aggressor country. That's why Serpstat blocked accounts of users from Russia, and VPN will not help bypass these restrictions. The text such users get instead:
The Russian government is now committing an open fact of military aggression against Ukraine.

The Russian army is shelling cities and villages, millions of people are losing their homes and lives right now. Residential buildings, hospitals, kindergartens and schools fall under the shelling of missiles by the army of your country. Civilians are killed every hour.

In this regard, Serpstat cannot continue to help the development of Russian businesses, since war crimes against a sovereign state are funded by taxes from business activities.

The account will be unlocked, or the money will be returned after Russia stops its war crimes, withdraws all troops and overthrows its crazed president.
Also, we've stopped updating SERPs and the search volume for Yandex, and These databases are frozen indefinitely.

Service development and release of updates we implemented

Even now, in time of the Russian unprovoked military invasion, the Serpstat team continues undisrupted service and even is updated and releases new unique tools. One of the main tasks for Serpstat is to support our staff, help employees in such challenging conditions and sustain the country's economy. It depends on the IT sector in Ukraine whether we can survive, since many companies do not work now and therefore do not replenish the country's budget with taxes.

For example, in the last few weeks, we have released the following updates to the tool:
The unique "Keyword trends" tool was released on our platform. This functionality allows you to collect popular topics at their occurrence in the region, which is especially important for newsmakers and content-writers. A blog post on this topic is coming soon; stay tuned.
New unique feature "People also ask" has been added to SERP crawling. It shows relevant search questions for a keyword. For now, you can receive SERP data with an additional block.
Serpstat keeps optimizing the platform to improve user experience. Check all these updates in our Changelog.
Personal demonstration
Leave a request, and we will conduct a personal demonstration of the service for you, provide you with a trial period, and offer comfortable conditions for starting exploring the tool

The way our team is struggling

Some of our colleagues right now, instead of their usual work as Developers, Sales managers, or Marketers, are defending our country in Ukraine's armed forces or local defense, coordinating volunteers, or spreading the truth about the war in Ukraine. Here are some comments from them we got:

I coordinate the resistance movement and provide support. I'm responsible for volunteer units and territorial defense in Kharkiv. Also, our group processes and consolidates intelligence from civilians.

As you can see in the video reports from independent media, Russian soldiers bomb the peaceful towns and villages in Ukraine and kill older people, women, children, and even newborns indiscriminately.

Performance Marketing Specialist at Serpstat
I saw older people throwing stones at tanks, trying to stop them but not pass them to their homes.
It's unacceptable, so every Ukrainian is doing everything possible to knock out the onslaught of Russian barbarians and non-humans. I saw older people throwing stones at tanks, trying to stop them but not pass them to their homes.

So far, our defenders have pushed all the occupiers away in the Kharkiv direction.

I'm in the Armed Forces in Odesa, mobilized to my comrades in the military unit where I previously served.

We are currently strengthening our positions in case the orcs [russian soldiers] break into the city, but we will do our best to prevent this from happening. Also, we catch saboteurs, but in this case, we are both bait and hook :)

I'm proud of our people very much because we were able to unite against the enemy, to stand for each other, everyone helps each other, we have become a united nation.

QA Engineer at Serpstat
I'm proud of our people very much because we were able to unite against the enemy, to stand for each other, everyone helps each other, we have become a united nation.
All the military is determined to win. We will remove evil from our land. I wouldn't like to kill, but my colleagues and I are ready for it because of the things Russian soldiers are doing. We have no regrets, just anger.

Other countries' support is essential. Now, everyone has finally seen what has been happening in Ukraine for the last 8 years.

How much was it needed to infuriate the world that people from other affected countries come to us to avenge the fact that they killed their people on their land with complete impunity? They have to do so and it does not happen again in other states.

I'm in territorial defense at Suburb of Kyiv. I'm standing at a checkpoint in my city. Regarding my impressions of what is happening, I was going to fly to Barcelona, but not to fight. Russia is a weak country of cowards, and the warriors are shitty as well as the people there! The fact that we will win is not even stipulated!

PHP Developer at Serpstat

Our Blog Editor, Taras Pristatsky, joined the Ukrainian Volunteer Journalists Initiative. He has already been live on Newsmax to tell the truth about "Russian Peace".
UVJI (Ukrainian Volunteer Journalist Initiative) is dedicated to researching, fact-checking and translating confirmed news from Ukraine and delivering them directly to western journalists.

Over the week, UVJI has placed 173 media stories in the U.S. worth $4.5 million in national publicity value, reaching more than 200 million Americans.

Taras Pristatsky
Blog Editor at Serpstat (for now - UVJI Coordinator)
We sleep for 4-5 hours per day, but everyone is motivated. I know people who work in Kharkiv from bomb shelters, so I have no right to complain :)
And that's not counting the TV broadcasts. More than 10 ones were already on Newsmax, Fox News, and GB Breakfast show.

We sleep for 4-5 hours per day, but everyone is motivated. I know people who work in Kharkiv from bomb shelters, so I have no right to complain).
But the initiatives do not end there. So I would like to talk more about what Netpeak Group teams are doing.

Netpeak Group Companies are launching new initiatives

Since the beginning of the war, many companies in the digital sphere have done everything possible to support the Ukrainian Army, volunteer projects, fight in the information field, and support the Ukrainian economy.

As mentioned, Serpstat is part of Netpeak Group, and we would like to talk more about their contributions.
Netpeak Group has 900 employees, 5,000 clients all over the world, 100,000 users, and its own investment fund. We are united by a mission to help companies grow, this mission is "Within one generation, to get from the Third World to the First one without changing the geographical location". Our mission has several levels to move forward:
To make our clients' businesses more profitable.
To help small and medium-sized businesses grow all over the country.
To inspire the people around us to fight incompetence, irresponsibility, ignorance.
To upgrade the mindset and motivate others to act and to achieve results.
Companies in our group continue to support their users, work for the well-being of our country and develop your business, no matter what. Relocation of employees and their families from dangerous areas (Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv) was organized as well. At the same time, our colleagues are doing their best to withstand the invaders. They are looking for relocation to Western Ukraine for other people, evacuating them, buying medicines and ammunition.
The founder of Netpeak Group, Artem Borodatyuk, prepared a video message together with IT entrepreneurs, who share our mission. In this video, they urged Russian entrepreneurs to think about the future of their IT industry and Russian politicians to deal with the well-being of their own country.
Please share it, it's subtitled in English.
Netpeak agency, ranked # 1 in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Bulgaria, launched a webpage to show Russians the truth about this "Special operation" with GTM code. This message was shown to everybody who came on the website from Russian IPs, it's also available as a plug to set on your website to appear for users from Russia and Belarus. We still believe that there are some people who are able to think critically and to seize all horror their government brought.

Inweb is an SEO and PPC agency. This company works mainly with Ukrainian companies, and in this challenging time, they also try to support their customers

Some of our employees are in the Ukrainian Armed forces, and others are in the local defense. Some were released to safer places and recovered after events in their hometown Kharkiv. Some have to spend hours in a shelter in Kherson, Mykolaiv, and other cities. We are apprehensive, try to cheer them up.

Our coworkers contributed to humanitarian aid and also bought a bulletproof vest and army boots for friends. We all volunteer as much as we can.

Those who live in Western Ukraine help to accommodate Netpeak Group employees.
95% of Inweb clients are Ukrainian businesses. Therefore, we have developed an individual support program for those working during the war.

We also helped our customers to find a CMS for the quick configuration of landing pages instead of Russian analogs. We made a questionnaire for entrepreneurs and will answer them questions in the newsletter and social networks. It's letters on how to stop a business if necessary properly, communicate with your customers during a war, what rules to read, how to survive and save a company.

Nata Zaets
Head of Content at Inweb

AcademyOcean is an LMS (Learning Management System that helps businesses automate training for employees, customers, and partners) stopped all relations with users from Russia and Belarus and decided to make it easier for Ukrainian companies to switch to the Ukrainian LMS. So, in support of such companies they provide: free month for a smooth move; $1000 credits for Ukrainian companies to migrate from Russian systems, which can be used to pay up to 50% of any subscription cost.

as an online IT university, started a lot of initiatives to inform Ukrainians how to act in dangerous situations. If you have friends in Ukraine, please share this page. Our experts have collected answers to simple questions, from actions in case of severe anxiety or panic attack, to steps if you find unexploded ordnance or min. These simple rules may help save lives.
Our colleagues from GladPet, a non-profit project aimed at finding a solution to the problem of homeless animals, help find shelter for animals left by their owners during the evacuation. In addition, activists raise funds for their maintenance, treatment, and nutrition.

Moye misto (My City) is a crowdfunding platform where social projects are created, discussed, and implemented.

Employees from this company volunteer a lot, even in peaceful times. Now, our colleagues joined civilian guards that fight to protect individual cities and help to support current military infrastructure with body armor, first-aid kits, generators, batteries, helmets, and walkie-talkies. As a volunteer organization that cares for the city's well-being, our staff has provided thousands of insulin syringes and needles, tons of food, and medicine to maternity hospitals.

Together with the "Moye misto" team and the GladPet project, we have reformatted our work, from crowdfunding to social projects, providing militarists, medical workers, and internally displaced persons with the necessary demands and treatment, first aid kits, food, clothing.

In GladPet, we help homeless animals from relocated families find new homes and assist in evacuation to shelters and other aids.

Furthermore, thanks to the support of the Netpeak Group, we continue to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine systematically. Employees of Netpeak Software, Serpstat, Inweb, Octopus event, Tonti Laguna join us as volunteers to help with logistics. In addition, the companies themselves support us financially so that our military receives everything needed.

Serhiy Lukachko
Head of Moye Misto

Ringostat — a platform for call tracking, telephony, and end-to-end analytics provided IP telephony for free to all organizations, who fight against occupiers. This ability has medical organizations, volunteers, police, military, territorial defense, etc.

RadASO (mobile app marketing), Tonti Laguna (a multi-product company with its digital projects), Saldo Apps (services for automating accounting for small businesses), and Netpeak Software (SaaS company, developing tools for SEO) tried to move their employees to safer places and continue to support users from all over the world. They contribute to the Ukrainian economy and help as they can. Volunteers have bought a lot of ammunition: professional binoculars, night vision devices, sleeping bags, diesel generators. In addition, activists organize evacuations, help orphans and children's hospitals, buy food, clothes, medicines, etc.

Octopus Events, an event agency focused on IT conferences, has opened free access to all videos from our 8P conference, 2021, previously in private archives. Team members began preparing for the conference in Bulgaria - Online Advertising, a forum for marketers and SEO specialists.
This war was unexpected and sneaky for us, but we are doing our best to adapt to the new reality effectively, to accept it. Serpstat was always helping businesses to grow. And we continue further to help our clients, employees, and our country with all our resources.

If you want to support us in our struggle, using Ukrainian products and services is the best way. Our companies are Ukrainian enterprises inside the biggest IT group, diversified to all branches of the economy!

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