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How to Evaluate The Traffic Potential of The Website

How to Estimate Website Traffic Potential
How to Estimate The Website Traffic Potential
Evaluation of website traffic potential is a necessary step for setting realistic goals and avoiding inflated expectations from website optimization.

It's especially vital for customers who expect immediate and sometimes far-fetched results when contacting SEO specialists.

Evaluation Of Topic Popularity In Search Engines

We will use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to determine the popularity of topics for the promoted website and to analyze the market.

These tools will allow you to get a general traffic forecast:
forecasted number of impressions;
number of clicks when ranked first in the the search engine results;
seasonal demand for the search query.
After analyzing the data, we will find out the maximum potential traffic for the topic leader.

Forecasted Number Of Impressions On Google

To get information on the number of impressions for a topic of interest, we'll use the Keyword Planner.

According to the analysis, the search query "mink coats" will be shown 103,000 times. In an advertising campaign, it's going to receive 15,000 clicks per month if the website takes the first position in paid search results.
Google Keyword Planner forecast

Popularity Of The Search Query In Google Trends

To estimate the popularity of a search request over a certain period of time, you can use Google Trends.

The data is presented on a graph that illustrates the popularity dynamics of the analyzed keyword in percentage terms, where 100% is the peak of interest.

When we analyze the same query — "mink coats" over the period of five years, we can clearly see that it has constant seasonal fluctuations in the popularity:
Search query popularity dynamics in Google Trends: there are seasonal fluctuations
On the other hand, the such search query as "buy a laptop" doesn't really have such drastic seasonal fluctuations:
Search query popularity dynamics in Google Trends: there are no seasonal fluctuations
Analysis of search seasonality allows us to objectively evaluate the current situation and predict future results of website promotion, adjusted for general market trends that do not depend on the quality of SEO specialists' work.

How To Use Google Trends For Keyword Research

Analysis of potential traffic in Serpstat

After collecting the data from the web analytics tools described above, let's analyze the forecasted traffic of a specific website.

Traffic in Serpstat is the approximate traffic to the page by keywords depending on its volume and position.

Evaluation of Potential Traffic For The Selected Search Query

As the result of the analysis, you will get a forecast of the number of clicks from the search results for the query of interest, taking into account the domain age, optimization problems, and current traffic.

To estimate the potential traffic, go to the Serpstat Keyword Research toolSEO ResearchTop Pages.

Then, type in the search query of interest, and select the database.

Here you'll get a list of websites that take leading positions in Google search results:
Top pages analysis in Serpstat
The following information is available in the report:
the number of search queries that contain the given keyword in Google's Top-100 search results;
Facebook shares;
approximate traffic.
For all queries containing selected keywords, we've received a list with 10+ thousand websites. Here we should find our own website and compare its position with competitors':
Is your website in Google's top 10 search results?
Congratulations! It means you're the leader for the keyword of interest.
Is your website is the TOP-100 search results?
If you eliminate internal errors and work on external optimization, you can improve its rankings and increasing traffic.
Is the website is not included in the TOP-100?
It requires thorough optimization before it has a chance to receive a sufficient number of clicks for the given search query.
Is the website nowhere to be found in the list?
It could mean that the website is new and has not yet been indexed, or that it's under the search engine filter. In any case, the optimization and promotion for the given phrase will require maximum effort and take a long time.
Insert any keyword to start analyzing:
Personal demonstration
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Analysis Of Potential Traffic To Website Pages

With the Serpstat Domain Analysis, you can assess the website pages of your own project on their attractiveness for search engines, and therefore, their potential traffic.

Go to Serpstat Domain AnalysisSEO ResearchTop Pages, then type the domain name into the search bar and select the database.

You will get the list of the domain's top pages, optimizing which will yield the most traffic increase. Here you can see the current approximate traffic per month for each page:
Potential traffic of the site in Serpstat

Analyzing The Information About Keywords

If we click on any number in the "Organic keywords" section of the "Top Pages" report we just spoke about, we will receive the detailed data about each keyword the selected page ranks for:
Keywords research in Serpstat
The report includes the following indicators:
Keywords the domain ranks for in the TOP-100 search results;
Keyword Difficulty (KW. Difficulty) — the level of competition in organic search to advance to the TOP-10, from 0 to a 100;
Keyword's current position in search results and its dynamics;
Keyword volume (average number of search queries per month);
Cost-Per-Click (CPC) in contextual advertising (in US dollars);
Competition in PPC — the level of competition for the given keyword in contextual advertising, the maximum value is 100%;
The number of all search engine results for the given query;
Exact page URL that ranks for the keyword.


Analyzing and forecasting website traffic potential allows you to find out the prospects for the improvement of your own website, and keep up with your competitors.

Based on the results you have obtained, you can draw up a realistic website promotion and improvement plan, taking into account the competitive landscape of the market and potential opportunities for website optimization.

In order to correctly forecast website traffic, it is important to pay attention to the following:
The popularity of topics in search engines, taking into account such indicators as the number of impressions and clicks on Google.
Keyword seasonality of lack thereof.
Pay close attention to seasonal fluctuations of users' interest in a certain topic.
Traffic potential on the selected topic, taking into account the performance of all competitors in the search results.
The list of pages of your own website, the promotion of which will bring the most traffic from search engines.
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