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How to evaluate the traffic potential of the website

Evaluation of the traffic potential of the website will help avoid excessive expectations from optimization. This is especially important for customers who are waiting for fast and impressive results when contacting SEO-specialists.

Evaluation of the popularity of subjects in search engines

To analyze how popular the subject of the promoted site is, and to estimate the market capacity, we will use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends.

These tools will allow you to get a general forecast of traffic: information about the predicted number of impressions, the number of clicks when raised to the first place in the issuance of the search engine and the seasonal demand for the search phrase. After analyzing the data, we find out what the maximum possible indicators of traffic will be the leader of the subject.

Forecast number of impressions in Google

For information on the number of impressions on a topic of interest on Google, we'll use the Keyword Planner. According to the analysis, the search phrase "mink coats" will be shown 103,000 times and in an advertising campaign it is planned to receive 15,000 clicks per month when the site is shown in the first position:
Google Keyword Planner forecast

Trending query popularity in Google Trends

Estimate the popularity of the request for the period of interest, you can use the service Google Trends. Here the information is presented in the form of a graph illustrating the change in the popularity of the query in percentage terms, where 100% is the peak of interest in the entered phrase.

Analyzing the same query "mink coats" for five years, one can see constant seasonal fluctuations in the popularity of the search phrase:
Search query popularity dynamics in Google Trends
Analysis of seasonal changes in the popularity of the request allows us to objectively evaluate the current and predict future results of resource promotion, adjusted for general market trends that do not depend on the quality of SEO-specialists.

Analysis of potential traffic in Serpstat

After receiving the data from the web analytics tools described above, we proceed to the analysis of the predicted traffic of a specific resource.

Potential traffic in Serpstat is the number of visits to the page by unique users per month while occupying the first positions in the search results for all the phrases for which it is now included in the TOP-20. This parameter is calculated taking into account the current and maximum possible number of visits.

Evaluation of potential traffic for the selected request

The result of the analysis will be a forecast of the number of clicks to the site from the search results for the query of interest, taking into account the age of the domain, optimization problems, and current traffic.

To estimate the potential of traffic, go to the "Analysis of key phrases" section of Serpstat, after which we choose SEO analysis. In the beginning, we indicate the search phrase, then we select the search engine and the region. In the tab "Top Pages" we get a list of resources occupying leading positions:
Top pages analysis in Serpstat
The following information is available in the report:

  • the number of search phrases that contain the query in question;
  • repost pages on Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • potential resource traffic.

For all queries containing selected keywords, 34.5 thousand sites are shown. In the final ranking we find our own resource and evaluate its position relative to competitors:

  1. Market leaders are in the top 10 search results.

  2. Websites that are in the TOP-100, have a chance at eliminating internal errors and using external optimization quickly enough to improve the position in the issue, increasing traffic.

  3. If the site is located beyond the TOP-100, then there will be a significant optimization before a sufficient number of clicks on this request.

  4. If the website is not in the sample, it means that it is new and has not yet been indexed, or the resource is under the search engine filter. In any case, the promotion of the selected phrase will require maximum effort and take a long time.

Analysis of potential traffic website pages

With the help of the SEO analysis module in Serpstat, you can also assess the attractiveness for search engines of all pages of your own project. To do this, enter the domain name, select a search engine and the desired region:
SEO analysis in Serpstat
We will see a list of pages on the tab "Top Pages", optimizing that we will get maximum traffic, and the predicted attendance per month for each page:
Potential traffic of the site in Serpstat

Analysis of information about key phrases

When we click on the number of phrases in the search on the previous tab, we get information about the list of all the phrases with detailed information about them:
Keywords research in Serpstat
The report includes the following indicators:

  • the keyword phrase by which the domain is ranked in the TOP-100 with the indication of such additional parameters as the presence of pictures, brands, related keywords;

  • current position on the phrase and its dynamics;

  • phrase frequency (average number of requests per month);

  • cost per click in contextual advertising Google AdWords in US dollars;

  • competition in PPC - the level of competition in a phrase in contextual advertising, the maximum value is 100%;

  • the number of results for this query, issued by a search engine;

  • address of the page, outstanding phrase.


Prediction of attendance allows you to find out the prospects for the development of your own website and estimate the potential of competitors.

Thanks to the results obtained, a realistic resource development plan is drawn up, based on the competitive situation in the market and the potential possibilities of website optimization.

In order to correctly predict website traffic, it is important to pay attention to the following indicators:
The popularity of topics in search engines, taking into account indicators of the number of impressions and clicks in Google.
The presence or absence of seasonal dependence of user interest to topics
Traffic potential on the selected topic, taking into account the performance of all competitors in the search results.
The list of pages of your own resource, the promotion of which will bring the most traffic from search engines.

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