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SEO 12 min read July 14, 2022

Step By Step Guide On Collecting Keywords For SEO: Infomir Case

How we use Serpstat for the 3D printing industry
how to collect keywords for seo
Georgy Lavrinenko
Georgy Lavrinenko
SEO specialist at Infomir
You can use this article as your step-by-step instruction for collecting keywords for your website.

Using the 3D printing industry as an example, we will guide you through some ins and outs of the process.

Let's go!

Industry Characteristics

Generally, 3D printing is popular and in demand. However, we are interested in the industrial 3D printing segment and requests from businesses/startups that are nothing like the mass market. Such requests are much more difficult to find since there's less demand. Besides, not all our clients know how to look for such services correctly.

It's also worth noting that we don't have any direct competitors. Our equipment model with its capabilities is one of a kind in Eastern Europe. It's what makes our unique selling proposition. But there is also a disadvantage: we often have to create the demand for our services on our own. Also, we can't just collect competitors' keywords and use them on our website. Therefore, our approach is to anticipate search queries and form a partially synthetic keyword list.
Igor Oklander
Founder of the MIM:Agency
Industrial 3D printing is not an easy industry to promote your project in. Many users' search queries are related to retail printing services, private inquiries, gifts, and promotional items. 3D adaptive manufacturing is an alternative to casting. It's a tremendous opportunity for the target audience to save time and money.

However, for the most part, users are unaware of this technology, and therefore their requests for the production process are unrelated to 3D technologies. The marketing team's ultimate goal is to educate the market, demonstrate benefits, and, subsequently, generate demand.
How to Collect the Most Complete Keyword List and Perform SEO Analytics

Keyword Research

Our work with keywords starts with analyzing the search results for the main queries. We compare the services we offer with the actual needs of users. Based on the customer's requests, we form the basis of our keyword list and expand it by looking for synonyms and various forms that imply the same or similar search intent.
First, go to Serpstat Keyword Research → Related Keywords. It's a mega-useful feature that instantly displays keywords semantically related to the phrase you entered.
You should start with the basics, "core" keywords that best describe your industry, website, products, or services. For this example, we went with the simple "3D printing":
Serpstat related keywords
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Keyword Clustering

After collecting all topically relevant keywords from various sources, we gather all queries in one file to then use it for grouping (clustering).

Ideally, each cluster is meant for a separate landing page and doesn't overlap with keywords on other website pages.

It largely depends on your vision of the website structure and the connection strength you have set when dividing keywords into groups. The bigger the connection strength, the fewer groups there will be.

We will not go into much detail here, to read more about keyword clustering, you can head over to this research:
Keyword Clustering: Algorithms and Approaches of Popular SEO Tools

Collecting Keywords For News Content

After clustering and distributing keywords across the landing pages, there will be a lot of requests for infographics. For them, we will assign tasks to blog content writers. It's a crucial aspect of the active growth of organic traffic, which will then convert into transactions.

It's especially relevant to our case, as the market for industrial printing as a service is minimal. We must look for methods to increase the website's visibility in search results across the entire industry.

The Serpstat Search Suggestions report will help us here. It allows us to select high-volume keywords for writing news. Including these keywords in the articles will boost our rankings, as it meets the users' requests. It will also provide a solution for the burning question on "what to write about" and "where to find topics".
Serpstat search suggestions
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Searching For Additional Landing Page Ideas

To find ideas for additional landing pages, we used the Serpstat Domain Analysis → Top Pages report and checked our competitors. The report showed us that they get the most traffic from pages that we don't have on our website. Essentially, we are missing out on potential traffic and leads.
top pages in 3d printing
To fix the situation, we click on the top page of choice in Serpstat and get to a detailed report, where we can see the keywords the page ranks for, their search volume, the site's position in the search results, and more.

We now should add a similar page to our website's structure and optimize it for the top keywords from this list.
Получение бесплатного SSL-сертификата
Analysis Of Competitors' Websites: An Extensive Guide

Looking For Missing Keywords On Landing Pages

In the Serpstat URL AnalysisMissing Keywords, we check the page for keywords closely related to the intent that we didn't use on the website.

Those are the keywords we don't drive traffic from. Therefore, we need to consider adding them to our landing page to improve its visibility in SERPs.
missing keywords

Tracking Website Rankings For Target Keywords

Finally, after completing the previous steps, I recommend importing your list of keywords to the Serpstat Rank Tracker. It will allow you to automate regular monitoring of your website's positions in search results. You will need to select the type of search (organic/paid), and region, and set the schedule of your liking.

That way, you will get all the statistics of your (and competitors') website positions in search results for the given list of keywords right on the service dashboard. You can also select email reporting.

Just like that, you will have the data for analyzing the results of your SEO efforts.

Serpstat Rank Tracker: A Complete Guide


We use Serpstat for working with keywords and analyzing website pages. I think many clients never use it to its fullest potential and sometimes splurge for additional competitor services for no reason. I'm convinced that Serpstat has everything one needs for successful website optimization.

By the way, if you don't use the tool yet or don't use all of its features, Serpstat has a superb support team that will help you resolve any issue, and the sales team, which can conduct a personal service demonstration for the newbies.

May your website always have high conversions, traffic, and rankings, friends!
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