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Content Marketing 14 min read December 23, 2022

5 Things to Do Immediately Using GPT: How Will This Technology Impact SEO and Content Marketing?

5 Things to Do Immediately Using GPT: How Will This Technology Impact SEO and Content Marketing?
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Kateryna Hordiienko
Ekaterina Hordiienko
Research Editor at  Serpstat

Currently, GPT allows to save time on developing and distributing content. Using AI, it is now possible to implement a project in just a few days, by generating images and text, which, after a few editing steps, become independent content and are ready for publication.

The question of the ethics of artificial intelligence and the threat of replacing many human professions arises. Text or image generators are getting more accessible, and the results are improving. This article examines several areas in which artificial intelligence can be helpful for content creators as an extra tool.

How is GPT Algorithms Work: Short Recap

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) models can understand and generate natural language. A subfield of linguistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, and information engineering, Natural Language Processing (NLP) deals with the interaction between computers and human (natural) languages, including how to program computers to analyze and process large amounts of natural language data.

Are machines capable of mimicking human learning? Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning aim to achieve this, using the term “deep learning”. In the same way as humans, machines are fed observations (data). Data is analyzed by the learning algorithm, which finds the patterns that most closely match the observations. Without patterns, there can be no learning for humans or machines.

OpenAI's GPT-3 language model was trained on more text than anyone is likely to read in their lifetime. Using this much data, it can produce human-like writing that most people will believe was written by an actual human.

For different tasks, GPT-3 offers four main models with varying levels of power. In general, Davinci has the most capabilities, but there are other models that can perform certain tasks much more effectively or at less cost than Davinci. On November 28, 2022, Open AI released the newest addition to their GPT-3 model family, "text-davinci-003". A newer version of this model has improved capabilities and produces higher-quality writing. As a result, can deliver clearer, more engaging, and more compelling content to users.
The table shows that the training data for the models were collected only until 2021. As part of its training, GPT-3 was educated using the Common Crawl dataset (60% of its training data). This dataset scrapes 60 million websites and a large subset of the sites they link to, from reputable sources like the BBC, MIT, and Harvard to less reputable sources like Reddit. Other curated sources, such as Wikipedia and the full texts of historically relevant books, were also incorporated by OpenAI's researchers.
There are three directions in which OpenAI is currently working:
OpenAI API (GPT-3 for text and Codex for code);
DALL·E 2 (Image generation model).
GPTChat based on GPT-3.5 architecture, uses the same pre-training datasets as GPT-3, with additional fine-tuning.
If you want to go the extra mile, try to rate whether you could identify the text as being written by a machine. At the end of the article, we will discuss the most common errors in text generation algorithms to be aware of for Chat GPT content creators.
Chat GPT

How GPTChat, GPT-3 and AI in General are Being Used for Content

Many crafty students use GPT to do their homework, but it's also helpful for writing birthday wishes, love letters, podcasts, and cliché slogans. GPT-3 can write down your bio or maintain your LinkedIn profile. Whatever media platform you're active on, GPT-3 can offer you a tool for brainstorming your next idea, whether you're a YouTuber, a TikTok adept, or an Instagram influencer.

Back in 2018 one of the first novels completely written by AI, 1 the Road, was printed. The project was funded by Google and received positive reviews.
Even the documentary series I am watching on Netflix now, revives the pop artist Andy Warhol with artificial intelligence. A recording of Warhol reading from his diary can be heard in the show. However, that voice isn't the artist's own, but rather the result of AI. Moreover, AI-generated narration is depicted as something Warhol would have wanted. Also using AI and Big Data, Netflix created Stranger Things and The House of Cards, two of its most popular series.

GPT-3 can be used in digital marketing in dozens of ways. The starter pack "AI for content marketing" includes: scaling your business without spending additional resources on custom texts; rewriting small portions of text; generating ideas for topics to add to your content plan; empowering your team with content assistance.

Using ChatGPT for SEO, you can start with the following projects:

- FAQs and micro-content for landing pages
- Titles and descriptions
- Content for placeholders
- API usage for your tools


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There are some creative undertakings that can be accomplished with GPT as well:

And here you can explore on GPT’s “opinion” in relation to this matter:
GPTChat AI principles
Your AI content will need some human touch, whether it’s editing or formatting. Despite it becoming well-versed in your needs and demands, you'll probably still have to tweak the content once in a while and add your tone of voice and vision to sound proper and correct.

5 ChatGPT Use Cases

And now, let's list five possible practical implementations of GPTChat in your everyday routine:


1.In e-mail marketing. To ensure users will opt-in to your mailing, you need to create engaging topics and CTA. Using GPT API with Serpstat, you can start with FAQ generation. So, you will create a list of questions, which your audience is searching for on Google:
We can resolve similar content marketing tasks using GPTChat. Let’s brainstorm some SEO success story:
Success story in SEO from AI
And now, let's try to get an answer to a complicated technical question:
Technical question from AI
All this features can be extremely helpful for content creators as valuable ideas, highlighted quintessence.
2.The second application is tightly related to the use-case above. This popular feature is "Summarize This for a 2nd Grader". Thankfully, GPT-3 is excellent at taking complicated information and summarizing it in a simple manner. Next time you will try to figure out the meaning of the statement from your online-courses, ask GPT-3 to summarize the main points.
Technical question to AI, NLPTechnical question to AI, MUM
3.For product description. In a nutshell, GPT-3 can be a useful tool for making adjustments to a text when it is given appropriate guidelines. Additionally, GPT algorithms can be used to enhance customer service by responding to queries and aiding with technical troubleshooting. This can improve customer fulfillment and elevate the customer service experience as a whole..
E-comm application of GPT
    4.To write an outreach letter. The best way to save time is to delegate tedious work to artificial intelligence. You can curate the process in your own way. It’s also an idea to make your pitch using the structure GPT will prepare for you:
Guest posting application of GPT
5.To write fiction, short stories and passages in your articles. It’s worth noting, that short-form content is typically higher quality than long-form content, it is the specificity of the GPT model. Nevertheless, AI is getting much better at writing a big scale of text that is as good as a human writer
Song writing application of GPT
  • Using Chat GPT to create a blog post can provide a broad framework for your writing and help overcome writer's block. However, while it can generate ideas quickly, it may require additional work to flesh out the ideas and make them cohesive. Additionally, depending on the complexity of the topic, GPT may not be able to provide detailed or nuanced insights.

    Although GPT 3 text generation can provide a useful starting point for developing ideas for a blog post, it is essential to note that it is not an artificial general intelligence (AGI). It is still up to the writer to refine and develop the generated
    concepts  into an exciting and engaging blog post that will resonate with their target audience.

    If you are searching for more use-cases, check out the GPTChat response:
     GPT Chat content Ideas

    Bonus: Is It Possible To Detect
    AI-Generated Content?

    Unfortunately, there is no silver bullet for detecting AI-written text. Researchers at Cornell University found that people found fake news articles generated by GPT-2 credible about 66% of the time.

    One standard method is to use software to analyze different text features—for example, how fluently it reads and how frequently certain words appear. Due to the fact that expansive language models assess the coming word in a phrase, they are likelier to opt for routinely used words like "the", "it", or "is" rather than rare words.

    This is the sort of writing that automatic detector systems do well with. In reality, the writing composed by humans is full of mistakes and highly varied, including different writing styles and jargon. We tried to recognize AI-generated content in an automated way, using the dataset of parameters and characteristics, and our results were quite surprising:
     GPT Chat content Ideas
    The swift rate of advancement in this field implies that any mechanism for identifying text manufactured by AI is swiftly out of date.


      A lot of employees today have to deal with a lot of administrative tasks and bureaucratic processes. Future institutions will use AI to manage these tasks and processes. It will be possible for humans and AI to work together in future organizations. The use of artificial intelligence can disrupt and improve many of the existing processes in a company. Therefore, humans can focus more on people (your employees and customers) within your organization, making it more humane.

      There will be no reduction in copywriting and marketing jobs with the development of automated solutions. Content specialists will be required to understand how content fits into the larger marketing strategy and to create, manage, and optimize the content that GPT-3 writes. By using AI tools to generate content, you are doing just that — creating guided content. AI tools are simply an aid for scaling content creation efforts and ensuring marketers and brands publish top-notch content–which is, let's be honest, a great thing.

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