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How LoudGrowth Leveraged Serpstat to Reach 20x Revenue Growth in 4 Months

The Story of How LoudGrowth Leveraged Serpstat to Reach 20x Revenue Growth in 4 Months
Bohdan Dovhaliuk
Bohdan Dovhaliuk
Blog Editor at Serpstat

Imagine transforming a modest $5K monthly revenue into a staggering $100K in just four months. It isn't a tale of wishful thinking but a real success story of LoudGrowth, a digital marketing agency. Dive into this case study to uncover how Serpstat became the game-changer for LoudGrowth, helping them meet and exceed their ambitious growth targets. Whether you're a startup or an established business, discover how the right SEO tools can redefine your success trajectory.

About the Client

LoudGrowth, a thriving digital marketing agency, specializes in catapulting businesses into the digital forefront. Offering a suite of services, including SEO, PPC, social media marketing, and web design, LoudGrowth stands out with its commitment to driving online growth for its clients. Navigating the competitive digital marketing landscape, they continually seek innovative solutions to stay ahead, significantly enhancing their SEO effectiveness for a diverse clientele.

What Problems the Company Faced Before Using Serpstat

LoudGrowth's journey had its share of roadblocks. Before integrating Serpstat, the agency grappled with following challenges:

  • Difficulty in Identifying Lucrative Keywords and SERP Opportunities: The agency needed help to uncover profitable keyword and SERP opportunities for their clients, hindering their ability to optimize search engine visibility and performance.
  • Challenges with Rapid Market Penetration for an E-commerce Startup: For an e-commerce startup in their portfolio, the lack of efficient tools to identify market opportunities was a significant barrier to achieving rapid market penetration and growth.
  • Lack of Data-Driven Insights: The absence of data-driven insights posed a risk of stagnant revenue and overlooked market opportunities, preventing the agency from making informed decisions and strategies.

How the Company Used Serpstat to Reach the Goals

LoudGrowth adopted the Serpstat platform and masterfully integrated its advanced features, such as:

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This tactical shift into their day-to-day operations enabled them to identify high-value keywords and SERP strategies, paving the way for targeted SEO campaigns.


    The strategic execution of Serpstat within LoudGrowth’s operations was meticulously planned and implemented in three key stages, reflecting a deep understanding of the challenges and objectives faced by the e-commerce startup.

    Stage 1: Initial Integration and Analysis

    At the onset of integrating Serpstat, LoudGrowth embarked on a comprehensive exploration to grasp the full scope of market dynamics and competitive landscapes. This foundational step involved them to:

    • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the market and competitive landscape. 

      Note: Serpstat also has an independent Market Analysis report that will help to research existing and potential competitors.

      Serpstat’s detailed Market Research report.
    • Use data from diverse platforms: Quora, Reddit, Google Keyword Planner (GKP), and competitor social media profiles.
    • Identify market dynamics and untapped opportunities.
      Serpstat’s keyword trends.
    • Develop a comprehensive list of topics, keywords, and questions organized into categories for strategic targeting.
    • Plan an effective website structure and prioritizing essential pages and content topics.

    Stage 2: Strategy Execution and Optimization

    Following establishing a solid analytical foundation, LoudGrowth proceeded to the strategic execution phase, which hinged on leveraging Serpstat's detailed analytics. The stage encouraged the LoudGrowth experts to:

    • Execute strategy based on Serpstat's analytics with a solid foundation.
    • Initiate a dual approach:
      • Test Bottom of the Funnel (BoFu) keywords via Google Ads to assess their value and uncover additional relevant queries.
      • Simultaneously target these keywords for SEO purposes.
    • Target non-competitive terms for rapid ranking improvements with minimal effort.
    • Launch a strategic press release campaign to generate immediate buzz and enhance search engine rankings due to low competition of chosen keywords.

    Stage 3: Measuring Success and Continuous Optimization

    The culmination was the tangible success LoudGrowth achieved, underscored by strategic tracking and continuous optimization efforts. This stage included:

    • Achieve remarkable results within just four months of integrating Serpstat.
    • Meticulously checking progress led to the following:
      • $100K monthly revenue.
      • An email list grew to over 1500 subscribers.
      • Website traffic increased to 40K.
    • Employed strategic uses of manually crafted schema markups and content optimization for entities to boost website visibility and accessibility to Google search algorithms.


    The fruits of this strategic overhaul were nothing short of a business fairy tale. The e-commerce startup, initially struggling at $5K monthly, saw its revenue catapult to $100K in just four months. This exponential growth wasn't just a financial win. It shows enhanced search engine visibility, increased web traffic, and more effective customer targeting. These results exceed numbers. They exemplify LoudGrowth's expertise in leveraging Serpstat to transform potential into tangible success.

    Results of using Serpstat by LoadGrowth.


    The collaboration of LoudGrowth and Serpstat illustrates how understanding and using the right SEO tools can turn challenges into unprecedented growth opportunities. This case offers insights, strategies, and inspiration for businesses and digital marketers to turn your SEO challenges into success stories.


    Implementation stages.


    The foundational steps for a successful SEO strategy for a new e-commerce business include market and competitive analysis to identify unique selling propositions and target keywords, website optimization for both speed and user experience, creating high-quality, relevant content tailored to target customer needs and search intent, and building a robust backlink profile to improve domain authority. Regularly analyzing performance data to refine the strategy is critical for sustained success.

    Serpstat was pivotal in LoudGrowth's success by providing advanced features such as precise keyword clustering, comprehensive task lists, and in-depth content analytics. These tools allowed LoudGrowth to identify high-value keywords and effective SERP strategies, leading to targeted and impactful SEO campaigns that drove significant revenue growth.

    Content marketing is crucial in achieving SEO success as it helps attract and engage target audiences, build brand authority, and improve search engine rankings. Effective strategies include creating informative and valuable content that addresses the needs and questions of the target audience, using keywords strategically without overstuffing, incorporating multimedia elements like images and videos to enhance user engagement, and promoting content through social media, email marketing, and other channels to drive traffic and backlinks.

    Using Serpstat led to remarkable results for the e-commerce startup, increasing its monthly revenue from $5K to $100K in four months. This growth also included enhanced search engine visibility, increased web traffic, and more effective customer targeting, demonstrating the comprehensive benefits of a well-executed SEO strategy.

    Yes, small businesses can compete with larger competitors in SEO by focusing on industry markets, local SEO strategies, and long-tail keywords where competition may be less intense. Creating high-quality, unique content that serves a specific audience well can also give small businesses an edge. Additionally, leveraging social media and local directories to increase online presence and provide an exceptional user experience can help small companies improve their SEO performance despite limited budgets.

    Other businesses can replicate LoudGrowth's success by using Serpstat, provided they integrate the tool effectively into their SEO strategies. The key is to leverage Serpstat's advanced features to uncover high-value keywords, optimize SERP strategies, and implement targeted SEO campaigns tailored to their specific market and audience needs.

    Serpstat distinguishes itself through its comprehensive features, including precise keyword clustering, task lists, and in-depth content analytics. These features enable users to gain granular insights into SEO opportunities and execute highly targeted campaigns, making it a valuable tool for businesses looking to enhance their online visibility and revenue growth.

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