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Artyom Borodatyuk

Co-founder, CEO. Our mover

Why Serpstat

Serpstat is not just an IT company; it's a product company. What's the difference? Product companies create and sell their own product. We don't sell the programmer's labor, like outsource IT companies do. 90% of IT companies in Ukraine sell the "wheat" so others can make bread with it, we make and sell bread.

Being a product company, it may be riskier or less profitable at the start, but it's good for our country and its economy. Product companies create jobs for marketers, technical support specialists, salesmen and more people from various areas, not just developers.

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Selling something you made all over the world is a great achievement. Our competitors are worldwide leaders in the niche, which constantly gives us a boost because being the best in the world and represent your homeland is better than just being the best in the country.

There are downsides if you compare a product company to one of the outsource giants, such as modest "social packages" and less relaxed environment, but it's a small price to pay for an experience and opportunities you get. Serpstat is a more advanced type of an IT company, which means we do more and learn more, we're not just following directions.

I can talk about Serpstat all day, but it's better if you read about the global mission of Serpstat's parent company – Netpeak Group and check if we're looking for someone with your skillset. Thank you for reading and have a great day :).


Unfortunately, at the moment, we have no vacancies.
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