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 SEO Analysis of Content: Tips and Step-by-Step Guide

 SEO Analysis of Content: Tips and Step-by-Step Guide
Anton Kotyhoroshko
Anton Kotyhoroshko
SEO Specialist at Serpstat

SEO analysis of content is the process of evaluating content to optimize it further for search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Its main goal is to make the content as relevant as possible to user queries and high-quality based on various search engine criteria. You can significantly improve the document position in search results by conducting an SEO analysis of the text and subsequently refining it.

What is SEO Analysis of Content?

SEO text analysis is a comprehensive examination of content that considers the requirements of search engines, keyword inclusion, and the target audience's interests (it's crucial to discuss what's important and address the audience's potential "pain points"). You need to analyze content pieces such as keywords, text structure & uniqueness, and other less obvious factors.

Let me delve deeper into a critical stage of SEO text analysis that can significantly enhance the document impact on ranking. 

SEO Contents Analysis: Why to Perform It?

The primary goal of the SEO analysis of content is to increase organic traffic from search engines by improving the rankings of key queries in search results. It helps attract a more targeted audience and increase conversions, depending on your field of activity. Moreover, content optimization contributes to enhancing user experience and improving its quality, making your website not only more visible to search engines but also more appealing and helpful to visitors.

Key Metrics for SEO Contents Analysis

  • Text uniqueness is crucial for SEO, as texts with low uniqueness may not rank well in search engines. Instances indicate significant ranking improvements when you rewrite content, underscoring the need to monitor content uniqueness and check if competitors copy your content. If you notice a drop in page rankings, checking for uniqueness is advisable. You can check uniqueness using various services, such as edubirdie.com, which is free.
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  • Content and analysis of "wateriness" is a must; the text must be informative and substantial. Excessive use of empty words and phrases that carry no meaningful information can negatively impact SEO, as search engines like Google have advanced algorithms for understanding content structure, identifying original sources, analyzing content usefulness, author authority, keyword inclusion, etc.
  • Keyword stuffing is a common mistake among beginners. Dense keyword inclusion may be interpreted by search engines as manipulation, hindering document ranking. It's vital to maintain naturalness and balance in keyword usage and focus on creating genuinely useful content.
  • Word inclusion is an obvious and crucial aspect of SEO text optimization, and I'll discuss it in more detail. With a keywords list (check this guide on how to collect it) and the finished text, I recommend comparing word inclusion using various services, but I address this task using a bag of words tool.
    Bag of Words by Serpstat

Comparing word inclusion in your text with the keywords list of a specific cluster (for a particular landing page) reveals which word fragments you didn't use in the text and what needs adding. Comparing your text "word signature" with that of well-ranking competitors is also beneficial in identifying missed words that you should incorporate into your content.


1.Use a word bag for the prepared text or page (some services allow parsing a word bag by URL).
2.Apply a word bag for the prepared keywords list.
3.Using VLOOKUP in Excel or an equivalent in Google Sheets, get an objective view of missed words in the text.
4.For perfection, parse a word bag by competitors (look at least at the top 3 by high-frequency query) and compare it with your word bag. Similarly, identify what's missing and refine the text. This way, you can discover unused synonyms, related concepts, or other essential keywords for document ranking, allowing the creation of more valuable and diverse content for users.

Checking for AI-generated content is crucial, especially in light of the latest Google algorithm updates that caused many websites across various niches to drop in rankings, presumably due to the overuse of generative AI. It's essential to verify the "humanity" of your content, both old and new.

When copywriters overuse GPT-like tools and don't correctly retouch the content, some pages may suffer in rankings. I advise comparing date ranges (before and after the drop) in Google Analytics or Google Search Console (GSC) and identifying the affected documents. Check them against the following checklist. Make necessary edits (make it unique, move away from AI generative signals, add missing keywords, apply best practices from competitors), wait a few weeks, and then review the results.

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    SEO Page Analysis Plan

    The SEO contents analysis process needs you to do the following actions:

    • Research keywords and determine their relevance to the target audience.
    • Analyze the text structure and its compliance with SEO requirements.
    • Check content uniqueness.
    • Evaluate the inclusion and distribution of keywords within the text (you should use high-frequency keywords more often in headlines and the first half of the text).
    • Check for AI-generated content.
    • Analyze link activity and internal linking.

    SEO Content Check: Conclusion

    SEO analysis of content is a crucial tool for achieving results in search engine rankings. Properly optimized content generates organic traffic and attracts your target audience. It's important to remember the need to create quality and unique content that will be both useful and interesting to users.

    Frequently Asking Questions on Content SEO Check

    A text uniqueness tool should display documents with matches and their percentage, highlighting repeated text fragments. This feature allows for a clear understanding of which parts of the text are not original and require modification to improve uniqueness.

    When analyzing keywords, it's essential to consider their relevance to the text's theme and user queries, the density of keyword usage, and the variety of their forms and options to ensure the text's naturalness and informativeness. This balance helps make the content SEO-friendly and valuable to the reader.

    The structure of the text plays a crucial role in SEO analysis, as it affects how search engines understand the content and the ease of reading for users. It's essential for the text to be logically structured, containing headings, subheadings, lists, and other elements that facilitate navigation and perception of information. A well-organized structure enhances both SEO performance and user engagement.

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