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How-to 16 min read November 22, 2019

How to Track Phone Calls Using Special Software

Instructions made by
Junior English Speaking Content Marketer at Ringostat
Alina Ostapenko
Call tracking reveals the advertising source that generated the request from a website visitor. As standard analytic systems do not record it, call tracking sends them data on calls. Thus, a business can analyze them in combination with other conversions.

How call tracking works

Call tracking is an automated system that helps to track all inbound and outbound calls.

This article was written in partnership with Ringostat call tracking that shows a unique phone number instead of the main company's number to each site visitor. Then, such a number becomes an indicator of conversion source. The system identifies the source of the call due to this number.
How does call tracking work in Ringostat
In brief, the working principle is:

  • call tracking services provide the client with numbers that will substitute the company's real phone number;

  • the script that substitutes phone numbers is placed on the website;

  • the visitor opens the page and sees the inserted phone number;

  • call tracking service records and compares the number with the source of transfer during the call;

  • additionally, recording of a conversation, status, caller number, call duration as well as other information is displayed in the call log;

  • call tracking transfers collected data to analytical systems as well as other integrated ones.

Call tracking types

Static call tracking. This was the first type of call tracking. Each source has its own phone number. For example, first is for fliers, second is for advertisements in a newspaper, the third one is for a billboard. it is mostly used for offline advertisements.
Static call tracking
Dynamic call tracking. Tracking calls by user's session. Different phone numbers are displayed to each visitor that is on the platform at the same time. In this case, call tracking monitors source, channel, ad campaign and a keyword for every call. This method gives more information than a static one, however, it requires the greater amount of phone numbers.
Dynamic call tracking
Combined call tracking is a simultaneous usage of both call tracking types. For example, the dynamic is used for context. At the same time, static is used for channels that don't need such detailed data.

Tasks that solves call tracking

Understanding which of the advertisements is effective and leads calls. Owning this information, the advertiser allocates the budget to receive more conversions and profit.
Ad campaign optimization. Knowing the keywords that bring requests, you can create a more effective advertisement.
Sales reps control. Call tracking will help to reveal how employees proceed requests, how many calls do they miss, conversation scripts that work better.

How to customize call tracking

Hereinafter the process of call tracking customization and usage is shown from Ringostat example.


Go to Ringostat. Click "Try now" on the main page.
How to sign up to Ringostat
After that, fill in the fields in the opened form. Then tick checkboxes to confirm your agreement with the terms of the public offer and privacy policy:
Registration in Ringostat
You will receive an email with the registration confirmation after you fill in the form and click on "Try now". Email validation and registration have to be finished in 24 hours.

Script setup

Ringostat code connects to Google Analytics script. Then, 36 parameters of the user's visit become available. The user is the one who called or used call back form. After the registration contact the tech support to customize the tracking code. Alternatively, you can do it on your own.

There are three ways to set up call tracking:

  • to the source code of a website with Global Site Tag script;
  • to the source code of a website with Google Universal Analytics script;
  • using Google Tag Manager.
Identification of the installed Analytics code version
Open the website where you need to setup call tracking.
Use Ctrl + U to open the developer toolbar.
Use Ctrl + F to open a search bar.
After that, you need to search for the script as it is mentioned below.
Type gtag into the search bar and click Enter. If the script version is Global Site Tag, the search results will be approximately like that:
Global Site Tag script
Type analytics.js into the search bar. If the script version is Universal Analytics, you will see the next:
Universal Analytics script
Type gtm to the search bar. Google Tag Manager is installed on the website if you see approximately the same snippet:
Google Tag Manager script
Add gtag.js to your site
Before adding a call tracking ID, you need to adopt the GTAG JS. Find UA-XXXXX-Y and change it to the Google Analytics tracking ID that you want to use. Override the sending of the event "Page view" {'send_page_view': false} for the needed tracker.

The code will look like that:
Override the sending of the pageview event
Then, the standard script will be like that:
Global Site Tag script with counter
Add the snippet with Ringostat script connection into the changed code or after it:
function initRingostat(){
if (typeof(ga) !== 'undefined') {
gtag('event', 'page_view');
(function (d,s,u,e,p) {
p=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],e=d.createElement(s),e.async=1,e.src=u,p.parentNode.insertBefore(e, p);
})(document, 'script', 'CLIENT_SCRIPT_URL');
} else {
Change the tracking ID in the fourth line.
Website setup with analytics.js on-site code
As in the first example, change UA-XXXXX-Y to the Google Analytics tracking ID that you want to use. It will look like that in the website code:
Javascript measurement snippet
Find command to create tracker ga('create', 'UA-XXXXX-Y', 'auto');

Then connect service plugin ga('require', 'ringostat');

All in all, the code has to look like that:
Google Universal Analytics script with Ringostat plugin
If you customize the script using one of the methods mentioned above, your next step is to open your account. Find the section "Insertion script" — "Script settings". There will be a code with a unique token. You have to change CLIENT_SCRIPT_URL on it.
Project token in Ringostat
GTAG changed script will look like:
GTAG script with Ringostat number insertion
During the setup to the source code with Google Universal Analytics, the script will be the following:
Google Universal Analytics scripti with number insertion by Ringostat
Setup using Google Tag Manager
Create the variable in the appropriate section:
New variable in Google Tag Manager
Choose "Variable Configuration" and choose variable type "Custom JavaScript".
Variable types in Google Tag Manager
Open your Ringostat account, the section "Insertion script" — "Script settings". There will be a code with your project unique token. Copy it.
Insertion script in Ringostat
Copy the script below and paste your unique token instead of CLIENT_SCRIPT_URL:
function () {
var p = [];
function _h(){p.forEach(function(a){window.ringostatAnalytics.sendPayload(a.type,a.payload)})};
function _i(a,b){"loaded"===a.readyState||"completed"===a.readyState?b():setTimeout(function(){_i(a,b)},100)};
function _c(c,d,a,b){window.ringostatAnalytics||(window.ringostatAnalytics=1,b=c.getElementsByTagName("script")[0],a=c.createElement("script"),a.async=!0,a.src=d,a.onload=_h,_i(a,_h),b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b))};
return function (t) {
if(!0===t.get("ringostatTracker")) return;
var _o = t.get("sendHitTask");
t.set("ringostatTracker", true);
_c(document, 'CLIENT_SCRIPT_URL');
t.set('sendHitTask', function (m) {
"object"===typeof window.ringostatAnalytics?window.ringostatAnalytics.sendPayload(m.get("hitType"), m.get("hitPayload")):p.push({type:m.get("hitType"),payload:m.get("hitPayload")});
Then choose the tag with the needed Universal Analytics tracker with the installed "All Pages" activation trigger or "DOM ready".
Universal Analytics tag with counters and triggers
Click on the tag name. Now you can change it.
Tag editing in Universal Analytics
Check whether there is a tick in the checkbox "Enable overriding settings for this tag". If there is no tick, check the variable settings and edit them.
Enable overriding settings for this tag in Google Universal Analytics
In the variable configuration add customTask field and enter {{Ringostat}}.
Variable configuration in Google Analytics
If there is a tick in the checkbox "Enable overriding settings in this tag", add a field customTask with variable {{Ringostat}} directly in tag settings.
Tag configuration in Google Universal Analytics
Save changes, create and publish a new version of container Google Tag Manager. Then, click on "Send", add the comment about changes and click "Publish".
Google Tag Manager container for Ringostat
Verification of the script setup
Open your website and use CTRL + Shift + i to open the "Application" tab. Then go to Storage — Cookies — your website domain:
Verification of the script in Google Chrome cookies
You will see rngstsession cookie file if you installed the code but didn't customize it.
Cookie file rngstsession in Chrome
In case if you installed the code and customized it, you will see the next: rngstsession, rngst_callback, rngst1, rngst2.

Next check notifications in Google Chrome console. Open the website and use CTRL + Shift + i. Choose the Console tab. Depending on the setup stage you will see the following messages:

  • Ringostat error: Script URL doesn't exist — the script is installed but the project is not customized.

  • Ringostat: Inactive project — the script is installed and customized but the project is not active.

  • Ringostat: Insertion status is OFF — the script is installed and customized but the phone number substitution is turned off.

Tariff choice

After registration, you have your account where you need to configure the project. Enter Universal Google Analytics id. This will let you send data on calls to the analytical system.

The tariff is selected depending on the number of substituted phone numbers. A sales rep will help you to choose it. The next step is to add the closest to your location server. Such countries are available:

  • the USA;
  • Germany;
  • Turkey;
  • Russia;
  • Ukraine;
  • Kazakhstan;
  • Belarus.

Project configuration

Specify general information on your project:

  • website URL;
  • Google Analytics resource ID;
  • substitution status that will activate after the customization;
  • target call length is the ordinary time of substantial discussion with the customer in your topic;
  • the sales cycle is a time period that customer needs to make a purchase;
  • if you remove a tick in a call recording section, your conversations won't be recorded;
  • time zone and country;
  • working days will be shown on your website in a given period of time if you use the callback form;
  • the project category is your company's business topic.
Project configuration in Ringostat
Don't forget to click "Save" in the end.

Call forwarding schemes

You need to customize call forwarding schemes to not miss calls and process all inbound requests in time. Call forwarding scheme is a scenario in which a company's employees receive a call that will be transferred to a voicemail.

Open "Virtual PBX" section — "Call forwarding" and choose a name for it:
Call forwarding schemes in Ringostat
Then add one of the locations:

  • landline or mobile;
  • SIP account in Ringostat;
  • external SIP account;
  • IVR;
  • voicemail;
  • number extensions;
  • Webhook number.

It is better to use numerous call forwarding schemes. You need to simultaneously choose several locations to do so.
Creating of a call forwarding scheme branch
The timeout in seconds is also set here. Once that time has elapsed, the call will be redirected to the next location in the chain. We recommend you to enter at least 30 sec. Otherwise, an employee simply won't have enough time to answer the caller.

In advanced settings, add days of the week when your call forwarding scheme will be turned on.
Advanced call forwarding scheme settings
It is possible to customize calls location by one of the following principles:

  • sequential — if there was a call on the first number, however, none replied, it will transfer to the second one, then to the third, etc.;
  • parallel — simultaneously transfer a call to all numbers till sales reps reply.

If the call wasn't accepted and the call forwarding scheme has finished, the call will be considered as a missed one.
Call forwarding types
Advanced settings:

  • greeting alert — you can add music or a voice recording that will be played during the call to your company;

  • voice menu — a recording that informs callers on a number that they need to press to open the needed section;

  • background melody;

  • after-call category menu.

The last one is customized after the project is activated. For example, you can set a menu of three categories: consultation, sales, wrong number. After the communication with a customer, the sales rep will put the call in the appropriate category.
Ringostat's call forwarding advanced settings

Numbers connection

You can connect call tracking for your own numbers or appeal to Ringostat for this purpose. The main thing here is that you need SIP numbers. SIP number can be in different forms, however, the Session Initiation Protocol is used for a connection.

SIP numbers can be multichannel and virtual. There are also toll-free numbers. It is free to call on them. Toll-free number in Ringostat is a part of a service that's why it requires the minimum amount of effort for connection.

If you don't have your own SIP numbers, simply click on "I don't have any SIP numbers" and fill in the information on the required phones:
SIP numbers rental
In case if you want to connect your SIP numbers, ask your provider the following information:

  • SIP login;
  • password;
  • gateway — the most common are already mentioned in Ringostat, however, if you didn't find the required one, it is possible to add it after the project activation;
  • international number format.

Click on "Save" after you finish the configuration:
Phone numbers connection

Easy substitution method customization

This method is convenient for standard call tracking and saves time for customization. Open "Insertion script" — "Traffic channels". Here you need to set channels that brought calls which you want to track. Some of them are already available in settings. You can choose them from the drop-down list:
Traffic channels choosing for call tracking
You can also adjust a channel manually. Click on "Configure" in the same form, to do so. Such parameters are available:

  • utm_source — for example, Yandex or Google, a certain website URL, direct transfer to a website, .* — any source;
  • utm_medium — organic, cpc, referral, .* — any channel.
Adding a traffic channel to Ringostat
For the system could understand which number has to be substituted, copy your company's phone number from a code on the website. Open "Insertion script" — "Phone number" as it is mentioned on the website. Do not forget to save changes.
Phone number insertion in Ringostat
As you finish insertion script customization, click on "Apply settings".
Insertion script settings


After everything described above, you can activate the free trial and turn on the substitution of numbers.
How to enable call tracking in Ringostat
Now call tracking is enabled but it is better to customize additional settings to receive the maximum benefit. We recommend you to activate the callback form, configure the voicemail, call queue, notifications setup, etc.

This process is described in a series of training letters that receive new users of Ringostat. You can also do it using Ringostat knowledge base.

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