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Marketing 7 min read April 24, 2017

How to Start Promoting Your Business Having Just $100 in Your Pocket

Igor Gorbenko
Digital Marketing Expert at Serpstat
Price is the most important aspect of any marketing or SEO campaign. This is the first thing that comes up when business starts planning a web development. Some companies may spend tens of thousands on a campaign, others may refrain from spending anything at all.

What if you can't afford to launch a full marketing campaign yet but happen to have a spare $100 bill and want to try different things? Let's have a look at some of the things, that you can try to promote your business.



Let me stop you before you rush to buy a bag of coffee, that will help you stay awake and work more on your project. Buy coffee for others. You probably already met some people who might be interested in your work. Ask them to meet you for a cup of coffee and see what comes of it.

Even if you don't find investors (which is a perfect ending in this scenario), you'll get a lot of good advice, and people will remember you. Most likely, someone will give you solid tips on how to spend your next $100 and grow your project.


Press-release promotion

There are many agencies that will distribute your press release targeted at your audience. Prices vary, so you'll have to do some research and find a company that doesn't charge too much and has good reviews. Your job here is to write a proper press release. Don't try to hit big on your first go, use low-frequency keywords and address a certain issue, not an industry in general. Let's say you created an app that helps with organizing a sleeping pattern. Don't focus on the fact that this is a new android or ios app, it's revolutionary design or ability to sync with any device. Write an article about fighting sleeping disorders with your app.

When writing a press release or working on your marketing/SEO campaign in general, use as many different tools as you can. If it's free – awesome, if not – request a trial. There's a small list of tools you can use at the end of this article that will give you an idea of how you can improve with proper instruments.



Start collecting emails of your clients from the very first day. If you're running an online store, ask your clients to leave their emails while signing up. Don't wait until your mail list grows enough, start sending newsletters with your updates and new arrivals at once.

Not to break email marketing opt-in laws and be able to grow your mail list, don't send your newsletters through your free email service. You need an email marketing software. There is a bunch of email marketing services to choose from. Run a little research comparing different services, moreover that most of them offer a free trial period for testing. You can try different ones to choose your "best-fit" one.


Cross promotion

You have a huge list of emails you send your newsletter to, both open and click rate grow steadily. But it doesn't convert to sales. Thus it's time to attract new customers. Explore some businesses that sell complementary goods or services and offer them a cross-promotion. Let's say, you're selling sneakers look at some sportswear or sport equipment stores. Contact them and ask whether they want to exchange advertising.


Free Samples

Everyone loves free stuff. If the nature of your product allows you to share it with the public, spend your money on doing so. If your products are a little too expensive to include enough people into a giveaway – run some sort of a contest on a social network.

Promise to give a pair of sunglasses to few random subscribers in exchange for subscription and repost.


Google AdWords campaign

No. Just, no. Trying to start a PPC campaign on Google with $100 is like trying to put out a fire with a napkin.



What can't you do on Fiverr with $100? You can do anything:

  • Order a few small articles about your product;
  • Buy twitter (instagram, facebook) followers. Don't go for a large number, like 5000, find someone offering about 100 followers, the chance of them being active is higher;
  • Buy reddit upvotes. Start a thread and bring it to the top of a subreddit you're interested in;
  • Tweet your content to tens of thousands of followers;
  • Promote on popular blogs;
  • Record a video about your product;
  • Get any type of data and market research;
  • Create a logo;
  • Buy backlinks.
Just visit fiverr and search for Marketing, SEO, Design, Content and etc. Some may argue that most offers on Fiverr are shady and will do more harm, but it's up to you to decide what's good for your campaign. Having more subscribers (even fake ones) never hurt anyone. One thing you definitely don't want to try is to rank your website #1 on Google for $5.


Facebook Ads

Unlike Google PPC campaign, Facebook ads may actually work for you. Targeting options on Facebook are great for low budget. You can advertise directly to people of certain age and sex, people who are in the relationship or single, people whose friends have birthdays soon, and so on – options are unlimited.

Note that Facebook ads are not as efficient for B2B promotion. Unless targeting a certain Career or Profession works for you.

Whether you chose one of these options, think of something else or just decide to keep the $100 (which is also a great solution), remember that your marketing campaign requires a lot of work and attention, no matter the budget.
That's it. If you have other ways to spend first $100 on marketing, share your thoughts in comments.

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