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Serpstat updates 12 min read May 28, 2019

How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages

Serpstat Javascript SDK: Programming Right In Your Browser
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280889
Andrey Belousov
Growth Hacking Specialist at Serpstat
You always create new and useful content for your readers, but the traffic doesn't grow. What's wrong? Maybe you've forgotten about the optimization of the existing pages? Depending on the time spent and the results, it's better to optimize the old pages and not to create the new content.
Recently, we published our first hacking article, which tells how to use the Serpstat script to analyze competitors. This article explains how to find matching keywords for your existing pages using Serpstat API Console.
The Serpstat API is a way of collecting data that helps to immediately get massive volumes of data without using the Serpstat interface. It also allows you to integrate Serpstat analytics into your internal tools.

The Serpstat API includes Website Analysis, Backlink Analysis, and Keyword Analysis, and all the described methods allow you to get data on these modules.

Serpstat API is well-liked among our clients. Such businesses as Flatfy, WebXpage, Accesstrade are already using Serpstat API to approach their goals.

Serpstat has very reasonable API prices. We reach such low costs because we made our product recently compared to competitors and with new technologies to make many features cheaper.

You can use the API as part of your plan with the following features:
Important information about Serpstat API:
To work with the Serpstat API console, you must have API access (available from Plan B)
The console has some additional methods that aren't available in the standard user interface
Bear in mind the fact that you spend your limits when working with the API console
The console has unlimited possibilities to combine the data collected with different methods

How to optimize existing pages with API Keyword Research?

To find missing keywords on the pages that already exist, you can use two API methods: URL Missing Keywords and Grab Keywords.

URL Missing Keywords is a method that shows which keywords your competitors rank for in top 10, even though they are absent on your website.

Grab Keywords is a unique method that is available only in the Serpstat API console. It works on the basis of existing pages' analysis and is very beneficial for updating and repeated optimization.
We've created the Serpstat Website SEO Checker which allows you to find out the key metrics of any site in just a few clicks.
To examine a domain, you don't need to open Serpstat in a new tab - all necessary data is available with one click directly on the site!
Click on the icon and you'll get multiple SEO metrics about a domain or page: visibility, traffic, keywords, top competitors in the region, etc.
Read the post to learn about the benefits of the updated Serpstat checker.

Comparing URL Missing Keywords and Grab Keywords

I compared the existing keyword research methods. Below I'll tell you more about these methods and how you can use them.

URL Missing Keywords

Setting up the method

To apply this keyword research method to the existing URL, follow the instructions:
Enter your token in the appropriate field
Determine the required number of requests per second
Select a database you need
Select the method URL Missing Keywords
Add a URL for the analysis
Set the number of lines in the report
Download your report in one of the available formats.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280890

Domain analysis

If you need a quick analysis of multiple domains, put more than one website in the Queries box and repeat instructions. By the way, if you want to get URLs from a website quickly, you can also use the API Console. How?
Choose the method Domain URLs
Set the number of lines
Enter the domain in Queries
Download data
Click on the tab SQLSQL Snippets and choose Get plain list of URLs
Click on the button Evaluate SQL and then Download.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280891

Missing keywords for pages

To analyze this URL list:
Enter competitors' URLs in Queries
Choose the URL Missing Keywords method
Set up the limits
Download data and export the file
In a few seconds, you'll get the report showing the following metrics for each missing keyword:

  • database
  • keyword
  • search volume per month
  • CPC
  • competitive level
  • potential traffic value (search volume * CPC)
  • the page where the keyword is missing.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280892

Grab Keywords

Grab Keywords method is based on calculating the probability that two pages should have an optimal keyword structure. In other words, if you optimize your page as well as your competitors, you can get top search results.

To apply this method for optimizing old pages, you should first collect a list of your direct competitors. Of course, you can do this manually, but automation increases your performance. Therefore:
Choose the method Competitors
Enter your domain
Choose the required number of pages
Click on the button Load Data.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280892
Then copy the list of competitors and use the Grab Keywords method for keyword research:
Select the Grab Keywords method
Add the list of your competitors in Queries
Enter your domain in the field Your domain
Set the number of lines
Choose required filters
Click on the button Load Data.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280894
As a result, you'll get the report with missing keywords for which you have matching landing pages.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280894
Key metrics presented in the report:

  • Position reflects positions of your domain. If this cell is empty, your page doesn't rank for this keyword
  • Traff shows the potential traffic the domain can get with this keyword
  • Traff_loss is a predicted loss of traffic due to the missing keyword. It shows the difference between the current and predicted traffic. If you add the keyword in the text and meta descriptions, you can expect such traffic increase according to a rough calculation
  • Url_prob shows the probability that the landing page for a specific keyword was determined correctly.

When optimizing with the Grab Keywords method, you have a few essential things to consider. Since the method spends the API limits, check how many limits you need before using the console:
Choose the Grab Keywords method
Enter the list of competitors
Enter your domain
Set the number of lines = 1
Click on Load Data.
In the field Total you'll find the limit number you need. If this number is too large, set the filter, depending on:

  • position
  • search volume
  • CPC
  • competition level
  • negative keywords.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280895
If Total is over 100,000, it can be too heavy for the console to load. To avoid problems, set up the filter and close unnecessary tabs in the browser as well as programs on your computer. The console downloads keywords and performs calculations on your computer, which can cause difficulties at work.

The method gives results only if the age of the domain is more than one year. In this case, all subpages and keywords of the domain are already known.

In the final report of the Grab Keywords method, you will see keywords that will help you reach top rankings without having to create new pages. The reverse method has been described here.

Further data processing

Grab Keywords searches keywords that are useful for optimizing existing pages. Of course, not all of them are suitable for your site, so you should process the data received.


Filter results using the Keywords and Negative Keywords options. That way you can rule out irrelevant results. To do this:
Enter keywords separated by commas in appropriate fields
Click on the button Apply filters
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280897

Grouping by URL

Grouping by URLs is an advanced method of processing the results. It sorts keywords basing on traffic loss for a single page. To filter the report, click: SQLSQL SnippetsSort keywords by summary URL traffic lossEvaluate SQL
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280898

Results summary

Since the described methods have both disadvantages and advantages for the best results, you should combine them. The summary of the results is possible in the following way:
Open the tab History
Mark out results that you got with two methods
Select the option Delete domains data not related to your domain
Click on Join Selected Data.
How To Increase SEO Traffic By 50% Without Creating New Pages 16261788280899
In the results report, you'll find a list of unique keywords that show the position your site has and other metrics outlined above.

Multi-page reports

One of the most helpful ways of post-processing is to create multi-page reports based on URL. In this case, individual tabs are created for each subpage (Excel or Google Sheets). To do this:
Open the tab Table
Click on the button Download
Select the following options:

  • XLSX (multiple sheets)
  • Sheets Split Column = url
  • Sheets Sort Column = traff_loss
Download data.
That way, you'll get the report in which all URLs have individual tabs and are sorted by traffic loss.
Using Serpstat's unique API methods allows you to get the keyword list for optimizing existing pages in just a few minutes and evaluate how much traffic your site loses due to poor or incomplete optimization.

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