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How-to 7 min read September 3, 2019

How to choose the best SEO modules for your CMS

There are special modules that help to facilitate internal website optimization. They are developed for the CMS and automatically resolve the SEO tasks. Let's consider popular plugins for WordPress, Joomla extensions, and OpenCart modules.

What are SEO modules and why you need them

Modules and plugins are a set of scripts and programs that extend the functionality of your website engine: WordPress, OpenCart, Joomla, Bitrix or any other. Plugins are a little different:

  • they are installed to particular parts of the template;
  • they work independently and do not require to install anything.

These SEO tools also help website optimizers. With their assistance, websites are optimized to search engines, and they also help to track the optimization progress.

They may conflict with each other. Don't install them to maintain the "the more, the better" principle.

SEO solutions for popular CMS

Blogs, online stores, information websites and other resources are mostly developed on the basis of popular CMS, including WordPress, OpenCart, and Joomla. This is not the comprehensive list, but in this article, it is them that we will consider plugins for.
CMS website popularity rating

Checklist for choosing a plugin for website optimization

  • make sure your plugin is compatible with the ones you have already installed;
  • don't install various plugins simultaneously to resolve the same task;
  • look at the date of the latest update as older versions may perform worse;
  • read reviews of other webmasters.

SEO Plugins for WordPress

This plugin attacks spam in the comment sections and feedback forms.

The program is already in the framework, so you don't need to additionally install it. The tool also helps to control the number of approved comments from one customer and assess links.

The tool is free for blogs.
Prices for commercial resources start from $5.
Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin for WordPress
This tool helps to edit the sitemap.xml as well as the Title and Description meta tags, disallow indexing of particular sections, and generate meta tags.

This tool is designed to optimize content. It allows you to:

  • manage headers and keywords;
  • assign meta tags to website categories;
  • generate meta tags for each type of page;
  • optimize website pages for social media;
  • generate a sitemap;
  • massively edit meta tags.

The tool is free of charge; there is a Premium version which costs €79 per year.
Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress
This tool resolves most SEO tasks. It is also great for advanced webmasters.

This is another free tool with a paid version. It reminds Yoast, but it can switch off the needless functions, thus optimizing work of even a weak hosting.

The price for the PRO version is from $68 to $559 per year.

There are more options:
All in One SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress
This is a paid tool which allows you to assess links and manage them so that they assist in the website optimization. This tool can even handle links from comments.

Let's briefly consider the functionality of this tool:

  • it automatically scans content to detect internal links on a website;
  • LinkPatrol reporting: it helps to analyze link placement by domain or author;
  • automatic closure of the selected links with the nofollow tag;
  • exporting the necessary reports to CSV.

Unlike previous plugins, this tool is being purchased once. You do not have to regularly prolong your access. The price of this tool ranges from $50 to $200.
Link Patrol Plugin for WordPress
It helps to optimize images. Namely, it fills in all tags for images. The most important thing is to double-check them.

The plugin fills in the headers, but you can program the formula yourself:
SEO Friendly Images WordPress Plugin

SEO modules for OpenCart

Branched Sitemap. This is a paid plugin which helps to draw the XML map of a website. The price of it is 350 rubles.
Branched Sitemap Module for OpenCart
SEO Pro. This is a free tool for deleting page duplicates.
SEO Tag Generator. This is a paid module (499 rubles) for filling in the tags automatically.
SEO Tag Generator Module for OpenCart
SEO URL Generator PRO. This is a paid plugin for the formation of the CNC; the price for it is 500 rubles.
Automatically recommended goods. This is a paid tool for internal interlinking. The price of it is 800 rubles.
Online chat and technical support. It allows you to communicate with the website visitors via a chat.
Sorting goods by manufacturers in categories. This tool allows looking for the necessary products by brands. It may help to improve behavioral indicators as it makes the website more convenient to a user.
Extended Search. This extension helps improve the standard search process in the CMS by setting up searching by field, for example, by model, by the word fragment, and the search by match attributes. It increases the website convenience for customers as it influences the behavioral factors.
The CMS is constantly developing; therefore the list of plugins is regularly updated. Don't forget to track it.

SEO extensions for Joomla

This CMS is less often used for the current commercial and information projects. Therefore, we are only providing a brief digest of the most popular extensions for SEO.

  • AJAX Register facilitates the process of creating a registration form on a website; there are flexible field settings: text fields, selection lists, and file uploads;


SEO modules and plugins facilitate the webmaster's working process. It is important to choose them wisely.

The major task is to define the most effective plugins according to the website subject and type. Keep in mind that caution is very important here. If a plugin is incompatible with the version of your CMS, this may break your website down.

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