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How To Check The Loading Stability Of The Website

Download testing allows measuring the speed of the resource answer to the user's query. It is used for researching the possibilities in terms of app, site availability, and more.

Why you should carry out the testing

During the launch of a new project, you need to send at least 1000 queries to the server at the same time for carrying out the testing. It has to be done to check the access to the site and know if there are any malfunctions. Depending on the size of the project and expected traffic, this number can increase dozens of times.

Suppose the website stopped answering some queries, but its functionality presumes many queries from users at the same time. In that case, you have to carry out a technical reshaping, server optimization until the official release.

Of course, if the site stops answering the user's queries after its launch, you can lose many clients and taint the reputation not only before the visitors' eyes but also the search engines from the start of existence.

One of the paragraphs on the site testing checklist for the beginner SEO specialists is the server's choice for testing the site availability. We will take a look at the list of these resources and also the algorithm of their use.
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Load impact

Load Impact is a free and fast way to check the stability of the website. There is no need to pass the registration procedure. You will know how fast the pages load if they are available for users in approximately 10-15 minutes.

All that you need is to choose a needed URL and launch the stability check online.
Load Impact testing
You should copy the URL and launch the check procedure. It happens in the real-time mode, based on the imitation of 50 or more real users entering the page. The data is being shown on the screen as the testing proceeds.
Loading stability test in Load Impact
The following data is shown on the graphic:

  • VUs active;
  • Response time;
  • Requests rate.

Load Impact offers 30 calendar days of free service use with an option to do up to 50 tests per day. After that, you have to register and choose one of the offered pricing plans.
Load Impact pricing
The resource has an advantage - a chance to try out its possibilities without any investments. If you like the functionality, you can come up with the budget and order a full access with more possibilities.


One of the alternative variants to test the stability of the website is Alertra. It differs by an evident interface and its simple use. After registering procedure you obtain access to a free website media. For that, you need to press "Free trial", fill out the next form and press the button "Activate trial account":
Website monitoring Alertra
Service allows to estimate the speed of access to a specific website from 14 different geolocations. Using different locations, it imitates the queries, made at the same time, from virtual users from different locations with the help of website monitoring stations. Available server locations are shown on the screenshot:
Website monitoring stations in Alertra
The user gets an opportunity to follow the process. The main goal of the tool is to provide cross-browser checks in an automatic mode. The resource gives the users:
The loading time of pages.
The time of page construction.
The amount of processed queries in a unit of time.
The percent of mistakes.
There are no big differences compared with Load Impact. Functionality is clear. Standard fields for filling in during the registration, without which you will not be able to test the service. The testing results look like this:
Response time testing results in Alertra


The testing of load stability is necessary to avoid surprises during the launch of the website or increase of visits to the site, which can beat cold the server. For the spot or complete examination, you can use hundreds of tools. This includes free resources. We took a look at the process, using the popular programs: Load Impact and Alertra.

The final choice depends on the possibilities and requirements of your site, as well as the budget for the check.

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