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How-to 8 min read August 13, 2019

How To Carry Out The Indexation Analysis Of The Website

The further website promotion depends on the website indexing aspect. If you create more than one thousand high-grade unique pages but dismiss the indexation stage, you will not receive the suitable result. The indexation analysis of the website is necessary for the SEO and promotion purposes.

What is the website indexation

Website indexation is the process where the search engine bot adds information about certain resource to the searching system database. The pages indexation check is necessary to show to the webmaster how robots scan the website, whether there are any errors as well.

Monitoring of the pages number is carried out constantly by search engine. The fact of increasing in number of pages in search systems helps the website to be ranged by bigger amount of requests and improves its search results positions.

Google Console

Website indexation in search engines is separately carried out for each search service. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze it on a standalone basis.

The main tool for work with Google indexation is Search Console service. You will manage pages scanning in such a way. For example, it is possible to send the page for rescanning after error recovery process. The Search Console interface looks like:
Index status in Google Search Console

How to check website indexation on your own

Add the website to the panel and confirm access permission.
Monitor indexing by the following algorithm: Google Index > Status of indexing (index status).
You will get information on the pages blocked by robots.txt file in the extended data (indexation for these pages is not possible). At the same time, new Search Console option gives the opportunity to see all pages which were indexed despite the fact of robots.txt banning.
Attention: Most users face with common error which is represented with indexation blocking in terms of the robots.txt directives. If you noticed that the website is not indexed, begin your search for solution of the problem right here.
Google Search Console officially declares that information might "correspond partially" to the search system results (this information is presented in the Technical support section of the resource). The detailed explanation is available here. Go through the main reasons:
Index coverage status report in Google
Attention: You receive all information concerning indexation error on the same platform. They are duplicated in terms of the email letter as well, so check your inbox regularly. All discovered errors need to be eliminated and pages should be sent for reindexation.

How to check the gained Google Search Console information

It is easy to check the gained information with the help of the operators:
site:website URL
The command provides the list of indexed pages with the search engine. It is worth noticing that the list contains only the pages the search system found. The procedure is optimal for users who aspire to know the competitors' pages. Then the analysis of the gained information could be run.
Having tried the "site" option, you could see the following:
Checking the indexation with "site" operator in Google

Plug-ins and bookmarklets

Some online services also offer indexation mass check-in several search engines at once. These tools are available for free or on a paid basis.

Working with the built-in plug-ins will save the webmasters' time. For example, RDS bar will be suitable for a wide range of purposes. The service is free of charge is installed through the shop. The built-in plug-in operates right in the Google Chrome panel.
Indexation analysis plugin RDS bar
Click on the icon of the browser shoulder note and all the necessary data concerning the website of interest will be available (the information on the number of pages in the index will be provided too).
Indexation checking with RDS bar

Additional services for indexation check-out procedure

Use efficient tools with complex service range to carry out the website analysis. Take a look at the online service and its options range to take into account:
Full site SEO analysis online
Each SEO analyzer provides information on website indexing in 80% of cases. Such analyzers generate ready reports, so no manual control is necessary. There is a range of tools that successfully copes with all SEO tasks and allows to add different websites or companies for monitoring. It means that all gained information will be saved in one place. One more advantage for users to focus attention on.
Indexation checking using Netpeak Checker
To get information on each page, use Netpeak Checker. Upload all URLs, and Netpeak Checker will check your website pages' indexation. It will take some time, but the result will be exact.
Personal demonstration
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All possible ways to check website indexation:

  • with the help of Google Search Console;
  • by means of operators;
  • through the use of plug-ins and bookmarklets;
  • with the help of additional services.

Monitor website indexing aspect regularly and report gained information. Compile such data tables in by-hand manner or use automatic reports in the recommended additional services. All examples are shown and described above. Combine several tools to increase the level of information accuracy.

Why is it necessary? To keep track on events all the time. If all the pages are unique and high-grade but are not indexed for a long time, it is time to search for a problem and identify it as soon as possible. Gather information regularly. It is important to explore indexed pages ratio and the dynamics of their indexation, monitor all the trends.

Such an approach will give you the opportunity to make well-timed changes to the SEO strategy and the successful promotion concept formation.

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