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How To Buy A Website And Avoid Failure

Why should you buy a website and what can it give you? Where to find it and how to choose the right website before buying it? How to recognize cheating? How to determine the price and form your own budget for the purchase? Let's consider these questions in more detail.

Where to buy a website?

There is a huge number of different exchanges, shops, and forums where you can buy or sell a website. Below are a few of the most popular ones.



How to choose a website to buy

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing is your goal. Why do you need a website? With or without an income? What is the number of key queries and what is the website position in the search?

Moreover, the uniqueness of the website and the quality of the content on it are important for any purpose. Be sure to check the website texts for uniqueness and informational value. Pay attention to the design of the website and its appearance, if it matters in terms of your purposes.

Do not forget about the website age; the older the resource, the better. This rule is universal. The number of visitors may depend on this.
For beginners, it is important not only to find and choose a website for purchase but also not to be deceived.
If you are thinking about buying a website with a history, you should check its past, that is, whether the website was always dedicated to one subject and whether it violated the rules of search engines. You can do this using the web archive.

When buying a website with income, it is important to pay attention to the ways of monetizing the website and the domain information. Check the quality of incoming and outcoming links to avoid search engine filters.

Analyzing the monetization of the project, check the location of ad blocks, the use of traffic acquisition channels and forecast your traffic after buying the website. You can find out all these indicators on special websites; you can conduct an SEO audit using Serpstat, check the uniqueness of texts using Plagium.com, and explore traffic sources via Similarweb.
Buying a website is not an easy task. You need to check and analyze all the available information to buy a good website. The website quality will certainly affect the future result regardless of your goals.
Advanced SEO Audit: A Complete Guide To All Stages Of The Analysis [Infographic]

How to recognize cheating by a seller?

To check website traffic, we will need special analytics services, for example, the abovementioned Similarweb or Serpstat. They will provide approximate traffic information. You can view the exact numbers in Google Analytics if you have access to them.

Pay attention not only to monthly or annual traffic but also to the graphs. Are there any sharp changes in traffic? In some cases, such changes are explained by seasonal demand or the launch of advertising campaigns, but sometimes this may indicate the use of prohibited methods of SEO which will soon become the reason for imposing filters.

How to know if the price is ok

The website price depends on many factors that we considered above and varies greatly depending on its goals. A good website can cost anywhere from $200 to $5 million.

The website price is determined based on five main factors:
Labor costs. This is the time spent by all employees on website creation.
The cost of the specialists' work. This is the cost of work of a designer, programmer, SEO specialist, editor, and other people.
Uniqueness. This implies both the uniqueness of the website content (in essence, this is a mandatory requirement for any website) and the uniqueness of the entire project as a whole compared to competitors. The higher it is, the more expensive the resource.
The demand for the studio or a person who created the website. The more popular the author, the more orders he has, the better and the more expensive his work is.
Reputation. A seller who can provide a guarantee will set a higher price than the one who cannot.
These criteria allow you to compare prices and quality. You need to determine the purpose of the transaction and the subject of the project to determine how much money you need to buy a website since there are particular prices in every industry.

Buying a website directly is usually more profitable than ordering development from scratch in a web studio, but there are many drawbacks to this. The seller's price will be lower, but you take full responsibility for the website, so it's worth checking the person well, and only then concluding an agreement with them.

Also, do not forget that the website requires constant maintenance. Optimization and advertising expenditures are still in force, both when creating and when buying a ready-made website.


Before buying a website, you need to check the seller or the company that owns it, and find out all the details. Check the website for filters, indexing, ranking in search results, and determine the list of necessary improvements.

You will also need to analyze your goals and opportunities when buying and remember that any website will require additional efforts and investments in advertising and optimization in order to yield maximum profit.

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