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How to add subdomains to Google Search Console

Subdomain registration in Google Search Console allows tracking and analyzing their appearance and search performance. Uploading subdomains to this resource enables you to figure out and correct any technical faults.
By properly registering a subdomain in Google Search Console, you get access to the following data:

  • the quantity of indexed pages;
  • pages that appear in search results incorrectly;
  • presence of manually set filters;
  • the quantity of clicks within a certain period;
  • the queries that bring most of the visitors;
  • checking out if robots.txt и sitemap.xml were developed correctly.

Sometimes Google robot takes a domain for a separate resource. It means that it may perceive a subordinate site as an independent one. This is the main reason why using sections and categories for the general website is more common compared to implementing subdomains.

However, Google's leading analyst John Muller advises that if you realize that for your particular site creating a subdomain seems logical - do not hesitate to do it.

How to register a subdomain in Google Search Console

While adding a subdomain to Google Search Console, use a common procedure of site uploading. Enter the administration panel and click on the "Add property" button.
Adding property to Google Search Console
Then you should prove that you possess the domain in Google webmaster center. For this purpose, you need to use one of the following methods:
Adding DNS-records in the panel of the hosting-provider.
How to add DNS records for domain
Integrating Google Analytics code into the "Header" section
Integrating Google Analytics code to the site
Placing Google's automatically generated meta tag in the site code.
Verification property using HTML tag in Google
Adding an HTML file to the website code.
Verification property using HTML file upload
In case your site has several subdomains it is recommended to apply the option of adding DNS-records into hosting panels. Having proved the owner rights, you will get access to the statistics of every site on the list.


Adding subdomains of a general site to Google panel allows tracking the way it is treated by search robots and prompt correction of technical mistakes.

To prove your rights of owning the subdomains, you need to apply one of the methods available in webmaster panel.

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