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SEO 12 min read February 27, 2023

Examining the Two Sides of AI: Benefits and Risks

Examining the Two Sides of AI: Benefits and Risks
Kateryna Hordiienko
Kateryna Hordiienko
Research Editor at Serpstat

Emerging technologies such as AI tools have already become an analog to the American dream — it is a multi-faceted and multi-operational field, the benefits of which are tempting and impossible to refuse. At the same time, working with AI products isn’t always about making good things happen. They have a crucial impact on the workforce, how competition thrives, and the market evolves.

So is this dream really worth it? You can smoothly gain a deeper understanding of the subject and the impact of artificial intelligence technologies on SEO, marketing, and related industrial tools by referring to the perspectives of our esteemed specialists on the matter:

Lyndon NA
Lyndon NA
Internet business consultant
Olena Prokhoda
Olena Prokhoda
Social Media and Community Specialist at Serpstat
Boyd Lake
SEO optimization expert
Marianne Sweeny
SEO principal consultant, Former Pres at IAinstitute
Joey Trend
Joey Trend
Co-Founder of Hum JAM Digital Marketing Agency
Bibi Raven
SEO, and link building specialist
Avast Zumac
Avast Zumac
Lead generation, marketing, SEO, and web development expert 

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The Benefits of AI

Use cases and tools for artificial intelligence are already inseparable from traditional professions. There are multiple search engine optimization challenges AI tools will cope with really well:

Naturally, the use of AI in medicine and other fields will have its own peculiarities. The reason for that is obvious — the goals differ extremely and require adapting artificial intelligence technologies to answer the calls of a target audience and industry.

The more you understand the processes connected with AI instruments, the better you will be capable of utilizing them in practice. That’s why it is extremely essential not just to blindly rely on artificial intelligence benefits but to plan everything in detail.

I think AI is extremely helpful! AI has saved my agency tons of money! We have completely replaced our overseas content writing team and graphics team with AI software! And the software is producing way better results!
—Joey Trend
This all depends on how AI is used. AI is a tool. It can be used to distill all the Internet into a few facts and can be very useful. Still, it can also facilitate plagiarism and IP theft and be incredibly susceptible to bias.
—Boyd Lake

The Risks and Dangers of AI

Though AI has been heralded as a groundbreaking game-changer, there are also some disadvantages. Concerns are always raised about the automation of specific jobs and unexpected variables caused by processes that run without human supervision when using AI tools.

Regarding search engine optimization, it faces the drawbacks of AI implementation.

AI is both harmful and helpful. As for the content, it doesn't create new value. So, it produces tons of similar content on the web. At the same time, it can save time for routine tasks for digital marketers
—Olena Prokhoda

Apart from increasing the list of professions where people’s activities don’t play a leading role anymore, AI tools contribute to numerous threats through the ever-enhancing number of deep fakes, not to mention additional privacy breaches.

AI can be helpful in its capacity to assist with the analysis of deep data sets and other brute-force calculations. It is harmful when not designed and developed by a broad spectrum of disciplines.
—Marianne Sweeny

Will Ai Chatbots Replace Google?

One of the recent discoveries is ChatGPT, an extremely popular analog to pioneer platforms in the market. Unlike Google, which shows people multiple information sources most fitting to answer the original inquiry, its functions provide replies that resemble how individuals talk. However, the current format of the bot is expected to improve more to beat the entire Google search engine.

Doubtful — as they are technically different things, for different tasks. Instead, we could see "chatbots" replace "search input elements". We could see them adapted to become "live investors", and stay current (useful for modern web search).
—Lyndon NA

Not only for experts but also for the creators of AI chatbots, there is no reason to believe the functionality AI marketing tools like this offer will cope with the scope of tasks, algorithms, and processes of Google. Unlike its opponent, Google likes exploring the target topic from different perspectives.

AI chatbots are unlikely to replace Google as a search engine but they can complement it by providing a more conversational user experience.
—Bibi Raven

Whose Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI in the Future?

The emergence of new and popular products that balance the pros and cons of AI technology indeed stands up for making any professional life better, but there are particular concerns about its overwhelming power. While it is too early to expect a robot-caused apocalypse like in modern Sci-Fi movies.

So far, it is highly unlikely that the AI tool to rewrite content will switch SEO specialists — too many processes are involved. Its abilities might seem like potential dangers to the business, but such tools, including ChatGPT itself, won’t present the entire profession in the future.

Thanks to the use of AI technologies, experts in SEO and different spheres of digital marketing can contribute to their proficiency by simplifying the operation of routine processes a lot. It is a modern way to distribute tasks more efficiently and reduce the time, effort, and recourses for coping with repeated challenges.

Automation. Command chatGPT to write for you 5 Headlines for a Facebook Ad together with respective descriptions then A/B test those for a caption. You see it wasn't that hard after all.
—Avast Zumac

The presence of AI in medicine, machine learning systems, etc., and the use of AI-optimized hardware won’t be something surprising, but there are a lot of fields where the influence of such products is only gaining momentum. AI tools aren’t only capable of replacing some human-performed operations, but also creating new activities on their basis. Currently, we can't talk about the loss of current professions, but rather the appearance of specialists like GPTChat operators and AI-prompt creators.

We're only beginning to see how many ways AI can be useful. For content-focused SEO, I like using AI to analyze copy and give writers guidance on how to write more effectively. It's also great for the analysis of huge datasets using pattern recognition.
—Boyd Lake

Balancing the Pros and Cons of AI

The way people utilize AI technologies now will predetermine how far they can truly evolve. Although it is a comparably new benefit for professionals, it provides a lot of room for creativity and rethinking of current SEO optimization and marketing processes.

AI can be helpful with the following projects in the SEO field:
•   FAQs and micro-content for landing pages;
•   Titles and descriptions;
•   Content for placeholders;
•   API usage for your tools.
—Olena Prokhoda

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It is crucial to distinguish the natural characteristics of particular tools to be able to take the most out of their strengths — from improved compliance and general quality through automation features to fewer error rates and reduced downtime.

I don't tend to use it for "content", as it's not particularly suited to it (yet), and requires either dedicated training or a lot of monitoring/correcting.
—Lyndon NA

Each expert can find particular advantages points in using artificial intelligence instruments. This way, the opportunities AI tools deliver are close to endless.

I am using it for topic categorization for client rank landscape to inform increased visibility strategy. At the same time, it cannot learn beyond what is represented in its training data and parameters. It cannot explain how it comes to conclusions. It cannot transfer learning from one situation to another. It lacks the capacity for all that is not expressed in data.
—Marianne Sweeny

The Best AI Assistance Tools for Marketers

People are those who control and have a superior value over AI machines, especially in the markets where its influence is only emerging. From Google artificial intelligence and quantum computing to professional tools any SEO expert will need, it is clear that professionals are more adapted to AI technologies than it might seem at first.


Serpstat is a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of SEO tools for professionals and beginners alike. It includes various features such as keyword research, competitor analysis, and backlink creation and analysis. Additionally, Serpstat has developed AI tools, which were one of the first on the market to apply for SEO tasks, allowing users to operate with a powerful and innovative collection of instruments. With Serpstat, users can enhance their SEO skills and achieve pro-level results.


Another useful AI-driven instrument is Wordtune. This extension will be lifesaving for users who need to take care of the website content here and now in the most efficient manner. Its main focus is on increasing the quality and value of written communication, letting interested parties rewrite target phrases, sentences, and texts. is a search engine and chat bot that provides users with an efficient way to control their search results and save time. It operates without intrusive ads and has robust safety and privacy measures to protect users. Despite not being as well-known as some other search engines, is a reliable tool that offers a pocket-sized version of a grand search engine.


This is how each specialist can make the history of SEO right now. Not only do such technologies have the power to improve multiple aspects of SEO, but they can also fasten the introduction of new practices and rules of the game. If you skip this investigation stage, you will lag at one point in your career as an SEO.

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