Generate keywords online and find templates for search queries

Wondering how to expand the semantic pool?
Interested in creating filters and categories based on thousands of keywords?
Prefer to automate creating of title, description and H1 for dozens of pages?

How can keyword list generator be used to your advantage?

Create texts for advertising campaigns.
Generating titles, descriptions, and headings for any content.
Expanding semantics and website structure.
Creating filters, tags, and categories for online stores, aggregators' websites, and other large websites.
An AI-powered tool by Serpstat finds the most popular patterns of search queries to automate SEO and content tasks. You can use keyword generator for:
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The Keyword Patterns tool groups keywords by user intent and topic. Add your website or competitor's semantics to the tool, and get actionable insights.

Explore competitors' content patterns, choose patterns that best match your content, and expand your templates. In addition, the tool will gather separate keywords for your content templates.
Count — the number of times this pattern occurred in the provided list.
Replaced — the words extracted from the given pattern (were in the place of the skip).
Pattern — the pattern of the query with a skip, in which you can substitute different words.
As a result, we get a table containing the following data:

How does the Keyword Patterns tool work?

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Tool is free until 16.10.2022
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Process up to 10 000 keywords in one request

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Search engines use descriptions to understand your website pages and attract target audiences. AI can assist you with that.
Description Generation
The tool allows rewriting of content in a few seconds to avoid plagiarism and duplicates. Use influential texts for your business and remake them into unique ones.
Proofread your text for mistakes and correct them right away. There's no need to spend extra time updating your text manually!
Grammar and Spelling
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Use a keyword extractor tool to get a list of keywords from a text. This tool helps you to understand the main message of the text.
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Find the most frequently used and the most relevant keywords from the text or URL. Analyze pages of competitors and build a successful strategy.
Bag of words
Add relevant titles to website pages to get higher rankings. Based on a short text, create a ready-to-publish title for the page.
Title Generation
This tool generates new articles based on keywords or topics. Starting from the structure, the article will be generated in 3 steps.
Article builder
Use FAQ generator to find the most relevant to your topic questions and answers. Get well optimized frequently asked questions block in a few clicks.
FAQ generation
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