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How-to 6 min read January 26, 2022

Which search engines are the most popular on the Internet:
a comparison of regions

The popularity of search engines is measured by special statistical services. Search engine ratings are radically different across the world map. Despite Google's absolute leadership in the global top, this search engine is not in the first place in all countries.

Global search engine ranking

According to the latest data of StatCounter, Google is the most important search engine in the world. After it, there come Bing from Microsoft, then Yahoo from the USA and Baidu from China. The list of top 10 search engines includes AOL,, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and others.
Most popular search engines in the world
However, global statistics do not always coincide with regional ratings and do not reflect the popularity of several local search engines. To verify this, let us analyze the largest regions separately.


The most popular search engine in China is Baidu, then come Sogou, Bing, Google and then Haosou.
The most popular search engines in China

The United States of America

In the USA, the most popular search engine is Google. The company was established in America, where its headquarters is located. For the same reason, the search engines Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo are popular in the United States.
Search engines rankings in the USA

Europe and the CIS

The most popular search engine in Germany is Google, Bing takes the second place, and Ecosia is the third.
Most popular search engines in Germany
The difference in the popularity of search engines can be located on a world map.
Most popular search systems in the world

Which countries use Google search engine?

Google is not just popular in its native country, but it is also the leading web search provider in a number of important online countries, with more than 80% of desktop search traffic. In India, the search engine giant has a 95.45% market share and controls the bulk of the worldwide search engine industry, beating over competitors such as Yahoo, Bing and Baidu.
Google search traffic

What are the 5 top search engines?

The absolute world leader in the list of search engines is Google, which processes more than 90% of the search queries. A third of the search engine users are in the United States.
Google was created in the late 90s. Over time, the search engine interface has been adapted to different countries. Periodically, instead of the logo, a unique animation appears above the search bar.
Google search traffic
The name "google" was approved due to a mistake by its creators. The word "googol" was originally proposed, which means a value with one hundred zeros. But a mistake was made when registering a domain, which subsequently played a decisive role in determining the final name.
Bing is the second most popular search engine in the world. It was introduced by Microsoft in 2009.

The interface is quite simple, with a dynamically updated background and a minimum number of links. There is an opportunity to search for pictures, videos, words, or news. Bing is a default search engine on Windows smartphones. Most users of this search engine are located in the USA, Germany, and China.
Bing searching system
Yahoo is the very first search engine in the world. It appeared in 1994 when modern popular search engines were not yet created. Yahoo searches for words, news, pictures, and videos based on Bing.
Yahoo search system
Baidu is second in the world due to its huge popularity in China. Among the CIS countries, Chinese popular search engines are not in demand due to intrusive translation extensions, which are perceived by browsers as malware.

An encyclopedia is built into Baidu, which is ahead of Wikipedia in terms of popularity in China.
Baidu search engine

What search engines are used around the world?

Many people may be surprised to learn that Google is not the only search engine available today on the Internet!
In truth, there are a slew of rival international search engines vying for Google's crown, but none of them is ready (yet) to even come close to posing a danger.
List of the 3 most used search engines in 2022, ranked by popularity:
Microsoft Bing


Global ranking and regional rankings allow you to find out the most popular search engines. According to StatCounter for 2022, Google is in the first place in the world, Baidu is the second, and Yahoo is the third. These positions have remained unchanged for several years in a row.

Despite the global top, different search engines are in demand in different countries. For example, Baidu is the first in China, and Google and Bing are leaders in the USA and Europe.

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