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How-to 9 min read September 27, 2019

What is the best text volume on the page for successful SEO promotion

The text volume on the page affects its ranking in search engines. Moreover, the appropriate text length for a particular page depends on the number of keywords and competitor websites that are in the TOP-10 in search engine rankings.

How long the text should be on the page

Internet marketers have conducted many kinds of research proving that text length is one of the ranking factors in search engines, as well as a parameter that affects conversions. A research of more than 300 thousand articles showed that usually, their length is from 100 to 5000 words. Only in about 5% of cases, the text on the page was less than 100 words and in 3.5% more than 5,000 words.

We can firstly conclude that the volume of text on a page up to 10,000 words is in most cases sufficient in terms of both the quality of the content and its size.
At the same time, it's better to work with articles from 8,000 characters long without spaces for information resources, and on commercial sites, it's enough to use text content of 4000–7000 characters for successful ranking.
There is a correlation between the length of the texts and the age of the domain. For domains that are more than ten years old, the average content length on the pages is more than 2700 words. New domains that were created less than a year ago can have less than 1800 words.

Taking into account the correlation, it is especially important for new domains to create high-quality, relevant content, backed by natural backlinks for a better ranking. Otherwise, old, trusted websites with voluminous texts may have higher positions.Let's have a look at several ranges of text volumes, which are most appropriate to use depending on the topic of the post:

  • text up to 50 words: typical for social networks, the appropriate length is 23–25 words;

  • 51-100 words: often used in tweets. The appropriate length is 65 words;

  • 101-500 words: short stories, news. The appropriate range is 317–327 words;

  • 501-1000 words: the volume of most newspaper columns. The appropriate range is between 738–748 words;

  • 1001-5000 words: this range includes long articles. In this case, posts with 2000–2500 words are best ranked;

  • more than 5000 words: the traditional volume for scientific texts, guides, instructions, manuals on products and services. Texts 6600–6700 words long are best ranked.

Advantages of using long text on pages

Long text content with more than 2000 words is more often referenced from other resources and shared on social networks.
Such content often remains relevant for a long time after being posted. This is true for articles on "evergreen" topics, such as literature, psychology, cooking, housekeeping, etc.
The voluminous text allows you to fully reveal the topic of the article, so users won't have to look for answers to questions on other websites. This reduces the bounce rate and has a positive effect on page ranking.
A well-structured long text with a sufficient number of lists, charts, tables, relevant images increases the engagement of the audience and allows you to get more reposts and conversions.
In many cases, long articles contain animated graphics, additional reports, and useful data, which can be obtained in PDF format after providing an email address.This format is commonly called white papers or eBooks. This marketing move allows you to get more leads or increase the number of email-subscribers of the website faster.

Which text on a web page is better ranked

Besides the appropriate length, the text on the web page should have the following qualities:

  • be unique. The use of non-unique content leads to search engine sanctions;

  • be as difficult as it is necessary for the target audience. For websites publishing articles on a professional topic, the complexity of the texts is an indicator of a high-quality resource;

  • must contain promoted keywords. It is important that they are used more often than other phrases that are not used for promotion. The page ranking is affected not only by the density of keywords but also by their position in the text, as well as the word order;

  • must be literate. Many errors can reduce the page in the search rankings;

It is best to use the keywords evenly throughout the text, high-frequency keys in headings, medium, and low-frequency keywords within the content. For 1000 characters there should be at least 4-5 keywords.

How do empty pages on a website affect SEO

The site may have blank pages for a number of reasons. Such web pages don't bring any benefit to visitors, and if there are many empty pages, it can reduce the search engine ranking.

Besides the negative impact on SEO, blank pages degrade the usability of the project, forcing users to take extra steps to find relevant content on the resource. This worsens behavioral factors and increases the bounce rate.

Mostly blank pages on the website appear because their content has been deleted. Sometimes such pages are automatically generated by plugins.

Regardless of the reason, they must be removed.

How to detect blank pages and find out the appropriate text length in Serpstat

There is a fast way to find blank pages on a site by using the "Site Audit" module in Serpstat. You need to create a new project or select an existing one, and then carry out the audit. After scanning the site, it will generate a report that displays errors and recommendations. You can see the blank pages of the project by clicking on "Missing body text" in the report:
Recommendations on the article's and page's length in Serpstat
After all the blank pages are detected, you need to either delete them or fill them with high-quality and unique content that is interesting to users.

You can also find out how long this text content should be through Serpstat. Go to Tools and select "Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics":
Serpstat Keyword Clustering and Text Analytics
Serpstat gives recommendations regarding the content for each page of the site based on the keywords promoted on the page and the analysis of TOP 10 competitor websites in the search results:
Recommended text volume in Serpstat


The text volume on the page affects its ranking in the search results. Also, this indicator affects the number of reposts on social networks and natural links from other resources, the bounce rate, and CTR.

Making the text larger and ensuring its quality, uniqueness, and relevance for the website can increase leads and increase conversion.
Some types of pages, for example, social network posts, tweets, product cards in online stores, are well-ranked with a short text.

Therefore, in order to identify the optimal text length, it is worth to perform a separate analysis for each important page of the website taking into account the keywords and competitors' leads in the search results.
It's important to ensure there are no blank pages on the website and if there are, delete them or fill with useful content. You can quickly find out the list of blank pages using audit feature in Serpstat.
This article is a part of Serpstat's "Site Audit" tool
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