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How-to 4 min read September 19, 2019

What is Lorem ipsum and how it influences SEO

Developers use Lorem ipsum text to fill in a web page template. Having finished the template setup you should replace this text with unique content relating to the site theme. Otherwise, search systems may consider the resource irrelevant or duplicate.

What is Lorem ipsum

Meaningless text that is specially generated for filling pages while developing site design is called Lorem ipsum. Actually, it has no translation; this phrase is a distorted piece of text taken from Cicero's De finibus bonorum et malorum ("On the ends of good and evil") book written in Latin. The original phrase is «Dolorem ipsum» which means "the pain itself".

In typography, this text has been used for some 500 years to demonstrate customers various fonts and page appearance before printing. This filling allows evaluating final page design: quantity of lines, font type, etc.

Today Lorem ipsum, or dummy text as it is called in professional slang, is widely used by web-developers for testing HTML-templates design with filled-in content:
Lorem ipsum text on the site

How to add Lorem ipsum to an HTML document

You can use Emmet plugin for text editors to add Lorem ipsum text to an HTML document:
Lorem ipsum generation plugin Emmet
This plugin allows adding Lorem ipsum text to HTML codes automatically by using special abbreviations. For example, the lorem7 key lets adding a seven-word text to the indicated area. Additionally, the plugin includes abbreviations that help to form paragraphs and text elements. Using Emmet plugin makes text organizing process significantly faster.

Lorem ipsum generators

Here is a list of Lorem ipsum generators:
Blind text generator lets choosing one of the enlisted sample texts and managing its parameters:
Lorem Ipsum Blind text generator
Lorem Ipsum is a service that allows generating text with the indication of its length measured by words quantity or byte weight. Besides, it gives an opportunity to set a required number of paragraphs and lists:
Generator Lorem Ipsum
Generator lorem ipsum generates text according to the defined quantity of paragraphs or words (limited by 4500):
Generator lorem ipsum texts
4 service, in addition to standard settings, allows arranging item sizes in the generated text:
Lorem Ipsum generator online
You can pick out of various Lorem ipsum generating services with similar functionality found in Google search results.

How to find and replace Lorem ipsum on the site

The dummy text must be detected and replaced with unique and appropriate content. Otherwise, search systems may consider your site irrelevant or duplicate. The reason is that thousands of samples on the Web feature Lorem ipsum.

Serpstat can help you find pages containing dummy text. Having accomplished site audit open "Content" section of the report and check if any Lorem ipsum pieces have been detected:
Pages with Lorem Ipsum on the site


  • Lorem ipsum — is a popular meaningless text imitating Latin. It is used for filling in HTML-templates in order to evaluate their appearance;

  • to generate Lorem ipsum, you can use various tools that allow arranging text length and the number of paragraphs and lists;

  • when using templates, make sure that all dummy text is detected and replaced. It helps to avoid page pessimization in search results caused by duplicate content and thematic irrelevance.
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