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How-to 8 min read October 23, 2019

How to write a commercial text

A commercial text is the advertisement that attracts the reader's attention, calls their interest, and assures that this very offer is the best. Commercial texts help to significantly improve loyalty to your brand and raise the sells.

How to write a commercial text

The commercial text is something like a striking and laconic description of a particular product. Such texts have to be easy-to-read. They have to catch a reader emotionally and call the needed reaction — smile, curiosity, happiness.

When it's contextually suitable, the commercial text can call some negative emotions as well, e.g., fear or disturbance that have to be eliminated by the offered product or service.
A well written commercial text definitely will be read up to the end, and likely, the potential client will remember your brand even if they are not going to make a purchase.
Most of the commercial texts are based on the common wording that includes inaccurate information about "the best quality of the products", "the most bargain price" and "a team of experienced professionals and specialists".

Moreover, quite often, the readability worsens because of the bad page layout — the plain text is published without formatting. Also, it's not good when the text is over-optimized.
Over optimized text example
This text is stuffed with the keyphrase which burns the eyes; there are no headings, lists, or images; the text is lacking strong arguments that stimulate to buy their software. Generally, it can be said that this text is aimed at the search engine bots but not humans.

For providing the proper text SEO, you should take a pattern by your successful competitors — whose sites set the leading positions in the SERPs by the relevant queries.

How to write a commercial text

To understand how to write the text, you should analyze the target audience. You have to firmly know who exactly are you going to sell your goods or service to see in what way is it better to do.
Find out your customers' needs, fears, and anxieties. You have to determine what sort of problem can solve the product you promote and what features worth emphasizing.
Compose a text which will include the strong arguments and stimulating sales pitch encouraging the purchase.
Make content layout taking into account text design and presentation. The text has to include headings that help to sensibly structurize the text. Also, you need to add some paragraphs, lists, and other elements that ease the perception of the information.

You also have to choose the appropriate fonts, colors, and sizes. It's worth remembering that most of the users surf the net via smartphones, and making the text good looking and easy-to-read on the phone is extremely important.
After the text is published, you should promote it through the chosen marketing channels — contextual ads, SEO, SMM, etc.
After the text is indexed — trace its performance using analyzing tools.

Structure of the commercial text

The text that is supposed to be "selling" should be written according to one of the marketing formulas. For example, you can use the popular AIDA method. It means the line of client's reactions that they have while making the purchase:

  • Attention. Attract the user's attention. For this purpose, eye-catching headings can be used;

  • Interest. The offer has to call the user's interest to stimulate the conversion. Briefly highlight some benefits, e.g., discount, gifts for the purchase;

  • Desire. At this stage, the interest has to develop into the wish to use the offer. Such an effect can be reached by describing the product's advantages.

  • Action. The final stage that means stimulation to do the target action here and now. For instance, time or goods quantity restrictions perfectly motivate the customers to make the purchase but not postpone it.

In the example below, we can see not only the general product information but also a notification that the amount of the given hoods is limited, the number of sold ones. Also, the seller shows us how much we can save if we buy on that very store.
Structure of commercial text
Then they give a short description including the advantages of the product which stimulates the purchase. To strengthen the effect, they tell us that they accept 30 days return.
Product description in a commercial text

Commercial text examples

Beauty salon. The text is structured by paragraphs. It tells the reader some general information about the company and then describes its advantages and benefits for the potential customer. Moreover, they've added contact information for people could easily make a call or find the salon.
Commercial text about a beauty salon
Investment company. The text includes the main company's advantages and guarantees. The information is divided into several blocks to make reading easier.
List of advantages in a commercial text about the company
Online store. The text contains well-structured information about why customers should choose them for online shopping:
Advantages list on the landing page
Landing page design example
Unique Selling Proposition in the text

Books about commercial texts

If you want to start writing catching and effective commercial texts, you should read the following books:
David Oligvy "On advertising". The bestseller written by the most successful copywriter ever:
David Oligvy "On advertising" book
Annette Simmons "Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling". The book teaches how to call the customer's emotions and make them buy via storytelling:
Annette Simmons "Persuasion through the Art of Storytelling" book
Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson "Writing that works". Learn how to write convincing and interesting texts for raising sales:
Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson "Writing that works" book

How to estimate the text's effectiveness

To find out how successfully the commercial text performs, you should use Google Analytics or Tag Manager.

For example, in Google Analytics in the "Content drilldown" section, you can enter a certain URL and view figures concerning page views, the average session duration, and bounces:
Content drilldown in Google Analytics
The page that includes a good text must show:

  • enough number of page views;
  • the average time on page has to be equal to the time that is needed to read the text;
  • low bounce and exit rates.

Using Google Tag Manager, you can set up tracking of some particular actions on the page — conversions, scrolls, clicks, etc.

When the tracking is set, in the analytics reports, you can find some advanced info about the users' actions on the site.


High-quality commercial texts are an essential part of any selling site. Such texts have to emotionally involve the reader, deliver the benefits and advantages of your offer, and cross out all the possible doubts and fears.
You can create commercial texts individually, having read the appropriate books and taking for basis some special marketing formulas that help to build the structurize the text properly.

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