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How-to 8 min read October 22, 2019

How to sell site traffic and make money out of it

Selling traffic allows project owners with high traffic to earn on a silent basis. To do this, you need to place ads on your site in a different format. The more clicks to advertisers' sites, the more profit the owner of the resource (traffic source) receives.

What does selling Internet traffic mean?

The traffic ranking of A site is 100 people per day. The owner of B site, with traffic of 5 people per day, decided to increase the influx of users to his resource. He created an advertising teaser with a showy headline and a vibrant picture. Then he asked the owner of site A to place a teaser in the sidebar of his resource.

As a result, the number of visits to site B increased to 70 people, and the owner of site A receives a passive income of $1 for each click on the teaser.

In this example, the owner of site A acted as the seller of traffic, and the owner of site B acted as the advertiser and traffic buyer. They could meet on the forum, stock exchange, and other meditative platforms.

How does selling traffic from a site work?

On the one hand, there is an owner of a promoted website with high traffic; on the other hand, there are many newly created sites that need traffic. The owners of these resources turn to the exchanges announcing their desire to buy traffic.

At the same time, they report which users are of interest to them: their age, gender, geolocation. If the conditions suit the owner of the hyped resource, he or she places the advertising code on his or her site and gets profit.

To get as many offers as possible from advertisers, you need to register in several affiliate programs. When choosing partners, advertisers, you need to pay attention to the interface of their sites, content, page loading speed, and other parameters that simplify the use of the resource.

This is a particularly important point if the owner of the traffic source receives income when the action is performed by the user (purchase of goods, subscription). This ad format is called CPA (Cost per Action).

Ways to sell Internet traffic

Direct contact with advertisers. This option is suitable for owners of popular sites with a large number of visits. Those who want to buy traffic will be asked to advertise their sites.

In this case, the owner of the promoted website sets the cost, terms of placement, payment method, and other conditions.

Popular bloggers and project owners with tens or hundreds of thousands of visits per day (depending on the topic) can count on such privileges. In this case, you can request a sufficiently high price for one advertisement placed.
Contextual advertising. One of the most popular ad networks is Google Adsense. You need to register in this service and find partners who want to advertise on other sites. To do this, your site must have high traffic. You can also find partners for contextual advertising on such services as, Triplelift, NativeAds.

You can earn using contextual advertising in one click (PPC) or for every thousand visits (CPM). In the first case, a fixed amount is transferred to the owner of the traffic source site for each click of the visitor. The average cost of one click is $1-2.

In the second case, the specific amount goes to the owner of the source site after every thousand ad impressions, regardless of the number of clicks to the advertiser's site.
Contextual advertising example
To maintain the demand for the resource from advertisers, you need to constantly update and develop it. Remarkably, that visitors enjoy the content. It should be relevant, interesting, and catchy.
Selling outbound links. You can announce the sale of outbound links from your site on exchanges. For example, on, LinksPanel, The more site traffic, the more expensive the link is. The owners of branded sites selling traffic with hundreds of thousands of visitors receive the maximum income.
Teaser advertising. The owner of the visited resource places on its website a teaser for the advertiser who pays for each click. This method brings less income. However, it can be a good source of profit with high traffic.
Teaser advertising example
A teaser is a picture with a short, catchy inscription. The more provocation in such advertising, the more attention it attracts from users.
Exchanges to create affiliate advertising networks. To sell site traffic, you need to register on such an exchange and add advertisement codes to your site. Examples of exchanges are Megaindex, Admitad.
Banner advertising. In this case, you can sell site traffic by placing an advertising banner with a built-in link to another resource.

One of the most popular banner networks is AdBlade. To join it, the site's attendance must be more than 500,000 per month. The minimum price for placing a banner is $100.
Banner advertising example
CPA networks. The main point of the system is to earn money for a completed action such as subscription, adding goods to the basket, purchase, registration. You place ads on your website and get profit in case of conversion by the visitor.

Most notably, you can earn from a completed purchase. The commission can reach 90% of the goods' value. One of the most popular CPA networks is CityAds.
YouTube. You can sell traffic with the help of video hosting. An advertising message is shown to users before watching the video. Customize your Youtube ads on Google Adsense.
Many services offer site owners roguish schemes. They promise high earnings, but in fact, they lure money from advertisers and don't transfer them to the account of the other side.

To participate in affiliate advertising networks, it's better to choose proven exchanges and services. They earn commissions for advertising and honestly withdraw funds to the account of sites' owners that are traffic sources. Therefore, one cannot believe the promises of cosmic earnings after registering on an unknown exchange.


You can sell traffic without investments if you have a visited site, which becomes a platform for off-site advertising. You place a banner, teaser, contextual advertising, and receive income from impressions, clicks, or completed actions by users. The more traffic to the site and its popularity, the greater the earnings.

By placing the code of the advertising tool on your website, you enter the affiliate network and receive income depending on the fixed conditions of the transactions.

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